Uigai TirupPathigam

“Tiruvum SeerumSi rappumTi ralumSar

Guruvum Kalviyum Kutramil Kelviyum

Poruvil Annaiyum Pookkaru Thanthaiyum

Dharuma Velvidach SaamiNin Naamamae”


The wealth of divinity and the divine light is the gift given to us by the Supreme Lord. Knowing and realizing the importance and greatness of this gift, we with firmness should seek a Gnana Sarguru who can bestow us with the MeiGnanam and by following his teachings have to learn and master the spiritual education of deathlessness. We should remain calm and peaceful , get the blessings and grace of incomparable divine mother Vaalai and the blessings and grace of our divine father Supreme Lord Siva who can remove all our impurities (karma).

All these will be possible by the grace of the Supreme Lord who has the form of Dharma (Righteousness) and seated on the white bull. Everything is because of his compassion only.


“Minnop paagi Vilangum ViriSadai

Ennap paaEnak kinArul InthuNin

Ponnop Paanthunaip Poompatham Potriyae

Unnap PaanginU yarNeri Uiykkavae”

Oho my divine Supreme Father having untangled hairs shinning with bright greater divine light like a thunder.  Here hair represents divine art of light. Please give me your good blessings and grace so that i feel and realize your two flower like golden feet which are the divine light in the pupil of my eyes. Oho Supreme Lord, i have to do penance by clinging on your holy feet which are my two eyes and to uplift myself by continuous meditation and also the divine light should penetrate and go inside, for this provide me your grace. Show me the way for salvation.

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