Vennilaak Kanni (Garland of Songs for White Moon)

Vennilaak Kanni

(Garland of Songs for White Moon)

“Thannaiyarin thinbamura Vennilaa vea – Oru

 Thanthiranee Solla Vendum Vennilaavea”


We can experience true pleasure , happiness and bliss only if we realize ourself. Only the One who has realized himself can realize the Supreme Lord. One should definitely know about himself and know the answer for the question “who am I?”. The purpose of our human birth is for this only.

Who am I ? I am soul – Athma. Why did i take birth? Why am i living this life? How many years will i live! What is all that which i see in this world. One can get answers to these question only after realizing himself and knowing “who am i”.

What does TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal is saying in this song? One has to experience bliss by realizing oneself. He is asking the white Moon (Vennilaa) to tell him a trick for self realization! Did Vallalar not get any others to ask this question? Why is he asking the WhiteMoon?

This is Sutchamam (Subtleness). Secret of Gnanam. If one wants to realize himself and know “who is he” then the way or trick for this can be obtained only from white moon! Through White Moon only one can realize himself. How? White Moon – Chandiran – Mathi – Left Eye – Shakthi – Vu. Our left eye shows the way for the state of Gnanam. That is the trick! Sutchumam.

“Sakthiyaam Chandiranai Sengathiron Uuduruvil

Mukthiku Moolam Athu” — Divine Poet Avvaiyaar

[Meaning : Penetration of Moon which is Shakthi by the Red Sun is the base for Mukthi/Salvation]

The White Moon which is also Shakthi when penetrated by the divine light art of the Sun from the Right Eye all the divine arts in both the eyes will be united which will increase the divine light within us and we get Gnanam. Me – Athma – Pranan – Jeevan What is this? In What state it is? Where is it? What is it doing now? We can know and realize all these! For this only we are doing Thavam (Penance). After getting Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai we can be just there without doing anything and get divine wisdom (Gnanam).

All the four vedas convey this divine wisdom (Gnanam) only. 18 Puranas , all the Upanishads, Ithikaasams and the teachings of all the great saints convey this wisdom only. Bible, Quran and TiruVarutpa all convey this thing only. The ways to attain this is what told in detail in all these scriptures.

“Who am i”, this is the first divine wisdom (Gnanam) one has to know. Only the One who knows this becomes eligible to realize and attain the Supreme Lord. There is no other way. This is the single way to attain the One and Only Supreme Lord. First of all our Saints and Gnanis have given us a small technique to know “Who am i”. It can happen only through the white moon which is our Left Eye. Shall we see what is that technique?

Our Left Eye is the Moon. Our eyes are of three parts of Outer White Part, Iris and Pupil. In the centre of the Pupil of the eye there is a tiny hole of the size of needle tip. Inside this needle tip size hole there is needle tip size divine fire. This needle tip size hole containing needle tip size divine fire in the center of the pupil is covered by thin membrane. This thin membrane is what one has got based on his Karma and is made of three impurities (MumMalam). Based on one’s Karma this membranic screen may be harder or softer. This is the state of our Eyes!?

This Karmic Membrane is got and grows because of our seeing. Why? Our Karmic accumulation is what is as thin membrane covering the needle tip size hole in the center of pupil of eyes. Our Mind functions from there. Based on our Karma our mind flows here and there. That is its nature. If it goes on like this and if we also acts as per the whims of our mind then our Karma keeps acting and it will increase or decrease. What is the solution to this? How can we get rid from the clutch of our Karma.

Our saints and Gnanis have shown us a way for this only. One Gnani Sings like this “You have got this body based on the fruits of your Karma”. Siddhar Tirumoolar also tells the same as “your body that is got is equivalent to your karma”. Saint Thayimaanavar also confirm this as “Only our two Karmas (Good and Bad) is what clings to us and follow us and there is nothing else other than this oho my Supreme Lord”. So the truth that is expounded by all the Saints and Seers are Same which is “The reason for our birth is due to our Karma and our life and fate is determined by our Karmas Only”. What we call as Fate or Praptham is this only.

A Human who has taken birth based on his accumulated Karmas will have his mind which funtions as per his karmas. Please remember the statment from the great Saint Women Poet Avvaiyaar “Do not go as per the whims of your mind”.

A human who is born because of his karma leads the life as per the whims of his mind. Because of this Karmas and Sins are getting accumulated and this itself becomes the seed for another birth. What is way to get rid of this? What is the way for this birth to attain a good state? What is way to avoid another birth? What is the way to lead a good life and get rid of death?

The Only answer for all these Questions is to realize ourself and through it know and realize the Supreme Lord who is also as our soul and attain upliftment.

Our Saints, Siddhars and Gnanis have given us a trick/technique for this also. In our body left eye is moon and right eye is sun. Only by clearing the screen of karma which is covering the needle tip size hole present in the two pupil of our eyes we can see the divine jothi within us.  Our mind will keep on working and it will not be silent!? If our mind acts Karma will act and generate new karma. If Karma is present birth is certain. Only when the karma is got ridden off our birth and death cycle will cease. Only way for this is the screen of karma has to be torn off. How? This is Sutchamam!  In order to remove this karmic screen we have do Meditation. How? Our Mind will not stop but we should be still (Quiet). Is it possible? It is not possible for us!? But Possible. That is the technique or trick. We have to put our ever working mind in the Holy feet of Lord which means mind has to be kept in the inner light present in the needle tip size hole in the pupil of our eyes. We need not do anything. Just be there in this divine light and do nothing. If we keep our outgoing mind in our inner self it is sufficient. If we are quiet (Summa Iru) it is sufficient.

In order for us to do this Penance we have to get Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Theetchai from a qualified Sarguru. Sarguru will feed in our eyes – holy feet the divine consiousness of divine light. If you just stay in this feel of consciousness we will succeed. Inner Pooja also called as “Maanasa Pooja” is to place our mind in the holy feet. Seeing our mind not going out by uniting it with Divine light is “Inner Worship” or “Aga Valipaadu”.

Keep our mind in the eyes by keeping it planted in the holy feet by thinking, feeling the consiousness and with tenderness is the holiest penance. Come and we will show and make you realize how to do penance!? Realize it and do penance and know yourself and then the supreme lord and attain Mukthi. By this penance Divine Light body and divine greater deathless life can be attained. This is divine wisdom (Gnanam).

The demon in us which is our mind should be put in the holy feet of the Supreme Lord and surrender to him. We can not even move a small spec of dust. Without him not even a single atom can move. If we “Just be there in the divine consiousness and do nothing (Summa Iru)” it is enough. In order to attain Gnanam and know thy self “Summa Iru”. This is the Gnana Upadesam conveyed in silence to this world by the Supreme Lord as First Guru Lord DakshinaMurthy. The Supreme Lord as Lord Muruga conveyed this wisdom of “Summa Iru” to Saint ArunagiriNathar by his voice.

So to attain the Supreme Lord the Supreme Lord himself has given the teaching of “Summa Iru”. Can a human give any other teaching greater then this!? Think oho people!

Only a person who have got Tiruvadi Deekshai can be “Summa Iru”. Come and get Tiruvadi Deekshai. Come to Kanyakumari to know the state of “Summa Iru”.

In the KanyaKumari district in the town of Thakkalai there is a great saint called “Gnana Kadal Beer Mohammed” who attained divinity. He has given a great spiritual treasure in this book “Gnana Pugalchi”. In this book in 316th Song and in the 4th line he is conveying the same wisdom as “Kaaniru Paarvai Padalathai Neekunnaik Kaanbatharkae”. The meaning of this song is “Oho Lord remove the Karmic layers in my two eyes in order to See you”. So we can understand that the divine expereince of all the Gnanis, Siddhars and Saints were one and same. From this we can conclude that all the great Saints have did penance by meditating on the single Supreme Lord only. This is Sanmargam. If all the people of this world are children of the Supreme Lord then we are all brothers and Sisters only right. Only One Clan and Only One Lord.

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