Vetkaik Gotthu (Bunch of Desires)

Vetkaik Gotthu 

(Bunch of Desires)

Transliteration of the Song:

VinPadaitha Polittrillai Amabalaththaan Evarkkum

         Melaanaan Anbarulam MaeVuNata rajan

PanPadaitha EnaiAriyaa IlamParuvan thanilae

        ParinthuVanthu Maalaiyittaan Paarththariyaan Meettum

PenPadaitha Pengalellaam Avamathithae Valathu

       Pesuginraar Kusukinraen PichchiEnal Aanen

KanPadaithum KuliyilVilak GanakkumUndoo Avanran

       Kanakkarinthum Viduveno KandaaiEn Tholzhi


The Sky – Vast Space is created by the Thillai Ambalavaanan Lord Nataraja. He is the highest of the higher. Greatest of the Greats. He is the beginning. The place where he dances is the beloved devotees  conscience. Which is the Conscience (ullam)! – In the center of the pupil of the eyes he is as divine light. That is my conscience. That Supreme Lord Who is Suyam Jothi (divine light without any other source to it) having divine jothi as his form came to this humble being with love and overwhelmed me in my small age itself. Because of his love and grace this humble being is able to sing soul stirring divine songs from the young age itself. The Supreme Lord also adorned me with garlend and took me (soul) as his bride. He himself came and took this humble being as his refuge. But after that i could not see him at all! What will i do!

Who are we? Women created Women! right?! Who is our creator? We are Jeevathma (Soul). We are given birth by our mother – Women. All humans are Jeevathmas. So we are all Women given child – girl child. All the girl Childes because of their ignorace are making fun and teasing me without knowing my state. Because of that i felt ashamed. Infact i have become almost mad on you. My Love on you has increased so much. Can we fall on a hole despite having eyes? Our Karmas will push us in the deep ruined hole. Without getting depressed and distressed i have always had firm faith and surrender in the holy feet of Lord and hence my Supreme Lord will protect and grace me. We will face hardships because of our Karma. Because the Supreme Lord has taken me as his refuge he will save me and i have firm faith on him. Hence i will not face any greater difficulties. My Supreme Lord who is like Ocean of Grace and who is my husband who has garlended me in my small age even though he is as Stone i consider him as my dear husband.  In the temple God is shown in Stone isn’t. That Stone if i see as my husband then he is my husband only isn’t!

If you see as Stone then it is Stone. But i see him as the Supreme Lord – Paramathma and he is my husband only. He is the one who has married me. This is the divine Spiritual state of Hero-Heroin Conception. State of Conception of Union of Jeevathma and Paramathma. Even if he is a grass he is my husband only. The Supreme Lord is the one who is present everwhere isn’t? There is no place where he is not present. This means he is present even in grass which has only one consiousness. That Supreme Lord is my husband.  Hence even if he is grass he is my husband.

This is what told by our ancestors as “Kal Aaanaalum Kanavan , Pul Aanaalum Purushan” (Even if it is Stone he is the husband, Even if he is grass he is the man”. If we are able to See the Supreme Lord even in stone and grass and if we realize he is our only refuge then that is the greatest boon for us. The Supreme Lord is one who is of complete divine bliss and is there everywhere. He is our only man and husband. For us our husband is the Eye Seeing Lord.

The Supreme Lord who is present even in stone and grass is also present in us. He is within us inside and beyond our body. He is in the center of the pupil of our eyes as divine light. The Supreme Lord is who is available, accessible and expresed as divine light in our pupil of our eyes.  So the Supreme Lord who is our husband is present in our eyes only. That’s why our earlier saints have told that our husband is the man seen in our eyes.

See how much divine wisdom is given to us by our TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar. Everthing is our Eyes- The True Wealth and Thing.

“EpPorul YaarYaar VaayKet pinum Apporul

MeipPorul Kaanbathu Arivu” – Tiruvalluvar

Saint Poet Tiruvalluvar tells here as “Whatever one hears from anyone’s mouth if he is able to see them as MeiPorul – Eyes -Divine Light in our eyes – Supreme Lord then such a person can be called as one with Intelligence” Such a Person is one who has divine wisdom and he is the SarGuru! He is called Gnani.


Transliteration of the Song:

“EnGunathaan Ellaarkum IraivanElaam Vallaan

             En Agathum Purathum Ulaan Inba Natarajan

 PenGunathai Ariyaatha Ilam Paruvanthanilae

             Pichetri Manam Purinthaan”                                                      – Song 6


The Supreme Lord in this Song is praised as one with eight characters. He is the only Lord for all the beings in this universe. He is the one who can do anything and everything. The Single SupremeLord. He is within me as divine light in the pupil of the eyes and is also outside me in this world as divine light. He is the one who gives me greater bliss. He is the one who is dancing as tiny needle tip size divine light in the needle tip size hole in the centre of the pupil of the eye. The Moving Divine light. This motion of divine light is called as divine dance by the Saints and Gnanis. This Lord of Divine Light in my small age where i have not yet realized that i am Jeevathma – Soul – Girl overwhelmed me, gave me desire and love on him and married me. In order for a Soul to receive the grace of Supreme Lord grace it should have good merits (Punniyam) done in the earlier births.

“Punniyam Seivorku Poovundo Neerundo” – “A Person who does good things (Good Merits – Punniyam) will have Flower and Water” – Siddhar saying. This means if one has done good acts in his previous births then as a result of that good acts – good merit – good karma he  will get flower and water. Flower here denotes the flower of the eye (KanMalar). Water here denotes tears – water flowing from our eyes. By constantly thinking and meditating on the divine light in the pupil of the eyes tears flows out from the eyes like stream. Because of this divine consciousness in the eye will increase which will increase the light of our eyes and will get divine wisdom. Only for these people the Supreme Lord will come and garland them and grace them.

Do good meritorious deed (Punniyam). Do Charity and Give Donation. Which is good Meritorious deed (Punniyam)? In the book of ManuMurai Kanda Vaasagam written by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar , Meritorious acts are highlighted. In this book Vallalar tells these acts are great sins – “Did i forget to give the Offerings of the Guru!?”, “Did I feel shy to worship the Guru”!? So One has to get a Guru. That is Punniyam. One should get a good qualified Sarguru and from him should get Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai. For a disciple Guru is God. Guru is everything. Words of Guru should be honoured as the words from the Vedas (Holy Scriptures). Don’t give advice to the Guru. Don’t tell Guru to be like what you think. You act as per the words of the Guru. Do not feel shy to offer your worship to the Guru. Donot forget to give your offerings to the Guru. For the Guru who takes you the Supreme Lord even the offering of the whole world does not match his grace. In the earlier times only if a person surrenders his body, wealth and spirit he will get a Guru. In these days people are seeking a Guru for free. These people do not have even small sense and knowledge to give offering and donation to the Guru. Guru and his family lives by the offerings from his disciples. With your offerings only Guru goes around to spread the divine wisdom (Gnanam) and Upadesam to all like  you! With you offerings only Guru does the holy act of Gnana Dhananam (Donation of Divine Wisdom). Without Guru asking is it not that you have to bestow offerings to the Guru? Guru’s life is on the disciples offerings only.

“Guru SatSath ParaBrahmam” (Guru is in fact ParaBrahma). In order to get such a SarGuru you should have done crores of Punniya. If you get such a Gnana Sarguru donot judge him based on your little insignificant knowledge. Donot leave the Guru because of your ego and pride. Donot neglect your Guru based on your arrogance got due to your wealth. These acts will not impact Guru. But these acts give sufferings only to you. Do not see how Guru is! But think and act of what Guru told you. There is a saying which goes as “Don’t see the source of the River or a Rishi”. You behave as a Good Disciple. Give Offerings to the Guru. Worship the Guru. Do Service to the Guru. Take his words as priority and act upon it immediately. Do Gnana Dhanam (Donation of Divine Wisdom). Tell the Upadesam of the Guru to the world. This is Gnana Dhanam. Give the books the Divine Wisdom to everyone and this is Gnana Dhanam. Giving food to the people is considered as the greatest act of charity. But the act of doing Gnana Dhanam is greater than that. Hunger of the body is removed by the act of giving food but the hunger of soul can be removed only by the charity of divine wisdom (Gnana Dhanam).

One who does Gnana Dhanam becomes a true disciple. Only such a disciple in the latter years becomes a good and holy Gnana Sarguru. The holy seat of Guru Peedam should come to you. If you desire it and go after it , then it will go very far from you. You donot wish to become a Guru. First you be a good and true disciple. Only a good and true disciple will become a good Guru.

Guru doesnot have desire on wealth. Since you have desire on money you are not giving it! Who has become a Guru? Guru is one who is considered qualifed by a Gnani (God Realized Saint) and by the blessings of the Gnani one is seated in the holy seat of Guru Peedam and made as Guru. You know nothing about a Guru!? A true disciple is made as Guru after being worn out by the severe lows and highs of the worldly life and then moulded and refined as Guru. Only such a Guru can give Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai. This qualification is given to a person by a God Realized Gnani.

Can your act and behaviour give trouble to such a person?! Make Guru happier by your service to him since Guru is one who bears the weight of your karmic reactions. You humble and melt before him. Instead of doing these good things do not give trouble to his mind and acquire sin. Do not talk ill about Guru. You do not know about his greatness. All people who have got Father and Mother will not get Guru. Only the one who has got a Guru is the blessed one.

“Guruvinadi Paninthu Kuduva thallarku

Aruvamaai Nirkum Sivam” – Saint Poet Avvaiyaar

[One who donot humble before the Guru’s feet, for such persons Sivam will be always elusive]

Everyone should realize the meaning of this song from Saint Avvaiyaar and in this world get a Gnana Sarguru and attain divine deathless life. Let us live our life by humbling in the golden feet of TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar RamalingaSwamigal.

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