Who is Philanthropist?

Who is Philanthropist


ArutPerumJyothi                                                                                                             ArutPerumJyothi

ThaniPerumKarunai                                                                                                        ArutPerumJyothi

(Above Mantra in English)

SupremeInfiniteGraceLight                 SupremeInfiniteCompassion

SupremeInfiniteGraceLight              SupremeInfiniteGraceLight


Samarasa Sutha Sathya Sanmarga Sangam

17/49P,    ThangaJyothi,    Kalaingar Kudiirupu

KanyaKumari – 629 702

Before You Enter:

Dear All. My humble respect and obeisance to all. With my SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj Grace and NyanaGuru Vallalar Grace i am translating the Tamil book VallalYaar written by our SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj.  This book talks about the great saint Vallalar and answers the question “Who is Philanthropist”. It explains everything divine and which were kept secret from the mankind so for. Please read the book attentively and with faith. Raise yours questions if any to us so that we will talk with our Guru and let you know the answers.

I have tried my best to translate the book in English. I found some difficulty to find appropriate words to convey the same meaning as told in Tamil. So i have put a reference page for people to refer to. If one has difficulty to understand any of the words, sentence or paragraph please mail us. We will try to answer you.  As much as possible the translation was done literally, but at places the meaning of the sentence or paragraph was conveyed.

If possible please translate this in other known languages of you so that people can benefit. You will also gain the blessings and grace of Vallalar.

I am dedicating this to our Guru ShivaSelvaraj and Nyana Guru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar.

From the next page starts the translation from the original book.




Humble Words

Dear All with oneness of soul,

My humble respects. Thank You. Let only good things prevail. With the divine grace of supreme lord who is present everywhere and who is capable of everything  and with the divine blessings of sadguru Thiruvartprakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal, and because of the compassion of divine being Ramalinga Desikar and with his stimulation I was made to walk in the path of spirituality and in the date of 21-03-1992 for the first time I published the book titled KanMani Maalai containing all the divine explanations. I got complete blessings of saints and seers and Gnanis (people who have realized themselves and the lord and attained divinity).

With the Simulation of Lord of SupremeInfiniteGraceLight(Arutperum Jyothi Aandavar) i wrote and published lot of books. All the books and poems that I wrote were all indicating and talking about the supreme lord only. All those songs were showing the way to divinity. Adding to them were my prayers. And I have written 25 books also.

TwentySixth book was this book “VallalYaar”. This book was due the stimulation  done by Singapore Jyothi Sri A.SivaKumar who is spreading the praise of Vallalar and is a great devotee. The publication happened in the date of 24-05-2008 Which is Vaikaasi 11 in Tamil date and which is also the 142nd birth day of Dharmasaalai.

I am ever thankful to all the pure souls who were helping me.

Ever Truthfull



My Words

People with oneness of soul.

Welcome. Good. Thanks. Live Long.

Where is today’s world going? Without knowing “Who am I” and with his intelligence disturbed man is trying to know  the external world. Today’s human is talking about science. But a man without divine wisdom is a fool until he finds the divine wisdom of Truth in his body. Complete knowledge is divine wisdom and is called Gnanam.

Pooranam means Completeness. One who knows everything and realized everything is a complete one. He is called divine wisdom person or Gnani.

“One who knows with clarity and without any doubts, for such a person soul is the SivaLingam” – Saint Thirumoolar.

One who knows everything without any doubt and with complete clarity only can tell the truth to others. Such a person only is called Gnani or divine wisdom person.

One who is full of compassion and love, and who considers all the souls as his is a Gnani.

Is there such a person?

Was there such a person? Is it possible for one to be like that?

Yes there were so many persons like that throughout the world. They lived during different times. Even today they are living and they have won over their death and living a deathless life full of bliss.

Those people are the one who have realized the supreme one, the one who has no birth and death and who is there everywhere and who is almighty and who is like shower of compassion and who is the Philanthropist-the supreme lord.

So who is the Philanthropist? It is none but the supreme lord. Who knows this truth realizes it. One who realizes it becomes a divine person (Gnani). One who becomes Gnani becomes “that”. The soul which is me gets the qualities of the Paramathma (Supeme being).

One who realizes the supreme Philanthropist the supreme lord becomes the Philanthropist.

Time after time there are so many Philanthropists who have come here in our world.

During the 19th Century there came one Philanthropist who took birth in TamilNadu, lived and showed the way to divinity for all – made everyone know the greatness of “Eyes” – became Philanthropist – called as Vallalar – became “as that”- attained the divine light body and is there everywhere.

He is the one who is called with love by the people as “Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal”.

He is called in short as Vallalar who initially had the name of Ramalingar. When You become as “that”, then who are you – “that” only is it. “That” is supreme lord only is it not? Philanthropist.

Vallalar who realized what is “That” and told “That is this” is what I have compiled in this book.

We cannot tell in words the amount of greatness and blessings that he got and achieved. We cannot describe all the suffering that he has undergone.

With the compassion that the sufferings he has undergone should not be suffered by anyone he has shown us the right path/way for us to follow.

What is that way- the right way – which is the way – This is what told in this book.

To make the people know about the right path and lead them to the blissful deathless life is what I have been asked to do by Vallalar Ramalingar.

“Go inside this book ! It is inside You!

You can know “that” as told.

Realize “that” and you can become Philanthropist.

Come! Hail!

Inside You Have

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