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Dear All. My humble respect and obeisance to all. With my SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj Grace and NyanaGuru Vallalar Grace i am translating the Tamil book  Saakaakalvi written by our SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj.  This book is the only book which shows us the path to achieve immortality. It explains everything divine and which were kept secret from the mankind so for. Please read the book attentively and with faith. Raise yours questions if any to us so that we will talk with our Guru and let you know the answers.
I have tried my best to translate the book in English. I found some difficulty to find appropriate words to convey the same meaning as told in Tamil. So i have put a reference page for people to refer to. If one has difficulty to understand any of the words, sentence or paragraph please mail us. We will try to answer you.  As much as possible the translation was done literally, but at places the meaning of the sentence or paragraph was conveyed.
I request to keep the Reference page open alongside this book for quick reference.
If possible please translate this in other known languages of you so that people can benefit. You will also gain the blessings and grace of Vallalar.

I am dedicating this to our Guru ShivaSelvaraj and Nyana Guru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar.

From the next page starts the translation from the original book.

Chapter : 4                      MEI

Mei in Tamil means Truth. Ultimate Truth. Divine Truth. The other meaning of Mei is our body.
“Tamil Language is divine. It will bring one towards divinity quicker. “ – Saint Ramaliga Adigalar/Vallalar. How is this. Let us see the composition of Tamil Letters. Tamil Letters has three types of Letters 1. Uuir Letter (Literally meaning Soul letter), 2. Mei Eluthu (Meaning letter for body) and then 3. UuirMei Eluthu (literally meaning letter formed by combination of soul and body).  This means the lord who is as our soul will combine with the body and becomes UuirMei (soul and body) and by this combination all the letters and words were originated. So we can say Tamil is something that is mixed in the soul.
The truth in our body is the soul. In this body the soul is the only truth. In tamil also the Mei Eluthu (that is letter representing body) doesnot function alone. It will always function in combination with the Uuir Eluthu (soul letter). Our body alone can’t function itself. Only when it combines with soul it can function.  Eight(Tamil Letter A represents 8 ) and two(Tamil Letter Uu represents 2) have become letters and words of OmKara (divine sound) and acts as MeiPorul(divine wealth).
Divine seers and saints who were there in the holy land of Tamil Nadu have composed innumerable divine songs which were so sweet in their lyrics and in their composition.
“Kural by Thevar(Thiruvalluvar), Truth in the four Vedas , Tamil Songs by holy trinity and words by greats seers , Songs in holy Thiruvasagam and Thriumoolar songs all represent the same divine truth that has to be realized”.
All these spiritual works speaks about the same divine truth and that is the MeiPorul.
So if you take all tamil literatures like Sangam Literature, Bhakthi Literatures, Tamil Grammer Literatures, Tamil Epics and ArutPa all speak about the MeiPorul as the ultimate end.
The true or real thing that is present in our body is the divine light that is present in the pupil of one’s eyes.
“Jhaan”-> Metric used to calculate the length by using our hand. When you stretch the thumb and index finger in your hand, the length that comes between the thumb and index finger is called one Jhaan.
When we measure the length of our body using the metric Jhaan it will be always comes to 8 for everyone. So there is saying which tells “In the body which is of 8 jhaan the head is the most important one”. Head can be symbolized as the captain of our body. The head always ll always measures one jhaan. The captain will always be in the capital. The Captain or the soul is present in the capital of our body which is head.
So the lord of our body that is soul and the supreme lord himself is in our head. This supreme lord is present in our body as our Jeevan, our pranan in the centre of our head. The body which is the vessel is containing the most important and the only real and true thing which is our soul in its centre of the head. This soul is the MeiPorul.
The body which is like a vessel has the MeiPorul soul in it and which is accessible through our eyes. This is the divine truth.  This soul which is tiny part of divinity is making itself available to one as the divine light present in our eyes. Since our eyes has this divine light it is called MeiPorul.
Our human body has 72000 Naadis(Literally Pulse in our body)  which is true. This truth is told by the saints. All these Naadis were linked to the place where our soul is residing. There are 7 basic (Aadaram in Tamil) sources/foundation in our body. For all these foundations/sources MeiPorul is the source.  Our Universe is made by the combination of five basic elements. Even our human body is also made up of 5 basic elements. This is also true/Mei.
As we have seen in our earlier chapters, eyes is the first organ to form inside our body. Blood, bones and skin were all fully formed by the help of divine light and heat in the eyes. Soul comes to our body after 3 months by the grace of the supreme lord. This soul and body will be united and fully developed at the end of 10 months or 270 days. When we are inside the womb of our mother we were depend on mother’s life for our living. When we come our we were separated from our mother and left alone in this world.
When we realize that the purpose of our birth is to unite with the supreme one who made us to take birth as child , then we will survive.
The knowledge for the merger with the OnlyOne (Supreme) will be imparted by divine guru.  One has to offer his utmost respect and humbleness to such a guru, then he needs to realize one’s MeiPorul through him and then needs to do penance on one’s MeiPorul. One who does penance on the Meiporul with the guidance of the guru will be delivered.
One has two Eyes and each Eyes were represented as eight. Find the gate for the supreme in the two Eights and enter through this gate and you will find the supreme one and who enters through this gate will realize himself and gets the supreme divine bliss.
One who constantly meditates on the single supreme lord who is displaying himself as divine light in our two eyes will realize him and with this realization the jeevatma can unite with the supreme paramatma. He will be called Jeevan Mukta.
If one can unite the two divine lights of his two eyes in to one (by meditating on the two divine lights) then one can see the supreme divine light in his third eyes which is closed for all the unrealized persons.
The divine syllable OM is composed of Aa, Uu and Imm. As we saw Aa represents 8 in tamil letter which is our right eye and Uu represents letter 2 which is our left eye and Imm is the third eyes which contains the soul in it. This third place or residence of soul is called by various names like Agnikkalai, Internal Eye, Divine Eye or Forehead Eye. This place is called forehead  because it is in the straight place from forehead inside.
Our body is not something which has to be left alone to be decayed. It has the capability to become truth/divine which is immortal. Since our body is containing the divine lord within it, it is not be considered as mere  stool. By the knowing the right way of making our body divine we can make our physical body as Mei(Truth/Immortal) by practising this right divine way.
With the help of Truth(Mei) present in our body we can make our body to become immortal. We can falsify the statements made which discredits our body as false. If we can see the supreme lord present in our body then our body will also become truth. Our saint Vallalar has told to take care of our body like a gold. If we can see the Golden divine Jyothi in our body our body itself will become like a golden body. These are all divine truths. Lord is also called Ponambalavan in tamil (Pon means gold and Ponnambalavan means one with body glittering like gold). If we can see this Ponambalavan in our body our body will also become Pon. This is also Mei(truth).
“It is very very difficult to get a human birth and still very difficult to get a human body without any deformities like blindness, deaf and other illness” – Saint Tamil Poet Avayaar.
We have got this human birth because of our good karma we did in our previous births. To get a human birth without any deformities we have done lot of good karmas in our past births and also due to god’s grace. Is it not our duty to see, realize and thank the one who has given us this body and soul?
Remember our life/soul/truth is not given to us by our parents. This is truth. Our parents, relatives and friends were all due to our karmic due which we have occurred in our previous births. This is true. The supreme lord is our true father and mother, he is Sarveswaran (Meaning one who can do anything), he is the one without beginning and end, he is the one who is present everywhere (Parabrahman), he is the one who is the divine supreme jyothi (ArutPerumJyothi). This is Mei (true). He is the one who has become our soul and who has given us this body through our parents. He is the divine truth who gave us the true wealth namely soul (a part of himself) and physical boday.
Our body always has heat in it. Why is it so. It is because the supreme lord who is supreme divine light/flame has come to the body as tiny divine light in the name of soul. For a normal human being the heat should be same (96F) and should be maintained as such. If it increases we get fever and if it decreases we get cold related diseases. If this heat is not maintained we have to go to the Kaalan (Demi God who is responsible for death).
From this we can understand that one of the characteristics of soul is heat and light. Also if soul goes out of the body the body becomes cool. From this we can say whether the body has life in it or not. So when soul is there body has heat in it. So this soul is of divine light. So in our MeiPorul (That is our eyes) this divine light is accessible and this is the divine truth.
The great tamil sage Agathiyar in his book “Thuraiyaari Villakaam” has told “When we look at the Thiruvavaduthurai which is hot we can see both sun and moon”. Thiruvavaduthurai meaning comes as “Thiru + Aadu + Thurai Thiru Means Respected/divine, here it represents the supreme lord, Thurai means place, Aadu means dance so combining them it comes as the place where the divine is in divine dance”. Now the meaning of the song is when we look internally within ourself at ThiruVaVaduThurai (seat of soul) we can see the light of Sun and moon which is nothing but the divine lights of our right and left eyes. These two divine lights of our eyes will unite on seeing Thiruvavaduthurai.  This is the experience that one get on doing penance.
In the above poem the sage Agathiyar has talked about the divine experience one gets on doing penance. When we increase the heat of our eyes by meditating on the divine consciousness of our eyes and then seeing internally with this consciousness the two divine lights of our two eyes (Sun and Moon) will be merged. We get divine experiences with in us in this state. Our beloved saint, sage and Nyani Vallalar tells how to do Penance/Thavam as “Do Penance (Thavam) with concentration, with consciousness (divine) and in relaxed state with alertness and by keeping our eyes open”. If we want to get the true(divine) experience we have to catchhold the truth(divine) which is present in our Mei(True- here represents our body). This is the divine wisdom told by all the great saints, seers and Nyanis. This is the only divine truth.
In our Mei(body) in MeiPorul(Eyes) in Pappa (called KanMani in Tamil) of the eyes there is a small opening of the size of tip of pin and inside this opening the supreme divine lord is accessible as small divine light. In this tiny place this divine light is dancing. Devotees of the lord call this movement of divine light as divine dance. This place is call “ChirSabai” (Chir -> means small , Sabai means assembly place/senate). Since this place is the one where everyone can see him it is called Chitrambalam ( Chir + Ambalam -> Chir means small or tiny, ambalam means place where can be accessible or seen). Since he is divine we called this as ThiruChitrAambalam. (Thiru here representing Divine). If we go further inside through this ChirSabai we get PorSabai (Pon + Sabai -> Pon means gold). The meeting place of our two eyes inside the head in the shape of triangle is the third place AgniKalai. (Agni means fire). The meeting place of two eyes (Sun and Moon) is the Agni kalai which is the seat of our soul. This is the third eyes which all the human being has.
In our body straight below the top of head and above the inner tongue, in short in the centre of our head is the place where our two eyes meet internally. This is truth. This is ascertained by siddhar ThiruMoolar in his great work “ThiruMantiram”. Another siddhar also has confirmed this truth in his poem as “Below the top of head and above the inner tongue there is a lamp which is ever glowing”. I am also telling the same truth (Mei) which were told by great saints , siddhars and Nyanis. Whatever i am telling here is divine truth only.
The divine truth is that the supreme lord is in our Mei(body). If we can see him in our Mei(body), realize him in our Mei(body) then we can see him everywhere through our penance  just like Prahaladha Maharaja. By this we can advance ourself spiritually.
We are not capable of making even a single hair in our body. Everthing is his work and his will. This is truth(Mei). Is it not wonderful and glorious his act of feeding the unborn child in mother womb and also to the toad of frog. Does he not know how to protect and deliver us? So man “Just be present” (Summa Iru). This is the truth. Truth(Mei) given truth.
Did you ever think who is the one carrying our body? When we die we need four people to carry us. How is that we are carrying our body when four people struggle to lift it. When we get disease we find it difficult to move even our hands and legs. When we are fine and in good shape we easily carry our body and do lot of work. How is this. This is because the lord who is present in our body is the one who is carrying us and roaming around. The salary that we pay for him is the food we give to this body. The offering we make to the lord is called “NeiVethiyam”. We should not trouble the one who is carrying us by doing PanchaMaPathagam ( 5 great sins -> drinking alcohol, Killing (eating animals & egg), Stealing, Lust on girls other than wife, lying). If we surrender to him and always “Just be present” then he will embrace us.
Only if we take the Mei(truth) with us we can see the divine truth in our Mei(body) , realize the truth and by that we can always get supreme divine bliss.
I am Mei(truth). My body is Mei. My parents and relatives were also Mei. There were hundreds and thousands of kings who have lived before and ruled this world. This is the truth exponent by history. The world we live rotates on its own and revolves around the sun. This truth is told by science.  All the nine planets, their characteristics and their effects were all true. Who has created all this, who is maintaining all this, why all these were happening? Why is this drama. Am i part of all this. All these above facts were true. I believe all this but how to realize and experience all this. Is it possible? Our saints, seers and great siddhars tell that “Yes it is possible”. By penance we can know everything, realize and experience everything. Only way is penance.
Till a man attains adulthood he remains as a child. Eating, Sleeping and playing were his only task. When the wisdom grows he starts thinking and then he takes responsibilities. His playfulness vanishes. He starts to think about him and his life. He gets school education. But he never learns or get “Pulli” Education (Pulli means dot in tamil). The education which imparts the knowledge about Brahman who is present as small dot in our body is Pulli Education. No one gets the knowledge that the supreme lord is present in the papa of our eyes like a small dot of Jyothi(divine flame). To know this one needs a guru. If one gets a Nyana Sadhguru his soul will attain its divine purpose. This is divine truth.
Our birth and our life that we are living is Mei(true). We can realize the divine truth (Mei) through our MeiPorul(Eyes) is the truth thought to us by our realized ancestors. It is also true that our present birth is due to the karmas we got from our previous births. It is also true that we can win over our karmas by our wisdom and by doing penance on the Mei(divine truth).
Our life has been separated in to four stages by our seers. They are 1. BrahmaCharyam, 2.Illaram, 3.Vanaprastham and 4.Sanniyasam.
BrahamaCharyam -> Means first stage of one’s life till one gets married.
Illaram                    -> The life of a householder. Living with spouse and children.
Vanaprastham       ->  Retired life.
Sanniyasam          -> Life which is lived by searching and seeing the supreme lord (divine truth).
“Learn when you are young” -> words by great tamil poet saint Avayaar. One who learns the life education (materialistic education) along with Pulli Education (spiritual Education) from a qualified guru will get realization. This is truth. One has to learn this spiritual immortal education when he was young. Also it is very important for a person to avoid lust on girls till he gets married. This is truth among truth. He should be like a stone in his emotions and lust till he gets married. Lust or Union should be only with one wife.
In the life of BrahmaCharaya one gets tempted and this temptation can be overcome with the help of spiritual education. This education is called MeiNyanaKalvi (Education about the divine truth present in our body).  Parents should take care of their child very carefully and skilfully and impart them with good values, virtuousness and bhakthi. A girl should grow with modesties and a boy should grow with humbleness.  The divine duty a parent has is to see that their children gets “Spritual Immortal Education” from a qualified Nyana Sadguru. Only those were the parents who have did their duty earnestly. This is truth.
It is not that one should become a saint like person by always talking about god. There is a saying “Learn even the art of stealing and then forget it”. So is it not good to get the knowledge of Mei(Truth). Is it not necessary to know who am i?
In the 1st 8 yrs of age growth, 2nd 8 yrs education, 3rd 8yrs get married, 4th 8yrs beget children, 5th 8 yrs earnings, 6th 8  yrs do your duties prescribed, 7th 8 yrs go for pilgrimage and 8th 8 yrs go for sannyasam. Like this our siddhars have divided our life in to 8 parts with 8 yrs each. Why they have separted in terms of 8 why not they choose 10. It is their wish that every one should remember 8 in their daily life. Because this 8 is the one that represent the eye and it the divine wealth one has got and it is through this 8 one can achieve divinity. This is truth.
In the Bhakthi Yoga (path of devotion) one will unnecessarily trouble their body by going on fast. This is only for people who donot have necessary spiritual knowledge. Even then it is not correct. The lord is full of love, grace and compassion. To attain him we do not need to trouble our body. “Lord is love” -> All the seers have told this. So love is the only way to attain him. Love the lord who is the ultimate truth (Mei) in the Mei (body) and do penance on him with love, concentration, consciousness and in relaxed manner. Without troubling our body we can know the Divine wisdom(Mei Porul) through a MeiNyana Sadguru and by the divine consciousness we get from him we can progress ourself in spirituality. This is truth (Mei).
The senses in our body acts as per our Karmas and this is its nature. We should take care that we should not let go our senses as directed by our mind and should stop it by making our mind clinch on our MeiPorul and do penance as described earlier. If we do like then we can attain supreme divine bliss and deathlessness.
To make our body strong and make it everlasting brahmacharyam is very necessary. Till we enter the stage of Illaram (householder life) we should maintain 100% discipline as for as lust is concerned.  In household life a householder can unite with his spouse and get chirinbam (pleasure that is small and not everlasting) once in every 15 days or twice in a month. One who considers all girls/women other than his wife as his mother will have the qualification to attain the divine wisdom and deathlessness. This is very true.
For a householder the seminal fluid is like water in a well -> Vallalar. A brahmachari should avoid places and things that tempt his mind and should always have his mind thinking and meditation on the divine lord. He should have only good and virtuous friends with good values. He should also get himself involved in spiritual speeches and listen to spiritual discourses.  He should visit temples and get darshan of noble peoples. All these will help him to glow in his spiritual life.
Since we came to this world with our Mei(body) it is very important for one to discharge his duty in a correct, honest and sincere way.  By doing our prescribed duty we are clearing our past karmas. Doing penance and discharging our duty earnestly will help us to get the divine wisdom (Nyanam) soon.
One meaning of Mei means body as we have seen so for. God has created male and female with attraction between them. Since it is his will that he wanted movement in this world it became necessary for male and female to unite. He made us one of the tools for the creation. Depending on our karma we have got our present body and suffering.
Both male and female are equal. In the soul level both are same. Even though there is difference with respect to body, with respect to divine consciousness they are same. The supreme lord who have kept difference in our body structure have created our soul with same characteristics. Even though one can get a body of man or women, the right part of body represent male feature and left part of the body represent female feature.  Right side is sivam and left side is sakthi. This is truth.
A male and female with difference in body structures living together is Illaram or household life.  This life should be a virtuous life. We should not consider wife as a machine giving birth to children but should be treated equally with husband.  Husband should consider his wife as his other half.  Only such a husband is a virtuous husband. To such a husband , wife should treat him as the lord seen by her eyes. A wife with this character only will be called as chaste wife and virtuous wife. One who gives importance to his wife and considers all other girl/women as his mother will get divine wisdom.
Our mother has carried and suffered for us till 10 months to give birth to us. This sufferings cannot be told in words. After delivering us after 10 months she still suffers for us in mind always thinking about our safety and welfare. There is no one equivalent to mother in this world. Even if the child is not good she still considers her welfare. So one’s mother is equivalent to the supreme lord.
If my opinion in this world wife is the best person one can have. She is better than one’s mother. The reason only a wife can acquire the status of mother. One’s wife is always chaste and virtuous. Only wife shares in equal half all the husband’s pleasure and sufferings throughout his life. Wife of Lord shiva is his other half as Sakthi. In Lord Vishnu’s heart wife Lakshmi resides. Wife of Lord Brahma resides in his tongue giving him knowledge. In this way gods have shown us how we have to treat our wives.
Wife is the caption of our house. Even the divine realized persons tell that wife is the one who is mixed with the husband in both body and soul. A good wife will treat his husband and his children as her two eyes. A good wife to her husband will be like his minister, like his mother, like his servant, gives all the bodily and mind pleasure. A husband who has a wife with good and virtuous character with the above said qualities is the one who has done lot of punniya or meritious deeds in his early and present life. It is lord;s grace to get a wife.
Marriages are made in heaven.  We get a wife based on the some of the previous birth’s bonding we had. We donot know which birth’s bonding. We need to treat our wife with respect and care. One who ignores his wife and treats her badly is to considered as animal. One who considers his wife as his soul is the virtuous person. One who lives his life with only one wife is to be considered as a noble and meritious person.
One who scum to his lust is the biggest fool. One who leaves his vital seminal fluid will die suffering. We get chirinbam (pleasure by the union of male and female, it is called chirinbam because it is not everlasting and not infinite and considered to be very negligible when compared with divine bliss) by the disposal of seminal fluid and in this all of our 72000 naadis will vibrate. This pleasure we will get for very small time. After this only suffering result. We need to recharge our seminal fluid reserve after discharging it. Even in this union maintain a limit and be wise as advised by our seers and saints.
Because of lust seminal fluid will go down and will result in lose of Prana(life force).  With Penance the seminal fluid will go up and become Oojus. Our prana will be stabilized. If we live a virtuous life our body will be in good shape. If we scum to our lust and do illegal things we will get dreadful disease and our life will end. If we maintain disciple in our body and mind it will lead one to deathlessness.  This is truth.
As we seen earlier wife is better than one’s mother. Only a good wife can become a good mother. Father and mother were the one who has given us our physical body. They are to be considered as god’s seen by our eyes. But the supreme one is the one who has given the Mei(soul) in this Mei(body). This body as we know without realization or divine grace will be destroyed. Mother has only give us the body will be destroyed. A wife is the one who like the truth (Mei) in the Mei(body) can give pleasure to a husband in both body and soul. Only wife can give Chirinbam, mother can’t give chirinbam. Mother’s affection ends after giving birth and taking care till our adulthood. But wife affection comes from nowhere and exists till our death. Husband and wife relation is the one which cannot be separated.
Mother’s affection will be split among her children but wife’s affection is only to her husband. A mother carries the child only for 10 months. But wife comes from different family and gives affection and carries her husband in her mind throughout her life. So in all these cases wife is better than the mother. These facts very few know. This is truth.
A man’s life will be good or bad based on his wife character only. A virtuous wife with patience and good characters will be got by a husband who has done lot of good deeds in his early life. Such a person is the lucky one.
A husband and wife should live like two bodies and one soul. They should live like nail and flesh in the hand. The relationship should be like sacred couple vasuki and valluvan. The biggest thing a wife can get is that to be called Pathini (chaste women).  This belongs only to wife. A girl first becomes wife and then only mother. So wife is the best.  This is true, true and true.
Only because of wife does a husband gets pleasure. A man becomes husband after marrying a wife and unites with her with his body and consciousness and gets little pleasure called Chirinbam. This is truth.
Our soul is femine. So spiritually we are females. Only the supreme lord is male. For all jeevatmas the supreme lord is the only husband. Union of Jeevatma and Paramatma is the supreme divine pleasure and bliss. This divine pleasure and bliss is called Perinbam (meaning everlasting and infinite pleasure).  This union is called as JeevaBrahaAaikiyam by the seers.
The pleasure we get in this world by our body is Chirinbam. The pleasure got by our soul when union with paramatma is perinbam. In this world we get pleasure because of wife. In the spiritual world also only when we become wife to the supreme lord we can get supreme divine pleasure and bliss.  So we should become very good wife to our lord.

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