Spiritual Science of Human Immortality

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Dear All. My humble respect and obeisance to all. With my SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj Grace and NyanaGuru Vallalar Grace i am translating the Tamil book  Saakaakalvi written by our SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj.  This book is the only book which shows us the path to achieve immortality. It explains everything divine and which were kept secret from the mankind so for. Please read the book attentively and with faith. Raise yours questions if any to us so that we will talk with our Guru and let you know the answers.
I have tried my best to translate the book in English. I found some difficulty to find appropriate words to convey the same meaning as told in Tamil. So i have put a reference page for people to refer to. If one has difficulty to understand any of the words, sentence or paragraph please mail us. We will try to answer you.  As much as possible the translation was done literally, but at places the meaning of the sentence or paragraph was conveyed.
I request to keep the Reference page open alongside this book for quick reference.
If possible please translate this in other known languages of you so that people can benefit. You will also gain the blessings and grace of Vallalar.

I am dedicating this to our Guru ShivaSelvaraj and Nyana Guru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar.

From the next page starts the translation from the original book.

Chapter : 5                  DONATION & PENANCE

We are all lucky to have got a rare human birth. We are still lucky to have got a birth without any deformities; luckier still are people who are fortunate to have got Education and learn about divine wisdom. This divine wisdom and divine education is the spiritual science of human immortality. Immortality will be gained by people who have divine wisdom. The education which teaches the way to acquire divine wisdom is the Immortal education called Saakaa Kalvi.
Is it enough just to know what is meant Saakaa kalvi (immortal education)?  “ It is rare among  people to know about divine wisdom and divine education and still rare for people to use this divine wisdom and education to do Penance and Donation”. So important thing for people like us who have learnt immortal education (saakaa kalvi) is to do penance and also give donations to the needy.
In the world whomsoever it may be without penance no one can gain divine wisdom. Without donations no one can get divine wisdom. This is divine truth. The good quality/character of a person who does penance is charity/donation. This is considered as a qualification for a person who is doing penance. So Penance and Donation goes hand in hand.
We should donate. We should become philanthropist. Donation is of various types. We can donate anything that we have. In our Tamil Land we have studied about so many personalities who were famous or known for their donation. These were the people who can be considered as the example of humans who can consider all the souls as theirs.
To alleviate the suffering of a pigeon the king SibiChakaravarthy cut and gave the flesh of his thigh.  To help the spread of branches of jasmine plant the king Paari donated his chariot.  To alleviate the shivering of the peacock king  peagan donated his blanket. Our great saint Vallalar sri rama lingar withered on seeing the withered crops. So these minds which has compassion on other lives and tries to alleviate other’s suffering is the residence of the supreme lord.
The great people donated everything and whatever they had. They lived like an ocean of compassion. Karnan is philanthropist among philanthropist.  Karnan’s charity cannot be compared with anyone or anything.
Eventhough we are not like them atleast we should have good mind to donate and feel happy with our donation. We should feel happy to help others. Saint vallalar has told that compassion is his soul. Everyone gives material things as donation. But our great saint vallalar has donated the supreme divine wisdom with which every soul can be happy and a human can realize himself. He started spiritual revolution by donating the divine wisdom to all. This is divine donation. By his grace whatever has been hidden and considered as  secret has come to light for all the people.
Everyone can attain the divine wisdom. Human birth is the only qualification for that. He called every one as “Come on brothers we can all achieve the supreme divine immortal life” and gave the divine wisdom to everyone and broke all the secrets that were kept so for.
I was overwhelmed by this great saint vallalar and by his grace only i am revealing all the divine secrets through my books for the welfare of all the people. It is by the grace of my guru Vallalar i was able to do this divine donation and divine charity work. Donate this divinity to all and you will get divine wisdom.
There is a saying which goes like this “If you feed and nourish other’s children your child will be fed and nourished automatically”. If you give the divine wisdom and divine knowledge to all god will be sympathetic on you and will overwhelm you with his divine grace.
All material things like gold, clothes, land and food is being donated. Every holy book and scriptures praises the donation and the donor. All the poets have sung praises on the act of charity and donation.  Wise people will tell the best among donation is offering food to the hunger. It is food that helps the soul to be in our body. In those days people kept water pots and butter milk pots in common place during summer for all the people to satisfy their thirst. But today price of one litre water is same as that of price of one litre milk. This is time of kali. Is it not better to buy milk instead of buying water?
Our body needs food for its nourishment. Whomsoever it may be whether he is very rich or poor every living being needs food. So offering food is considered to be great donation. Our sain vallalar in the place of vadalur has built satya Nyana Sabhai and made arrangements for offering food to all people who come there. Every after 150 years this place is still providing food to all people who come there free of cost.
India is a land of divine wisdom. There are innumerable saints who have taken birth here. There are innumerable holy places and temples here. In all these holy places offering of food or donation of food is considered holy and it happens regularly. The offering of food is called AnnaDhanam in Tamil. AnnaDhanam is now happening in almost all the temples. People of india know the importance of AnnaDhanam.  “All the places were ours and all the people are our brothers and sisters” Indian people live according to this passage. Hospitality and treating the guest with love is considered to be the greatest culture here. “One who gives food to a being is considered to be the one who has given soul to that being”. This is the culture practiced and followed in india.
Till this day the world has praised the act of donating/offering food. Because of our punniya or good karma the great saint vallalar took birth among us. He is still living with us. He is living with us as divine light. He is the one who overcame death and attained divine light body.  The challenge he threw to the world is deathlessness and divine immortality and SaakaKalvi.
Because of vallalar whatever has been hidden as divine secret has come to light. He gave all the divine wisdom in his poems and in his teachings. It is impossible to comprehend his compassion.  In our Tamil Land innumerable saints have taken birth. It is our  punniya/good karma to have taken birth in this holy tamil land. In this land only the saint Ramanujar without heeding his Guru’s word (his guru asked him to keep the divine knowledge he taught to be kept as secret) he told the divine knowledge he learned to everyone for the sake of spiritual upliftment of all the humans. He is the great human and saint  who without caring for creed, caste and religion dispersed the divine knowledge to everyone. For this divine philanthropist sri sri Ramanujar my obeisance in crores and crores. For the humble person like me if saint vallalar is like one eye then sri sri Ramanujar is like other eye.
It is saint vallalar who has revealed the meaning of Sathya Nyana Sabhai to the whole world by his divine poem ThiruVarutpa and through the way of eye. Vallalar is the divine philanthropist who has donated the divine wisdom for the whole world and to the humanity. There is no one equivalent to him in divine donation. So for all the divine knowledge and wisdom is kept hidden in Vedas and were highly codified. Vallalar is the one who after deciphering it told to the entire world without any thing hidden. It is his divine grace by which i was asked to do this divine donation through my books. This is true. So for by my 24 books i have revealing all the divine secrets and divine wisdom to the whole world. This is very true. I feel very happy to know that this humble being is also one of the reason to donate this divine wisdom to all by means of internet. My obeisance in crores to my guru and great saint vallalar for making me to do this divine donation.
“Do the Act of Donation” – Saint Tamil Poet Avayaar. Here by donation she means divine donation only. It is better to donate the knowledge about the divine truth and means to attain divinity then to donate material things. It is the greatest donation one can do by showing others the way to realize themselves and attain divine bliss and divine immortality. Telling others the way to realize them and god is the greatest divine donation one can do. So do this divine donation. Do this divine donation till you live. Tell to everyone about the divine truth (soul) present within them. Tell everyone the way to achieve this divine wisdom. Tell everyone this is the only thing that is only truth. These things were called divine donation.
“Do not make me to go and ask for anything to anyone but in the same time do not make me to tell no when someone ask me for any thing or any favour” our saint vallalar is praying god to give him this grace. We should never beg anyone for any favour or any materialistic thing. In this world even though we give whatever thing we have people will never be satisfied and their mind will always ask for more and more. To these people the only donation we can give is to show them the way to their divinity and to know their soul crossing their mind. To make all people deathless the only way is divine donation.
“Eat after offering the food “ – Avvayar , the same Avvayar has told “Accepting something from others is dishonour”.  So donate to one who doesnot have. Is it not dishonour to accept someone’s donation? If everyone thinks like this in this world there will be no need of any donations. In the age of LordRama’s Empire everyone were so content and had everything they need and so there is no donations or charity happening in his kingdom. Oho lord bring the age of Lord Rama again. Ohoo saint Vallalar save all of us. The only donation that can be given in this world anytime is the divine donation as the humans now donot know the way to divinity. A person who wants to get divine bliss and divine wisdom has to get divine donation from a qualified divine/Nyana sadguru. For any human this is his foremost duty and is very important.
Any human born in this world should receive divine donation from a qualified sadguru.
From whom can we get this divine donation? We get only from the people who already have that with them. Is it not. Our soul is nothing but the donation which we got from the supreme being. Even this human birth is because of his compassion towards us. The supreme lord who is infinite divine light has given donation to us as our soul which is tiny divine light. Are we not slaves to him who has given us our soul and human body. So is it not our duty to surrender at his lotus feet.
We have received our donation from our supreme father our supreme lord. We should receive divine donation from a good and qualified sadguru and know the divine truth within us which was given to us by our father. We should all do divine donation by showing others the way to divinity. Everyone should realize themselves. To realize the lord it is very important to receive divine donation.
With a help of a divine sadguru we should receive Upadesha and Deekshai and by this we should do penance after getting this divine donation and by this we will get all the divine experiences and can realize ourself. Learning (Listening & Reading), Correct Arugments and Reasoning, Clear Thinking and Experience will help us to attain completeness. After getting divine donation and reading the divine books and with the help of our knowledge clearing our doubts and by doing penance we will get divine experiences.
Now how to do penance? Penance doesnot mean repeating some mantra. It also doesnot mean doing some puja or doing homas. It also doesnot mean doing Pranayama, vaasi yoga or anyother yogas. Penance doesnot mean any act which tortures or make our body suffer.
Penance means the practice of trying to be just there (without any mental activity) after getting divine donation from a sadguru and with this getting to know who am i.
Lord is present in our body in a tiny hole of the size of pintip in the centre of the pupil of the eyes as divine light. This hole is covered by small layer and this layer is called as screen by our saint vallalar. This screen is made of three impurities (Illusion, Lust and Ego).  This layer is further split into seven layers. These were all in subtle dimesions. Inside this we have divine flame. In Vadalur this same philosophy is represented by the building SatyaNyanaSabai.  There will be seven screen hiding the lamp and during the auspicious time of ThaiPoosa these screens will be withdrawn and the flame will be shown. Vallalar has told “I saw the Satya Nyana Sabhai within me and i got all the SanMarga siddhi (divine powers)”.
After getting Deekshai from a sadguru we will get divine consciousness in our Eye. We need to have our mind on this divine consciousness in our eye and because of this consciousness and with our mind just in the consciousness tears will keep flowing out from our eyes like water fall. This is the way of doing penance. If we keep continuing our penance regularly we will get lot of divine experiences. We should get distracted by this experiences and keep continuing our penance. If we keep doing this penance then we will become deathless and get divine light body and achieve divine immortality as told in NyanaSaariyai by our saint vallalar. By this we will overcome our birth and death cycle. We can become one with the supreme lord. We can become divine light and can unite with the supreme divine light of ArutPerumJyothi. We will get supreme divine bliss.
The way of doing penance is as told above. By this penance only we will get divine wisdom. In this world we see lot of people claiming themselves to be guru and giving lot of trainings. All these will never help us to attain divine wisdom. By these training atmost we will get good body. Someone sometime may get some supernatural powers. All these were not divine wisdom. Divine wisdom is realizing oneself.
“One who does  penance will never face futility because of penance” – Saint Tamil Poet Avvayar. The same poet has asked us to donate and do penance.  She tells firmly if we keep doing penance continuously we have no trouble or sorrow in our life. So get divine donation and Deekshai from a sadguru. You also do divine donation by telling the way to divinity and about divinity to others. With utmost humbleness and respect to guru and without deviating from his words do penance. Even your biggest karma which is considered to give all the trouble to a person also will not affect you.
For doing the penance you need not go to the forest. You need not forsake your family. You need not wear saffron dress , have big beard and roam the world. We should not hate our body and trouble it. You need not hate your food as well. Need not do tough things like tougher pooja and Japa. To tell in short you need not do anything. Just be there. This is sufficient.
Marriage is not hindrance to the divinity. Whatever you are doing now and whatever way you are now be like that. Keep doing the penance as told earlier for around 30 minutes to 1 hour and it is sufficient.  Truth, honesty and virtuousness will enhance your penance. Do not act. See that you donot have any bad habits. Realize your duty for your family and do it well. Is not the supreme lord within you? So no need to search him in temples, tanks and in mountains.
The supreme lord who is full of grace will embrace you and will protect you. He will see that no trouble comes to you. He will not forsake you in any circumstance. He will shower his love more than that of a loving mother and will upbring us more than that of a dutiful father. He will become our guru and will monitor us and will make us realize that we are divine and give divinity to us and with full love he will make us unite with him.
Another important thing for people doing penance is that they have take only vegetarian food. Being in the company of good people will bring benefit to us. Hearing the words of virtuous people will clear lot of our doubts. Being in the company of virtuous people and acting with them will help us to get lot of good karma or punniya.
If we can wake up in the BrahmaMukurtha ( 4 or 5 in the early morning) and do penance it will be very good. We can do the penance anytime and anywhere. There are no restrictions. A person doing penance should not go hungry. He should take small quantity of food. It is better to move out from any problem. Talk sweet words in limit. Also practice to be without any talk.
Donot think is it the penance. Penance is not just opening our eye and keeping the mind in the consciousness of the eye.  Whatever we do in our life should become penance. With honesty, goodness, virtuousness, humbleness, devotion, lovingness and with clear mind we should discharge our duty with patience. Only then doing penance will become easier. Just doing penance for 1 hour will not be sufficient. In all the 24 hours our words, thoughts and deeds should reflect our penance. Only such a person can be called student for divine education.
We should always maintain divine hunger like our penance should be successful, should realize ourself, and unite with the supreme lord. We are doing penance for ourselves. Initially it is selfishness. Unless we increase our divine strength and get fruits of our penance we cannot give it to the world. So first we have get the divine strength. So till achieve some state we should see that we donot get into trouble and try to be alone as much as possible. We are doing penance to gain divinity and divine wisdom. Do not close your eyes and flow with your mind. Do not believe in the people who cheat. Open your eyes and see everything clearly. Think clearly and with listening, reading (Suruthi)  and with correct argument and reason and also with experience know  the truth. Always maintain the consciousness in your eyes and be alert. Always do penance by keeping the eye open.
All the saints and seers have told do penance by keeping your eye open and also they have told that the supreme father is with us always. If we close our eyes it means the person is dead. Without sleeping and without intoxication and without qualm but with alertness and with consciousness in the eye if we do penance we will be deathless. The penance we do is Consciousness in our eyes. To get divine wisdom this consciousness is very important.
In our puranas, epics and scriptures we find lot of examples of seers doing different types of penance. We have heard about the very difficult and torturous penance done by demons and demon kings. After hearing all these people of the world lost their heart. They thought it is not possible for them and they thought they need to take a separate birth to do these penance.  Like these there were so many people.
Oho people of the world do not have disbelief. To uplift this world so many saints and seers have taken birth in this world. They have written so many divine books for our welfare. So there is no need of any worries. It is because of the time that the way to divine wisdom is kept hidden. It is because of some selfish people that it has been kept as secret.  To show the way for all the people to attain divinity the great saint who is like sun of divinity took birth in this world. To remove the illusion surrounding the people he gave them the path to divinity. Because of him divinity started showing itself. He came, told about divine wisdom, attained divinity, attained divine light body and divine bliss and overcame death and became immortal. Whatever divinity and divine wisdom and divine life he got he wanted everyone to attain it. So he is calling all the people to take the path to divinity and attain divine immortal life and divine bliss.

Our is the first divine website preaching the way to divinity.  See with the wide open eyes and you will get divine consiouness in your eyes.

Translated by Vijayan

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