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Dear All. My humble respect and obeisance to all. With my SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj Grace and NyanaGuru Vallalar Grace i am translating the Tamil book  Saakaakalvi written by our SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj.  This book is the only book which shows us the path to achieve immortality. It explains everything divine and which were kept secret from the mankind so for. Please read the book attentively and with faith. Raise yours questions if any to us so that we will talk with our Guru and let you know the answers.
I have tried my best to translate the book in English. I found some difficulty to find appropriate words to convey the same meaning as told in Tamil. So i have put a reference page for people to refer to. If one has difficulty to understand any of the words, sentence or paragraph please mail us. We will try to answer you.  As much as possible the translation was done literally, but at places the meaning of the sentence or paragraph was conveyed.
I request to keep the Reference page open alongside this book for quick reference.
If possible please translate this in other known languages of you so that people can benefit. You will also gain the blessings and grace of Vallalar.

I am dedicating this to our Guru ShivaSelvaraj and Nyana Guru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar.

From the next page starts the translation from the original book.

Chapter : 6                 AADHIGURU (FIRST GURU)

“In India there is no dearth of qualified divine guru’s but it is difficult to see a good student of the guru (called sishya)”  – Saint Vivekanandar.
The world came to know about great saint and seer SriRamakrishnaar because of his student saint vivekanandar. Sri Adhi Sankarar got a very good student by the name PadmaPaadhar. Sri Guru Ragavendra got a humble and true student by the name of Appanna.
There were innumerable Gurus and innumerable sishyas. There were so many virtuous Nyanis. But virtuous students were very few. In our land of India there is no dearth for Nyanis. In our land Divine wisdom only is sown.
In this land only great Nyani Buddha took birth. He is a great Guru. There were so many people in this world who follow Buddha.
In our land where sanadhana dharma is followed Buddha is one of the realized guru who took birth here.
It is because of the sanadhana dharma that is being followed in this land which is responsible for so many people to attain divine wisdom and divinity.
Sanadhana Dharma teaches divinity to the whole world. It teaches how a human being should live like a human. Do you know who created this sanadhana dharma.
It is none but the supreme being.  Sanadhana dharma is his grace for humans for their spiritual upliftment. Sanadhana dharma is the art of living for the humans given to us by the supreme lord.
In puranic times (or in the beginning of time) four sons of lord brahma (responsible for creation) called sanakaadhi sages were well versed in Vedas and scriptures and were very knowledgeable and intelligent, but they are not able to attain completeness despite their vast knowledge. Without  completeness and complete divine wisdom and for want of them they became anxious and distress.
They wanted to know about the supreme being who is present everywhere, who can do anything, who is beyond time, who doesnot have beginning and end , who is of supreme divine grace, who is responsible for the creation, sustenance and destruction of the material world and who is present as atom within atom and source of light even to the atoms.
With this in mind they prayed sincerely and with full of devotion and with their mind melting with devotion. They prayed to the lord to show them the way to divinity. They were very distressed without knowing the path to divine wisdom.
Knowing the anxiousness and wishes of Sanakaadhi sages lord sarveswaran (Lord is called by this name which indicate he is capable of anything and everything. Traditionally lord shiva is called by this name) decided to shower his graces on the sanakaadhi sages. He appeared before them. On seeing the form of lord before them the sanakaadhi sages were surprised and were stunned.
They thought – We wanted to see the supreme lord but we are seeing a strange form before us. Who is he? Why is he here? What is the reason for him to be here? They asked these questions among themselves.
Since they are well learned and very intelligent they were able to reason and find out answers for the questions that a raised in their mind. We wanted to see the supreme lord and we were praying sincerely for that and suddenly we are seeing a huge form appeared before us. They realized it is none but the supreme lord who has come before us and remaining still and showing the way to realize him.
To know the supreme lord who is beyond our senses , mind and intelligence is it easy? We should be spiritually mature enough to know him. Even for the great sages of sanakaadhi calibre lord did not shower his grace directly!?
To sanakaadhi sages who know everything in this world and through them to the whole world lord himself appeared as Guru and gave the moona upadesha as his grace.
To reach him he showed the importance of getting Guru Upadesha by himself becoming a guru. The supreme lord himself became guru and appeared before sanakaadhi sages as Lord dakshinamoorthy. By his appearance as dakshinamoorthy and by its form and shape he showed the way for divine wisdom and to reach him.
Before them without any speech, with half eyes opened, sitting with left leg folded and with right leg planted on the demon sitting below the stone tree the supreme being himself as dakshinamoorthy. Dakshinamoorthy is having four hands and in one hand he is having fire, in his other hand he is carrying a small drum, in his other hand he is having Vedas and in the fourth hand which is giving grace kept in sin mudra (index finger folded to touch the middle of thumb finger). In this way they saw the four hands of lord dakshinamoorthy.
In the right side of dakshinamoorthy’s head which is wearing crown there is sun and in the left side of his head there is curved moon. His face is displaying calmness, dispassion and equanimity and is very beautiful with a mild smile. They studied this form and shape, thought using their knowledge and wisdom, discussed among themselves and finally arrived at the correct conclusion. What is that?
The form that appeared before them is none but supreme lord himself. To overcome death (lord yama) who is represented as south direction and to achieve divine immortality lord dakshinamoorthy is facing south and we have to sit in the direction of north facing dakshinamoorthy. Since lord is sitting facing south they called him dakshinamoorthy (thatchinaa -> means south and murthi means form of lord available for his devotees).
Since lord is sitting with complete silence and without any speech they realized one has to maintain silence and avoid speech. This is called Moona Nilai.
Since lord is carrying fire in his one hand they realized god is of form of divine flame or divine jyothi. Since he is carrying drum in his other hand god is also of the form of divine sound which is Ohm. Which means god is of both divine sound and light. This is nothing but vindu naadham.
By carrying vedas in other hand he is imparting to the sages that Vedas teach them that god is of divine light and sound and also it teaches the way to reach him. The fourth hand is giving grace to the people with the sign of sin mudra.
God who is of divine light and sound is showering grace upon us and his grace can be realized from the place of sinmudra. Know and realize what is sinmudhra and do penance there with silence. This is the message that thatchinaa murthy is conveying to the humans with his form.
The divine message that thatchinaa murthy bought is “Keep you eyes open and be just present without any action”. This is what told by thatchinaa murthy without any speech. This is the secret wisdom of divinity.
Vedas tell the same truth in coded and hidden way. The lord who is present everywhere is of the form of divine light. With this divine light divine sound is also present and this divinity is present in human body in the place of sinmudra. If we cling on to this sinmudra and be just there we can realize and reach the supreme lord. Sanakaathi sages came to know this and by following this they realized him and reached him and attain divine blissfull immortal life.
In this the important thing is sinmudra. This is the place in the human body through which he is accessible and we can reach him. This is the place in which we have to do penance. This is the place where we have to be just there. Lord as Thatchinaamurthy has bent his index finger and touching the middle line of the thumb with his other three fingers stretched out.
The Lord Ayyappa in sabarimala is also showering his grace in the sign of sin mudra. With sin mudra in your hand and if you turn your hands the region in which the index finger is touching the middle finger resembles like our eyes. Our eye length is same as the length of thumb finger from the tip till the middle line. So Sin Mudra means Eye and this has been represented in coded terms so that we may think and realize this.  To make us use our knowledge only these things were represented in coded form.
In KathaUpanishad the hero character Nichikethan asks the lord of death yama where the lord is residing in human body. To this lord yama replies the supreme lord is present in the human  body which is of the size of thumb and is present as smokeless divine flame. This is one more proof that eye is the way to reach god.
In our human body the length of thumb from tip to the middle line represents the eye as both are of same length. The lord who is of divine supreme flame and light is of flame without any smoke. He is inside our eyes as the divine light without any smoke. This is divine secret. Only if we get to know this we can be just there and do penance with our eyes opened as indicated by Thatchinaamurthy.
I am telling this divine secret to the whole world. Our eyes were the lamp of our body. The divine light present in our body is nothing but the supreme lord himself. One who does penance by constantly thinking  of the light of the eye with consciousness in the eye and with eyes open and with alertness and by just being there will see and realize the supreme lord. One who knows what sinmudra denotes and who just be there in the consciousness in the place of sinmudra with the eyes open will get the pleasure of reaching the supreme lord.
“Cling on to Thumb for getting divine pleasure and bliss” – Siddhar song. Showing sinmudra they are indicating our eyes. So siddhars were asking us to cling on to our eyes for getting divine pleasure and bliss.
So as Thatchinnamurthi the supreme lord’s teaching is realize the divine light in our eyes and be there with our eyes open. Since sanakaadhi sages were highly learnt, knowledgeable and intelligent they can understand lord’s teaching and can realize him. Since Thatchinna Murthy imparted to them without speaking they were able to realize the truth. This is the truth. This is satya and this has been certified by different sages, seers, siddhars and Nyanis.
This humble one for the sake of all the being realizing the divine truth i have wrote them openly in my books.
Whatever lord as dakshinamoorthy imparted is also confirmed by another incident in another Nyani’s life. This saint is none but great ArunagiriNathar (Author of famous tamil divine poem and song ThiruPukal). Aadhiguru imparted the teaching to sanakaadhi sages without speaking whereas in the case of ArunagiriNathar lord muruga took the form of a Brahmin and imparted the teaching by speaking the words “Just be there” and saved him.
In all the above incidents god did not showered his grace directly instead god came as guru and imparted his teachings and blessed them as guru. By this the supreme lord tells about the importance of guru and imparts the teaching which is “Just be there”. Those who does penance with the divine consciousness in the eye and with the eye open will get spiritual maturity and only for those person the supreme lord will show himself , will make them realize him, will embrace them and will overwhelm them with his grace.
In ThiruPuzal ArunagiriNather praises lord muruga as how he has been shown grace by the lord as guru by speaking the words “I am telling you to be just there”.
So AadhiGuru means the first guru is Thatchinnamurthi. Thatchinnamurthis is none but that supreme divine lord. His teaching was “Just be there with Alertness and with eyes open”. This is the divine wisdom and way to divinity.
The same divine wisdom is conveyed by all the seers, saints, siddhars, Nyanis and our divine saint Vallalar who have come in the family of divine members who were sent to uplift this world. This divine wisdom is told to people in different ways using different words and with coded forms. This same information is told as divine secret so as to make people search for it.
The lord who is of infinite divine grace light is in our eyes as tiny divine grace light. If we do penance with our eyes open and just being there we will get divine pleasure and bliss called Perinbam.
Even if we learn everything we should still learn from a guru. We should realize whatever we learn is just the size of sand that can be held in our hand.  This knowledge is the true knowledge. “Do not try for union without guru”! “Donot see without guru showing it” ! “Without Guru any art/skill is of no use to oneself”! “If guru sees us crores of our karma will go off”! “Guru is brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheshwara, Guru is none but supreme brahmam” ! “Mother, Father, Guru and then only comes the supreme lord”.
In this way we can keep on telling about the importance, nobleness and honour of guru. To let us know about the importance of guru the lord himself imparted the teachings as Guru. So it is very important for every person to get a guru to show them the way to the supreme lord.
Can be there any other way then what has been imparted to us by the supreme lord himself as Thatchinnamurthi which is “Just be there”?No.
Right from the beginning of time all the saints, seers and Nyanis has conveyed the same divine wisdom in different ways and different forms. Nothing else.
The same old ParamaSivam is AadhiGuru. What is there to tell as new? Nothing. Every difference is due to difference in language and difference in words but the underlying wisdom is one and the same.
If the supreme lord is one then we have to unite with him in the divine light of our eyes. Doing penance with our eyes open and just being there is the only way to him. All the ways that has been said to reach divinity should converge in this way. Because this is the way which leads us to the door to the house of lord. Our eye is this way. So open your eyes, do not sleep, do not be lazy and do penance.
One who without seeing any differences get to know that lord Thatchinnamurthi is none but supreme lord himself and realize that his teaching is “Just be there” will be saved. One who acts with the strong belief that guru is parabrahamam will be saved.
“Whatever words i tell were the words of my hero the supreme lord” – saint vallalar. I am not telling anything myself. Whatever told through me is by the lord himself. By this he offers all his words humbly before the supreme lord. If this is the case whatever told by our saint vallalar is the same as told by AadhiGuru Thatchinaamurthi is it not.
Not only for saint vallalar but through all the great saints, sages and Nyanis it is Aadhiguru who is imparting the wisdom to the world through them. Everything is his deed.
In today’s world lots of people without knowing Thatchinnamurthi is supreme lord himself and without realizing his teaching is the “Eye” way to the divinity is going in different paths and falling down and suffering.
One who knows this teaching has also hidden it to the world and because they have earned lot of Pabha or badkarma and because of this they too despite knowing the truth has not achieved completeness or divinity.
We are telling this secret to the whole world. Come all the people of this world. Time after time the teaching imparted by great saints and our saint vallalar i am imparting to the world using eye and waking up everyone with the eye. I am giving upadesha and dekshai to all the people of the world. So all the people of the world please come and let us all walk in the divine and pure path of light.
Realize that the eyes were the only way to divinity.  Realize doing penance is the only way to divinity. Eye is the way. So open your eyes to this.
In today’s world there were so many people who do prediction based on horoscope. In horoscope we have 9 planents called Navagraha. In this come the planet of Jupiter also called Guru Graha who is brahaspathi. Only this guru undergoes changes from one constellation to other constellation. This guru is not Thatchinnamurthi. So thinking that they are offering puja to GuruGraha people are offering puja to Thatchinnamurthi.  So realize this. Thatchinnamurthi is not the guru of Navagraha. Thatchinaamurthi is supreme lord himself who is showing the path of divinity to us.
The teaching imparted by Thatchinaamurthi which is “Just be there” , one who gets to know to do this penance by a guru upadesha and getting dekshai from the guru and does penance will get divine wisdom and will reach the supreme lord. By this way by doing penance one who has committed sin and karma for thousands of his birth will be done away by the grace of the Aadhiguru. Only when we get the vision of this guru will our sins be washed off. Aadhiguru should see us from within us. We should get the grace of Thatchinnamurthi. Only then all our karmas will be washed away with and we will get divine spiritual immortal life. So to get rid of our karma seek Aadhiguru. To know aadhiguru you offer your humble respects to a sadguru here get upadesha and Dekshai. Do penance. “One who does penance the penance will never go futile” -> Saint Avayaar.
Our father told by Jesus Christ, Alla told by Mohammed, ArutperumJyothi Aandavar as told by our saint vallalar were all same. The lord who is as supreme divine light can be reached by increasing our divine light in our eyes and we ourself getting the divine light body. This is the teaching accepted by the whole world. This is the only important thing that has to be know by everyone.
Tamil Poet kachiyappasivachariyar in his ThiruvilayadalPuranam tells about the form of Aadhiguru thatchinnamurthi is his following words
“Who sits beneath the tree of stone and who is as everything and also beyond them and who is imparting the divine knowledge to the four who were wellversed in Vedas by being just there without any speech we shall think of him without any thinking to get rid of our sins”.
In lots of temple in tamilnadu we see lord thatchinnarmurhty statue is sculpted facing south which is itself very famous.
But the sad part is people think lord dakshinamoorthy as NavaGraha Guru (Planet Jupiter) and offer the garland made of chickpeas and yellow color towel to him to get rid of the bad things bought by planet Jupiter in their horoscope. These all should be offered to Lord of planet Jupiter. This ignorance is due to fraudulent astrologers who subscribe offerings as atonement for one’s  badkarma did in previous births. Realize this it is not lord of planet Jupiter who is lord dakshinamoorthy.
One good thing is people without knowing about dakshinamoorthy still offering their worships and offerings to him. As we know the sin commited even without one’s knowledge brings punishment and similarly good deeds also done without one’s knowledge will bring fortune and blessings to one. So by accepting the offering of the people even though they do without their knowledge lord dakshinamoorthy still blesses them by guiding them to get some type of guru in their life.
Even if one get any type of guru it is important. The duty of one is to be sincere and true to a guru.  If a sishya or disciple is true and good it doesnot matter whether the guru is qualified and good or not. By being true to any guru and if the guru happens to be a fraud then lord aadhiguru on merit of being true and good will bless that disciple and showing him to a true guru. Since aadhiguru is one with ocean of compassion and divinity himself.
Can there be any good student then Aakalivan who took dronar as his guru in his mind and practised and achieved greatness in archery?
The great philanthropist karnan is also the one who has praised his guru. Rama and Krishna who were considered to be lord himself in the form of humans has also approached guru and trained under him to show the importance of guru to the world.
Jesus Christ who initiated using divine fire also took initiation under john using water.
So all the saints, seers and nyanis who have took birth in this world had some guru in their life and offered them their respects. So in short everyone needs a guru. We need a qualified and true guru. We should know about Aadhi guru.
“One who doesnot offer respects to the feet of guru, for them lord will always be elusive” – saint tamil poet Avvayaar. If we get a good guru who can tell us about Aadhi guru, his teachings and can give dekshai then we are very fortunate ones.  One who accepts that the teaching of Aadhi guru and lord muruga to be “Just be there” and makes us realize the divinity through our eyes and shows us the way to divinity through our eyes is the true MeiNyanaGuru. To get such a guru we should have done lot of good karma in our previous births. To such a guru we have to be true and follow his words sincerely and do penance and do this divine donation. By doing the door to the house of lord will  be opened and we can reach god.

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