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1. What is meant by Gnanam? Who are  called as Gnanis?

Gnanam means complete and full knowledge. One who knows everything and have also realized oneself and the Supreme Lord is the one who is called Gnani.

Only a person who has known everything without any doubt has the ability to impart and guide others. Such a person is Gnani.

One who is full of Compassion and Love towards all the souls and considers all the soul as his is a Gnani.

One who knows and has realized that his soul is a tiny part of the supreme divine and that soul is accessible through his two eyes is a Gnani.

Who is Philanthropist? One who raises this question and finds that the only Philanthropist is the Supreme Lord himself and then realizes the supreme Lord and also attains the state of the supreme Lord is a Gnani.

2. In which place is the soul present in our body?

The Siddha’s (Saints) goes this way : “ For the human body which length is always Eight Jhaan Head is the most important one”. Jhaan is the unit which is the length between one’s thumb and index finger when both are stretched outwards. When measured with this scale one’s body always will be equal to 8 jhaan when measured with his own hand.

Our Soul is inside our head ie center of our head. Siddhars have attested the seat of Soul in their songs.

“Below the top of the head and above our inner tongue there is a ever glowing lamp that is always burning”. – Siddhar Song.

Soul is in the center of our head. To be precise as defined in the song it is below the top of our head and above our inner tongue in a place where our both eyes meet internally. The light of the soul is displaying itself in our two eyes.

This seat of soul is what is called as Third Eye, Anma Sthanam, 10th gateway.

3. What is meant by MeiPorul or Lord’s Divine Feet or Lotus feet ?

There is no saint who has not sung about the Lords lotus feet. Every Saint has prayed lord like this “Give me the mind which never forgets your lotus feet”.
We all know the Supreme Lord is as Supreme Divine Light (Jothi). So which is the Lotus feet for the Supreme Divine Light? The Lord who is present everywhere is also present within our body as our soul and as light of our soul.
This light of the soul is visible or accessible through the pupil of one’s eye. In order for us not to search anywhere the Lord is making himself available through the divine light of our eyes.
In order to know our self (Self-Realization) and also the Supreme Lord one has to catch hold of this light and walk inside us in this light by the guidance of a SarGuru.
Since our eye contains this divine light of the Lord our eyes were called as Lord’s Lotus feet or MeiPorul.

4. What does “8” and “2” denotes?

8 and 2 were the Code words in Gnanam. 8 represents our Right Eye and 2 represents our Left Eye. Also Right Eye and Left Eye were also called as:

Right Eye – A (First Tamil Alphabet அ), Left Eye – Vu (Tamil Alphabet ௨)

Right Eye –Sun, Left Eye – Moon

Right Eye –Sivam, Left Eye – Sakthi

Right Eye –Chakra, Left Eye – Shangu

5. What is meant by Tiruvadi Deekshai (Baptism by fire and Holy Spirit)?

Deekshai = Thee + Aksham. Thee means fire and Aksham means our eyes. This implies the process of initiation from a qualified SarGuru to induce the divine fire of our eyes.

During Deekshai a disciple get divine consciousness in the pupil of his eyes.
A Sarguru using the divine fire and light from his eyes lits the divine light of our eyes.

Our Pupil in the eye is also called as “Krishna Mani” which means bead of Krishna. Getting Consciousness in the Pupil is the true Krishna Consciousness. Getting this Consciousness in our pupil is Deekshai. During Deekshai SarGuru TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar comes within us protect and guide us in our Penance.

The astral body present within us comes alive after Deekshai. Since SarGuru is responsible for the birth of astral body within us SarGuru becomes our father and mother.

Deekshai is what is called as Bapitism by fire and holy spirit in Bible.

One who have taken Deekshai is called as “twice born or Duvichan”. This is what is said in Bible as “One who doesnot born again will not enter the kingdom of heaven”. Siddhar Agathiyar tells us “Find the way to born again”.

A person who took the physical body because of father and mother takes birth again because of a qualified Sarguru and by his Penance and by the grace of Sarguru he attains the Supreme Lord.

6. What are the qualifications for one to get Tiruvadi Deekshai?

Deekshai can be got by any person(s) above the age of 16. For taking Deekshai one should have the following qualifications:

1. Should only eat Vegetarian food. Any meat, fish , egg or any flesh should never be consumed.
2. Should never smoke or take Alcohols or any drugs.
3. Should live a virtuous life completely avoiding illegal lust and illegal relationships.

In short one should completely avoid the five great sins of Stealing, Lying, Alcoholism which includes smoking and drugs, illegal Lust and Killing which includes consuming meat and flesh.
If any one has these habbits he should completely avoid them from now on and take a oath to never indulge in it again.
The above were the qualification for one to take Deekshai.

7. How to do Penance?

Penance does not mean chanting. Penance does not mean doing Pooja. Penance does not mean doing yoga or Pranayama. Penance does not mean doing anything that involves hurting or stressing our body.

Doing any practice which involve closing of our eyes is not Penance. Penance has to be done with our eyes open.

Fixing our mind on the Lotus Feet of the Lord (Light of our eyes) is penance. Penance to be done after taking Deekshai from a qualified SarGuru. After taking Deekshai disciple will get divine consciousness in the pupil of the eyes which will help him to fix his mind on this consciousness. “Just Be There and Do Nothing” is the teaching imparted by the Saints. This means we should always have our mind on the divine consciousness in our Eye (Lotus Feet of Lord). By constantly fixing our mind on the Lotus feet of Lord the divine sensation in our eyes will increase and tears will flow out like water fall. By continuous practice we get divine experiences and because of increase in divine light our karmas will be burnt down and we will get Deathless Immortal blissful life and we will always in divine bliss and divine pleasure.

The purpose of taking birth in human body is to do penance burn our past sins and attain the state of Lord and always be in divine bliss and divine pleasure.

8. Who is a Sar Guru? What is the importance of a Guru?

There is a saying which goes as “Mother, Father, Guru and Lord”.

Every person will get father and mother naturally. But by one’s sincere seeking and effort will a Qualified SarGuru will be got.

It is the law of Lord that one has to seek a guru and by his guidance only can one reach the Supreme Lord.

In order to show the importance of Guru only the great Avatars of Rama and Krishna (Lord appeared as human) went and got Guru and served them as true disciples. Jesus took baptism from John.

For Saint Arunagirinathar Lord Muruga first became Guru and then guided him to reach the Lord.

For the great persons like Vallalar and Manickavasagar who were saint by birth the Supreme Lord himself first appeared as Guru gave them Deekshai and then showed the path to him.

For the Sanagathi Saints the Supreme Lord himself appeared as the First Guru called Aadhi Guru Dakshinamurthy and imparted Moona Upadesm (Tiruvadi Upadesam) by being silent.

These all show the importance of getting a Guru. Guru is the way through whom one can reach the Lord. Jesus and Nabi were Gurus only showing us the path to the Supreme Lord.

Right from our childhood there were many persons and environment itself which has taught us many things. Infact our thinking is influenced by what we see and what we hear from others and environment. In one aspect they all are our tutors only. But these things will not help us to reach the Lord.

A SarGuru is not one who teaches yoga or Pranayama or teaches us just Chanting.

A SarGuru is one who guides and takes us to the Supreme Lord and makes us realize ourself and the Supreme Lord.

A SarGuru is one who is appointed by a Saint who have realized the lord and attained deathless immortal life or will be the one who is send by the Lord himself.

SarGuru stands for Sat + Guru. Sat means truth and only truth in our body is our Soul. SarGuru is one who teaches and imparts knowledge about the soul and way to the divinity. SarGuru imparts his teaching using Sruthi (Knowledge acquired thourgh ears/hearing), Yukthi (Knowledge acquired by our intelligence), Vaakiyam ( Knowledge acquired through Sruthi and Yukthi verified by great saints teaching and holy scriptures) and finally by our experience and realization.

A SarGuru is one who using above said methods makes us aware that the path to self-realization is through the divine light of our eyes , lits the divine light of our eyes by giving consciousness in the pupil of our eyes and who will be with our soul always and guides us to the Supreme Lord.

9. What is meant by Karma?

We all are children of the Supreme Lord. In fact our soul is part of the Supreme Lord. Then why in this world there is difference in the life of the People. One person is richer, other is poor. One has deformities and some suffer from terrible disease. If the Supreme Lord is compassionate and merciful and Loving why do we see so many suffering and differences?

The reason for all this is the actions (which involve thinking, speaking and acting) that we have committed in so many of our previous births and also in this birth.

Based on the deeds one perform it comes back to them as good ones or bad ones. Good deeds were called Punniya and bad deeds were called Paava. If one has more good deeds he will be more happier while Paava leads one to suffering. Every one is responsible for their action and has to go through the results of it either now or in the upcoming births. This is the Supreme Law of Lord.

The results of these actions which one has to undergo is what is called Karma. Karma is the one that determines our birth and our environment.

We have committed huge amount of this karma in many of our previous birth and it is not possible for one to undergo all the results in a single birth. So the Supreme Lord out of compassion to us take some amount of good and bad karma and attaches it with the soul and gives us this birth. So the Karma that comes to us in this birth is called as Prapta Karma. The remaining karma that has not come to us in this birth is called as Sanchitha Karma.
The actions that we perform because of the Prapta karma and also because of free will in this birth is called Aagamiya Karma.
By Aagamiya Karma one can increase or decrease one’s Karma and during death we carry this karma back with our soul.
A Siddhar song confirms this “Other than the results of good and bad deeds that we commit nothing comes with us and these results are always attached to our soul”.

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