Aatraamai (Concerns)



Transliteration of the Song:

Eluvinum Valiya Manaththinen Malangsaar

      Iiyinum Naayinum Ilinthen

Puluvinum Siriyen PoiVilan thulalven

     Punmaiyen PulaithTholir Kadaiyen

Valuvinum Periyen Madaththinum Periyen

     Maanbilaa Vanchaga Nenchak

Kuluvinum Periyen Ambalak Kooththan

     Kurippinuk kenKada veane


This humble being has mind which has hatred harder than the pillar. This humble being is more lower and disgusting than the house-fly which eats faeces in group and also more disgusting than the dog which eats faeces in single. I am lower and insignificant than a worm. I am leading a false life with false talks. My knowledge and wisdom is that of a grass. My State is lower than a Pulayan who does killing and eats flesh. In doing all the wrong deeds and five great sins i am the biggest. I am great idiot. I am without any good manner or courtesy and my heart is filled with deceit. I am such a great disgusting being and i donot what i have to do to get the grace of the Sivam who is dancing in the magnificient Ambalam?! Only way is to feel and realize the Consiousness of Sivam dancing in the pupil of the eyes and doing nothing. This is sufficient.

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