Anbu Maalai (Garland of Love)

Anbu Maalai

 (Garland of Love)

Transliteration of the Song:

AruputhapPon Ambalathae Aadukinra Arasae

       Aaraamuthae Adeyenran AnbaeEn Arivae

Karputhavu Perungkarunaik KadalaeEn Kannae

      Kannuthalae Aanandhak KalippaeMeik Kathiyae

Verputhavu PasungKodiyae MaruvuPerun tharuvae

      VedaAa gamamudiyin VilangumOli Vilakkae

Porpuravae Ivvulagil PorunthuSiththan Aanen

      Poruththamum NinTiruvarulin Poruththamathu thaanae


Oho My King dancing and expressing in the magestic Ponnambalam which is our eye. You are the rare and Abundent divine nectar! You are the love of this humble being! You are the knowledge! You are the ocean of compassion bestowing the great law of chastity which is thinking of you only! You are my eyes. You are the divine light (jothi) of my eyes. You are the bliss that i get when i do penance (Tapas). You are my true refuge. In the truth of our body you are as the divine light of the eyes. You are the true support and companion. Our eyes which are like himalayas you are in the left side of the eyes in the form of Shakthi. You are the divine light of lamp in the top of the vedas and Aagamaas. In this beautiful world this humble being is rejoicing by becoming Sitthan and your devotee due of your compassion and mercy only. It is because you have situated in me as divine light in the center of the pupil of the eyes.


Transliteration of the Song:

“AnthooII thathisayamII thathisayamEn Pugalven

        Arivariyaach Siriyenai Arivariyach Seithae

Inthongu SadaiManiNin AdiMudiyung Kaati

       IthuKaati AthuKaati EnNilayng Kaati

Santhoda SiddhargalThan ThanichSoodung Kaatich

     Saagaatha NilaiKaatich SagasaNilai Kaati

Vanthodu NigarManamPoik KarainthaIdang Kaati

     Magilviththaai NinArulin VanmaiEvark Kulathae”

                                                                                          –  Song 10


Wonderful! Miraculous! Fantastic! what else will i say, you have overwhelmed and graced this insignificant knowledge less humble being and made me know the knowledge. Oho Supreme Lord! Expressing yourself as the divine light in the pupil of the eyes containing divine light art of moon, you have shown me your holy feet – pupil of the eyes and the top of head – inner meeting place of divine light arts of sun and moon. You have shown me this and that and also made me realize all states of Gnanam besides showing and making me realize the state of my soul which is me. You have made me know and understand all the divine secrets which are told in deceptive secret code words by the great siddhars who are always enjoying the spiritual bliss. You have also shown and graced me the state of deathlessness. Even after getting complete Gnanam and realization of the state of divine light you have showed and graced me the way to remain in the inherent natural state. Do you know where all these happens? When all these happens? Due to what all these happens? Who makes all these happen? Because of the fruits of Karma which is responsible for our birth, our mind derives strength from this karma and goes towards the whims of the senses and acquires more and more Karma. There is a place where our mind which is our only enemy melts and dissolves. Only if we know and realize this place and do penance all the above said things will happen. Everthing is in spiritual subtle place (Sutchamam). In the Subtle Place is where Motcham is present. That Sutchamam – subtle way is what this humble being has written in all my books. I am made to told this. I am made to write this. I am made to publish this by the great TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.

“Only a person who knows the place where mind dissolves is human”. Who tells about this place is the true Guru – SarGuru. Who gives the feel and consiousness of this place is Gnana SarGuru. That is place the pupil of our eye. There is a needle tip size hole in the center of the pupil of the eyes. That hole is covered by a thin layer of membrane which acts like a screen. This screen is made of our karma. From this screen is where our mind originates. Our mind is the subtle energy which does our Karma. Our mind will be there till our Karma is present. If there is no karma then there is no mind. If we destroy all our Karma then there will be no mind. In order to destroy our Karma Gnanis have told us the secret which is “Doing penance by constantly thinking and feeling the inner divine light inside the needle tip size hole in the pupil of the eyes”. This is the subtle way. This divine wisdom is what conveyed in secret hidden coded words by the Gnanis. By doing penance continuously the inner light will increase and first it will melt and dissolves the karmic membrane covering the needle tip size hole in the pupil of the eyes.When the karmic membrane melts and dissolves our mind will not be there. If mind does not act then only conviction (Sittham) will be there isn’t! Sitthan is one who acts as per the will or Conviction. One who doesnot have mind is a Sitthan or Gnani.

In this way oho my Supreme Lord you showed be the place of divine light in the pupil of the eyes where the mind melts and dissolves and blessed me with bliss and happiness. Who can shower the grace like you in this world! There is no limit to your mercy and compassion. In this way TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar in this garland of songs have wondered and praised the grace of the Supreme Lord. What can i tell about the grace and compassion of TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar who made this humble being to write and publish this divine wisdom! TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar is one who have got complete grace of the Supreme Lord and is as a great graceful philanthropist. By obtaining the grace of the Supreme Divine Light he got divine light body and he is showing the way and providing divine light for us to live in the divine deathlessness state.


Transliteration of the Song:

“KaalKaati Kaalaalae Kaanbathuvum Enakae

 Kaatiya Nin Karunaiku” —— Song 12


” KaalKaati” – means showing the Legs – The Supreme Lords’ Leg – Showing the Foot of the Supreme Lord (Tiruvadi)! That legs are our two eyes. The needle tip size divine light present inside the needle tip size hole in the centre of the pupil of the eyes is a small part of the Supreme Lord. This divine light is tiny part of the Supreme Divine Light. The eyes that contains divine light is what is called as Supreme Lord’s holy feet by the Gnanis. We know the Supreme Lord is Supreme Divine Light. In that case his leg also should be of divine light isn’t! The Supreme Lord body is full of Supreme Divine Light only.  The Supreme Lord showed his leg – holy feet and with that leg – divine light he showed what we see. It is because the Supreme Lord is available in our eyes we are able to see. If our eyes does not have light then we are blind isn’t?! So only with the divine light expressed in our eye we can see, know and realize every thing. In this way Oho my Supreme Lord you have given your holy feet as my eyes and in this eyes you are available as divine light and protecting me and also gracing me with “KathiMotcham”, “PathiMotcham” and “PathaMotcham”. There is no equivalent to your compassion and mercy.

“OliPadaitha Kanninaai Vaa Vaa Vaa

VuruthiKonda Nenchinaai Vaa Vaa Vaa”

[Come with the divine light in the Eyes, Come with the Strength and Purity in the Heart]

MahaKavi Bharathiyaar also sings and calls all the people having divine light – divine light consciousness and who have known the Supreme Lord. He calls all these people to have strength and truth in the heart and come to work for independence. Is he calling for the independence of the country? No ?! He is calling for the independence of us. We are wearing the shackles of ignorance and have become the servant of the demon which is our mind. Don’t we need to get independence from this? To acquire the strength of the Soul , to acquire the divine light body and to live freely without getting in to any clutches and to live as per our will (Sittham) come on with the divine light of Sivam in the eyes! Acquire Tiruvadi Theetchai from a Gnana Sarguru and with strength and purity in the heart you come! You will acquire the feel and consciousness of “AanmaNeya OrumaiPaadu” (Oneness of Soul). You will get great divine deathless life. This is the challenge thrown by the great Bharathi.

Like TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar RamalingaSwamigal MahaKavi Bharathiyaar also ignites and wakes up and shows the people who have become servant to the mind to live the life as per the will of Sivam (Sittham) and live the life independently.


 Transliteration of the Song

 “Etrathumbu ManiManril Inba NadamPuriyum

 Ennudaiya Thuraiyae Naan Ninnudaiya Arulaal

 Katrathu Ninnidath aePin Ketathu Ninnidathae

 Kandathu Ninnidathae UtKondathu Ninnidathae

 Petrathu Ninnidathae Inbutrathu Ninnidathae”

                                                                                                              …. Song 16


“Etrathumbu ManiManril” – This word contains the secret of Divine Wisdom (Gnanam). TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar mentions a place in our body where the Supreme Lord resides. The Supreme Lord is blisfully dancing in “Etrathumbu ManiManram”. “Etrathumbu ManiManram” is the place where the Supreme Lord is doing blisful dance. We have seen that the Supreme Lord is as Supreme Divine Light and the place he is dancing is in our eyes. In this Vallalar calls the place as “Etrathumbu ManiManram”. What is the meaning of Mani – Bead – Pupil of the Eye – Manram (Hall) – Ambalam (Known place to all)? Our Pupil of the eye is spherical flesh. It doesnot have any nerves and bones and there is no blood flow in it?!

“Etrathumbu” – El + Thathumbum. El means Bone and Thathumbum means filled and overflowing. Bone is harder solid and it will not overflow isn’t! Only the liquid overflow isn’t! So “Etrathumbu Manimanril” represents the Prana Neer (Divine Fluid) present in the Iris of the eye in which the pupil of the eye is floating. Here Vallalar wonderfully describes the beautiful state of Pupil of the eye floating in the divine water inside the Iris of the eye. Like the skeleton which protects and gives shape to our body, the divine liquid inside the Iris – Inside the black hole gives shape and protects the pupil of the eye. In this divine liquid, pupil of the eye is floating. Here the Prana Neer (Divine Liquid) is called as “Etrathumbu”. Vallalar praises the Supreme Lord as the one who dances in this “Etrathumbu ManiManram” by his grace. Vallalar tells to Supreme Lord “I came to know and realize by my penance that you are my hero and yourself is present as the divine light in the pupil of the eyes and you are the one dancing in the Etrathumbu Manimanram”.  By your grace i learnt everything and also the spiritual education of deathlessness from you. You thought me everything by being as the divine light in the pupil of the eyes. All the Arts that i have not learned was taught to me by you.

After i got clarity i asked you – divine light in the pupil of the eyes and got the knowledge. I got all clarity and understanding from you. You are guiding me from inside by being as my Guru. The inner voice that i hear from within me is what i hear and live and act accordingly.

All the Secrets of this universe, every other thing, vision of divine forms, all the states i saw and came to know and realized with clarity from the grace of my Lord accessible and expressing as the divine light in the pupil of the eyes.

All the things i partook through the divine light in the pupil of the eyes. I partook everything through the Supreme Lord only. My got Knowledge and divine wisdom every thing through you. All things that i partook is through you (Supreme Lord) and because of you only.

Oho my Supreme Lord you blessed me with all the unattainable boons. You gave me the divine spiritual light body. I got everything from you only. Oho My Supreme Lord expressing and available as divine light in the pupil of the eyes, it is from you i have got everything.

Oho Supreme Lord of Supreme Divine Light available and accessible as the divine light in the pupil of the eyes, you are filled everywhere and because i did penance by continuously thinking , feeling the divine consciousness and with tenderness, my nature became prevalence of spiritual love, my form has become form of mercy filled with compassion, i got AnmaNeya Orumaipaadu (Seeing all the Soul as us), divine spiritual deathless life , divine light body and greater bliss and enjoyment. I got the state of always being in higher bliss.

Oho my Supreme Lord – my divine light in the pupil of the eyes all the above things i got because of you only. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar tells all the boons that he has acheived is because of the Supreme Lord Who is as Divine Light in the Pupil of the Eyes.

For TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Guru is Supreme Lord only. For the born Gnanis the Supreme Lord himself will come and overwhelm them. For Ramalingar also in his smaller age ArutPerum Jothi Aandavar (Supreme Lord of Supreme Divine Light) took him as his refuge.

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar who was raising himself spiritually by penance got grace from Goddess Shakthi which removed the body tiredness and fatigue of Vallalar.    — Song 17

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar who was attaining greatness in penance received the greater wealth of celestial world called SangaNithi and PadumaNithi. But Vallalar prayed to the Supreme Lord to give him the greatest wealth which is the Grace of the Supreme Lord.  — Song 18

“Oho Supreme Lord by your grace i saw and found myself , i found you within me and surprised and wondered to find both you and me residing in oneness”  — Song 23

Oho my Supreme Lord, by the Tiruvadi Upadesam of Gnana Sarguru i came to know that you are as the divine light in my pupil of the eyes, by Tiruvadi Deekshai from Gnana Sarguru i did penance by getting the divine consciousness of you (divine light in the pupil of the eye) and by your grace i found and saw myself. I realized myself. I found you to be expressing and available as the divine light inside my soul. I wondered on finding that you and me were residing in oneness. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar who realized himself realized the hero the Supreme Lord. So in order for one to realize the Supreme Lord one has to know and realize himself. This is the divine spiritual knowledge (Gnanam).

The State of Dwaitham of me and Lord should Vanish and the unison state of Advaitham of the Lord is me should be got. This state is the state of greater enjoyment and bliss. This is the state of Bliss of Soul (Athmaanandam). This is the state of bliss of Param (Paramaanandam). This is the state of bliss of Sivam (Sivaanandam). This is the state eternal bliss of knowledge, bliss and enjoyment (Sachidaanandam).


Transliteration of the Song:

“Othumarai MutharKalaigal Oothaamal Unara Unarvil

Irunthunarthi Arul Unmai Nilai Kaati

Tiru Arun Meip PothNeriyil Seluththi

Enakkulliruntha PunithaParam Porulae” — Song 25


When i did penance with divine feel and consciousness in the divine light in the pupil of the eye the Supreme Lord made me to realize four vedas, knowledge of sixty four arts without reading or reciting anything. This is the true state of grace for any one. This means one does penace by feeling and realizing the divine consciousness in the divine light in the pupil of the eye will realize everything without any reading or learning.

Doing Penance in the divine light in the pupil of eyes by constantly thinking, feeling the divine consciousness of divine light and with tenderness is the “Holy Grace True Common Path” (Tiru Arun Meip Pothu Neri). The holy Lord who is as divine light due to his compassion and grace on the Jeevaathmas is available and present himself in the human body in a common place which is one and in the same state for everyone. He is in the common place where everyone can see. Get this path through Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai from a Gnana Sarguru and uplift yourself. This path is the “Holy Grace True Common Path”. This is the common path for all the people of this world. This is the path which shows the way of upliftment of this world. This is the wonderful, holy and pure path. Come.


Transliteration of the Song:

“Maraikum EttaaMeipPorulae Ennuyirae

Ennuyirukkul Iruntharulum Pathiyae” —— Song 31


Maraikum – Four Vedas hides – tells in code words! What is that? Ettaam MeiPorul(True Thing and Wealth). Ettae (Eight) is the MeiPorul. Eight – ‘Aa’ – Right Eye – Divine Art of Sun. Our Eye is the True Thing – In our body the Eye is the thing. This is the true thing. The dying body is the false thing. illusion can destroy the body. But the divine light in the pupil of the eye – our Soul will never die or perish. Since Eye is the one which contains the divine light of Soul our Eye is called as the true thing by the Gnanis (Seers and Saints). My Life which is my soul and Jeeva. The Supreme Lord who is as the spiritual light inside the soul is available and accessible as divine light in the pupil of the eye. He is my husband. I am Sathi (Soul – Jeevathma) is his virtuous faithful wife. My Husband is the Paramathma – The Supreme Lord. The Day when the Sathi becomes Pathi is the good day. This is the day of getting supreme bliss. Oho Supreme Lord – my husband please provide your grace to me.

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