Aranilai Vilakkam (Description of Supreme Law)

Aranilai Vilakkam

(Description of Supreme Law)

Transliteration of the Song:

Maruvaanaip Pennaakki OruKanaththil

                KanVilithu Vayangum  Appen

Uruvaanai Uuruvaaki Iranthavarai

                Eluppukinra Uruva nenum

Karuvaanai YuraIrangaa thuyirudambaik

                Kadinthunnung Karuththa nelEng

Guruvaanai EmathuSivak Kolunthaanai

                GnaniEnak Kurae naathae


In this Song TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar has told us about the miraculous graceful holy deeds of the great saint TiruGnana Sambandar. In the town of TiruVoththur TiruGnana Sambandar converted the male palm tree to female palm tree. In the town of TiruMayilai he bought back to life the dead girl by the name Poompaavai by just looking at the skeletal remains of the girl. In the town of TiruMarugal he bought back to life a dead trader who was killed by the bite of the snake. These holy deeds were performed by the true disciples who have the grace of the Supreme Lord.

Even if a person possesing these boons, eats the flesh of the body which contained soul then he is not a Gnani (God Realized Saint). The Supreme Law of the Lord will ensure he is also caught in the web of taking birth again and again in the womb. That is for sure. Whomsoever it is a person eating Non-Veg Food will never acquire divine wisdom. This is the divine truth and promise. Not only that person eating Non-Veg food will definitely die. He needs to born again. This is the Law of the Sivam (Supreme Lord). There is no Law greater than this.

“Kollaan Pulaalai Maruththaanai Kaikoopi

Elaa Vuyirum Tholum” – Saint Poet Tiruvalluvar in TiruKural

[One who does not kill and who does not eat flesh for him all the souls will worship].

The above Kural from Tiruvalluvar Confirms this. Who is Great? One who eats only Vegetarian food. Vegetarian food is the food of Sanmargam. The Consciousness that is got because of this is the Consciousness of Sanmargam. Who leads the life by considering all souls as his is a Gnani. Only such a person will get the grace of the Lord.

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