ArulNilai Vilakkam (Grace State Explanation)

ArulNilai Vilakkam

(Grace State Explanation)

Transliteration of the Song:

 MeiVilakkae Vilakkallaal VeruVilak

       Killai Enraar Maelor Naanum

 Poi Vilakae Vilakkena Ut PongiVali

      kinrenOr Puthumai Anrae

 Sei Vilakkum Pugaludaiya Sennanagar

      Nanbargalae Seppak Kaeleer

 NeiVilakkae PonroruThan neerVilakkum

      Erinthathu Sanathiyin Munnae



“Ella Vilakum Vilakkalla Sanrorkkup

Poiyaa Vilakkae Vilakku” – Saint Poet Tiruvalluavar in TiruKural

[All Lamps are not lamps for the great virtuous ones. Only the falseless lamp of truth is the lamp for the great virtuous scholars].

For the learned scholars and saint truth is the only lamp. Description of truth is the breath of life. Which is True? What is Truth? Which is everlasting? It is Supreme Lord only. The Supreme Lord is the lamp of light to the whole world. This lamp is also present in our body. In our body soul is the lamp. Our Soul is tiny part of the vast divine light. Our Soul is the small tiny light of the great divine light. This soul light is available or expressed in our eyes.

This light of the body is the true lamp. Vallalar tells that the great noble scholars say that there is no other lamp other then this lamp present in our body. All the Vedas, Aagamas, divine scriptures, divine verses , all the Siddhars, Gnanis from Agasthiyar to Vallalar tell about this true lamp which is the divine light in the pupil of our eyes. They tell us about the Supreme Lord only. Not only the great saints and scholars from our country even the saints from all the countries talk about this lamp only. “Eyes are the lamp of the body!”, “If your eyes are of light your whole body will be full of light” – Jesus Christ in Bible. The other truth expounded by Jesus in Bible is “God is as Light and if you walk in the light you can see the Lord”. Do you know how big secret of divine wisdom is this?

Oho Human if you like to see and attain the Supreme Lord who is as light then increase the divine fire in your eyes and spread it throughout your body! You will divine light body! Then you who has become as light can see the Supreme Lord who is also as Light. Birds of Same feather flock together. This is divine wisdom.

Oho Christians do you want to see the Supreme Lord who is as Divine Light? Follow what Yovaan has told “A person mightier than me will come and he will bapitize you with fire and holy spirit”. Jesus bapitized people with divine fire to whomsoever approached him!? You too have to get bapitized with fire. This humble being also prayed to Jesus by singing verses on him in the book “Arulvaai Iyesuvae”.

Jesus Christ distributed 2 fishes and 5 breads to five thousand people. This is not miracle. This is divine wisdom (Gnanam). 2 Fishes here denotes 2 Eyes. 5 bread here denotes our 5 senses. Jesus Christ compressed his five senses in his eyes and increased the inner divine light in the pupil of the eyes and by seeing through his eyes – with the divine fire of his eyes he bapitized 5000 people. This is the true incident that happened. One who knows this will get to know with this knowledge. Jesus Christ as told by Yovan bapitized with the Fire.

Not knowing this fact – The true lamp – divine light of the bead of our eyes is the way for our upliftment we always think of the false lamp which is the illusion of the world and are deceived. Our whole life is wasted because of this. At least from now on know and realize the true lamp and attain upliftment.

One night when TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar RamalingaSwamigal was staying in the house of a devotee in the place called Karunguli near Vadalur and writing divine spiritual songs meditating on the Lord of Supreme Divine Light. (ArutPerum Jothi Aandavar). Near him there is a lamp made of clay which is providing light. Vallalar wrote divine songs throught the night. When the oil in the lamp was burning out he poured water from a mud vessel near by thinking that the mud vessel contained oil for lamp. The water when touched by a Pure Gnani became oil there. By the Grace of the Lord of Supreme Divine Light the lamp lit by Vallalar by pouring water was continuously giving bright light throughout the night. The house owner’s wife normally use to pour oil in the vessel but the previous night she kept water in the mud vessel for adapting it and has forgot to replace the water with oil. When the wife of house owner informed this to Vallalar , Vallalar came to  know that the lamp was lighting with water. This incident was graced by Vallalar himself to his Chennai disciples through letter. Vallalar felt great bliss on knowing the graceful deed of the Supreme Lord of the Supreme Light. Vallalar happily tells that the light of lamp which was lightened by water was as bright as the light of the lamp lit by Ghee.

There is a secret of divine wisdom in the above incident. The incident that happened was “One night In the place of Karunguli Vallalar lightes the lamp with water”. The divine wisdom in this event was “In Karuguli Lamp was lightened with water”. Karunguli is a small place near the town of Vadalur. Karunguli in Tamil denotes “black hole”. In our body Karunguli is the pupil of our eyes. After White Sclera we have Iris and next to this Iris is the black hole where we find the bead (pupil) of our eye. In this black hole in the center of the pupil of the eyes and inside the needle tip size hole , needle tip size divine light is present. Due you know how this divine light is kept burning? The food we take was divided in various forms of energies and is distributed to various part. In this one part comes as the divine water (Prana Neer) in the black hole of the eyes. In this only the divine light of our soul is expressed and available. The divine water is the one which feeds the divine light. Which means the supreme Lord as divine light is available as the fire above the water. The lamp of our body which is our eye (Karunguli) as is burining /lightning by the water. This is the great secret of divine wisdom (Gnanam).

Saint Agasthiyar says “See and Realize the round and solid one floating in the Water of Prana (life)”. The bead or pupil of our eye is the one that is floating in the Waters of Prana. In the center of the pupil of the eye the divine light is expressed and available. The divine secrets which no one has openly told is bought out here by the grace of TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar by this humble being in this book. In order for everyone to acquire divine wisdom all the divine secrets were bought to light by me.

In order to get the True Upadesam come to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai.

In today’s world particularly in India we have so many Ashrams and So many Gurus and they teach so many ways other than the way of Gnanam. But right from the times of Vedas and till today the holy and dharmic law of life is called “Sanathana Dharmam” and it is “Sanmargam”. This humble being has revealed all the hidden things hidden by everyone. This is the great acheivement which is not done by anyone. Even today there are so many who are running their life by calling the divine wisdom as secret. This humble being by the grace of Vallalar and by the blessings of Sri Ramanujar i have made the divine wisdom known to the whole world. Read it. Come. Get Gnanam and attain wellness.

                                                       – TiruVarutpa Fourth Tirumurai Perfected.

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