SOUL(Saakaa Kalvi)

Spiritual Science of Human Immortality

( Saakaa Kalvi)

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Dear All,

My humble respect and obeisance to all. With my SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj Grace and NyanaGuru Vallalar Grace i am translating the Tamil book  Sakakalvi written by our SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj.  This book is the only book which shows us the path to achieve immortality. It explains everything divine and which were kept secret from the mankind so for. Please read the book attentively and with faith. Raise yours questions if any to us so that we will talk with our Guru and let you know the answers.

I have tried my best to translate the book in English. I found some difficulty to find appropriate words to convey the same meaning as told in Tamil. So i have put a reference page for people to refer to. If one has difficulty to understand any of the words, sentence or paragraph please mail us. We will try to answer you.  As much as possible the translation was done literally, but at places the meaning of the sentence or paragraph was conveyed.

I request to keep the Reference page open alongside this Chapter for quick reference .

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If possible please translate this in other known languages of you so that people can benefit. You will also gain the blessings and grace of Vallalar.

I am dedicating this to our Guru ShivaSelvaraj and Nyana Guru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar.

Spiritual Science of Human Immortality
Union of Jeevatma and Pramathma

Contains Divine Secret for all the people in the world to acquire and realize Divine Wisdom.

ArtuPerumJyothi Arutperum Jyothi ThaniPerum Karunai ArutPerum Jyothi


Thanga Jyothi Nyana Sabhai, Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam
177-49/P, ThangaJyothi, Madavapuram, kanyakumari-629702.

Dear All,

My Humble Respects! Thank You! Let only good things be there!

Live a Immortal Life. Without any difference of caste, creed, religion, country or race i am offering my humble respect for all the human beings. For the people of this world and for their welfare i have bought to light all the divine secrets in this book with the blessings of seers.

This humble being has so for written about 23 books with the help of beloved people. This is possible only with the blessings of seers and Nyanis.  In Kanyakumari District there is a saint who is in divine rest. He is Thiru. BeerMohammad who is a beloved child of Allah and who is a person with sea of divine wisdom. The divine wisdom that he has spoken is also the same as what was spoken by our Vallalar. Whatever wisdom he has spoken i have written it here with his grace only. This is a great gift bestowed on me by them.

With the grace of Jesus Christ i got the opportunity to understand the divine wisdom told in Bible. I also got the blessing of Mohammad who is like sea of compassion. Saint Agathiyar in his poem has told “Go and Learn from all the available Scriptures”. I was able to read and understand all the Vedas and became holy. Whatever divinity Jesus has conveyed i was able to bring it in my books with the grace of Jesus.

I took birth in the same place where the saint Thiru. Sadavadhani SeikuThambi Paavalar was born. My birth place is Nagarkoil. This saint is the one who showed that the poems written by our saint. Vallalar (RamaLinga Adigalar) were of high spiritual content and that the supreme lord has wore it. So we can see seers from all religion has conveyed the same divine wisdom only. Only if we go beyond religion and go beyond our mind we can see our supreme lord. I got the blessing of this saint . Sadavadhani SeikuThambi Paavalar.

I also sung praises on the saint Guru Thavasi Ayya who is residing in Peyadu in Kanyakumari District and with his blessing i was able to come ashore in spirituality.

This humble being also got the grace from saint SriMouna Swamigal who is in deep divine rest in Thotiyodu in kanyakumari district. He made me to sing and made me matured.

In KanyaKumari District in a place called ThamathuKoonam, a saint Thiru. Arugampul Sitthar is in deep divine rest. I got the greatest opportunity to arrange JeevaSamadhi of this saint. I also gave 6 Cent of Land to this saint and got Punniya. I was in involved with him for quite some time and with his grace i got to know lot of stages in Divine Wisdom. This saint only told me aboutThiru.Beerapa. I sung his praises. He saw and showered me his blessings.

It is my Deeksha Guru Nyana Sitthar Thiru.Jyothi Ramaswamy Desikar who showed me the divine path for divine wisdom. I got Thiruvadi Deekshai from my Guru in the year 1980. Till he was there i served him and became mature in spirituality. Before he took JeevaSamadhi he called me and made me Guru. I also got the greatest grace by arranging the Jeevasamadhi of my Guru. This all i consider because of my good deeds which i did in the previous births.

In a place called Therur which is in KanyaKumari District and which is the birth place of Kavimani Desiya Vinayagam pillai (Famous Tamil Poet) and which is the place where lord vinayaka and graceful lord SriVidhya Hanuman has temple, there is a ashramam in which a holy person by the name thiru.GuruMahadev is serving. I had the opportunity to listen to his discourses. The love we had for both of us is immense. His grace is responsible for me to get the grace of graceful lord Anjaneyar(Hanuman).  I also got the opportunity to arrange JeevaSamadhi of this saint also. This is a great righteousness for me.

Having got the fortune of arranging JeevaSamadhi for three great saints, i got another blessings to meet the saint Saibaba and got his blessings. I met Vallikaavu mother saint. AmirtanandaMaayi and got her blessings. These things gave me tremendous divine bliss. Vellayangiri. Isha Jakki Vasudev also showered his graces on me. Like this i met so many saints and got their blessings.

Lord of Thiruchendur SenthilAndavar and Lord of Sudinthiram Anjaneyar and Goddess Bagavathi of Kanyakumari saved my soul and lifted me in divinity and made me as sadguru. I got the benefit of why i took birth.

Without me approaching him the divine saint and ocean of compassion our saint Thiru Vallalar came and overwhelmed me by his love and grace. Without my knowledge he is the one who is saving me right from my childhood days. He is the one who made me complete to give the Thiruvadi Deeksahi to all. With his grace i am giving Upadesha and Deekshai for all the people. He is the one who is within me and making me to speak the divine truths to all. He is the one who is protecting me, my family and my disciples. He is our MeiNyana Sadguru Vallal.

My Vallalperuman has made me to write 23 books so for. Now through my wife thangam and my child SuyamJyothi he has made me to write this book SakaKalvi (Spritual Science of human Immortality).  With his grace i have written this book for the welfare of all the human beings. My Guru Vallalar is one who is guiding me. I am following his order and my duty is to follow him.

All the 23 books and this book i will start writing from the front page and it is Vallalar who is writing this book. Only my hand writes the book and everything else is by him only.

SakaKalvi (Spritual Science of Human Immortality) is the science thought by saints and seers who have attained immortality. These People who have own over their birth and death were called seers, Nyanis and Siddhars. By their grace they have given this divine knowledge to us.

Till this time all the saints and seers who have come to this world during different times have told the same divine wisdom. They have talked about the supreme lord and ways for the jeevas to attain him. I have collected all these divine wisdom and submitting it in your lotus feet for your welfare. This i consider as my divine duty.

Is it possible to live for ever? Is it possible to become immortal? Yes. It is possible. If we try nothing is impossible.

“Nothing is impossible for him who tries”.

“Divine Effort gives Divine Results”.

This Divine Secret has been kept hidden from the people for so long time by half-realized persons. All these divine secrets were bought out in open by my books. Nothing is there as secret in knowing and realizing the lord.

Come on brothers, you can all get divine wisdom.

I am teaching this Divine Wisdom and giving ThiruVadi Deekshai. I am conducting the Thanga Jyothi Nyana Saba. I am fulfilling my needs by the donations given by my disciples. My Guru Vallalar is making me to live the life in a prosperous way.

This world should unite.

People should realize the single supreme Lord.

All the living beings should become immortal.

Let all the Soul get everlasting bliss.

Yours Truthfully

Shiva Selvaraj.

Chapter 1                   :           SOUL
Chapter 2                   :           BIRTH & DEATH
Chapter 3                   :           MEIPORUL
Chapter 4                   :           MEI
Chapter 5                   :           DONATE & PENANCE
Chapter 6                   :           AADHIGURU (FIRST GURU)
Chapter 7                   :           RAMALINGA ADIGALAR (VALLALAR)
Chapter 8                   :           SPIRUTUAL SCIENCE FOR                                                                      IMMORTALIY



When a man has life, we call him as human being (he or she), if soul goes from the body it becomes corpse.  Life is there or possible only till soul is there in the human body.  Without soul body is only good to be decomposed and is of no use.  So soul is of more important than the body.

When soul is in the body, a man does whatever he wishes or whatever he thinks. He is dictated by his senses.  Who lives like these were the biggest fools.

How one takes birth? Why one takes birth? What is the purpose of this birth or why is this birth?

Answers to these questions were divine secrets.  They were the Secrets of birth.

Will the birth takes place just by the union of man and women? No way.

Even today (so called scientifically advanced age) there were lot of couples without children.   Even With the so called advance technologies like Test-tube babies success rate of having a baby is minimal. And this is not possible for all.

Scientific advancements has its own limit. Our world has improved a lot because of scientific advancements, no one can deny it.  Our universe is made of five basic elements :

  1. Earth/Prithvi, 2. Water, 3. Fire, 4. Space and 5. Air.   By altering its proposition scientist today have achieved something which helps man to live in a luxurious way. Other than this it has not helped mankind to solve or know life’s perennial problem of death, disease or ageing. He neither knows why is it happening or he has no way to prevent or avoid it.

Is it not everyone belongs to the same earth/world? Everyone took birth in this same world, lived and died in this same world. From where did they take birth? They lived for sometime in this world and then death overtook them. After death where did they go. Whatever body they took during birth has remained after their death and then it gets decomposed.  So body is of any use only when it comes with soul. Without soul body is nothing but soil and returns there.

So Soul is of more important than body. Soul is taking birth in a body and when soul goes away from the body it is called death.  So birth and death is nothing but entry and exit of soul from a body.

Our mother gives us only the body. This is possible by the union of father’s vital fluid sperm and mother’s vital fluid ovum. With this union body takes shape.

We call the mother’s menstrual period as impure thing.  Our body is nothing but our mother’s impurity. Not only humans but for all other living beings also this applies.

This union of father and mother builds the foundation for the soul to enter in a body. When man and women unites, Siva and Shakthi unites, Positive and Negative unites then comes the power for all the locomotion in this universe.

When the body gets formed inside a mother’s womb, soul comes to a body only after 3 months. This is a big miracle and a great wonder. How does a soul comes in to the body. Asking this question is the start of our Divine Wisdom.  As we saw earlier body is formed in mother’s body and with the grace of god comes soul.

Fate decides who should be born to whom.  This all are devised by the supreme lord. By his grace soul gets inside a body.  This is divine secret.  We can only know what time it came or what time it comes, but not how it comes.

Now let us see what we mean by soul. Where is it? How it came to the body?  Where is it located inside the body? In what form or what characteristics it exists there. One who knows this and realize it is called Seer (Nyani in Tamil).  He is the sitthan. (see reference)

A foetus takes 10 months to become a complete baby. One month is actually 27 days. 27 Star System makes one month. So 10 months makes 270 days.

Birth Pain is the indication that child is about to come out from her mother and enter in this world. Till that time it consumes food from the mother through umbilical cord. If we think about all this we can appreciate the greatness and how amazing were the deeds of the supreme lord.

Will the creator not protect us? Yes he is the one who is saving us. He was with us when we were inside mother’s womb and protecting us. Not only for humans even for other life forms also, infact for all the life forms he is the one who is feeding and giving protection.  All these were done by the single supreme being. What a wonder and miracle were his deeds.

The single supreme creator also hides from us all the details like who am i? Why did i took birth here? How did I took birth?  Hiding all these he makes us like an unknown child and makes us to roam in this world. What a divine game is he playing.

He who made us to take birth, also gives opportunity to every beings in various times in their life to know about him. But only very few uses the opportunity to know him. That supreme creator, who is our father is full of divine compassion and he is Sea of Grace. He is showering his grace to all living beings to attain him. This is the appropriate time for all the human beings to know about him.

He who creates, protects, hides and gives grace also ends once life depending on one’s actions/deeds (called karma in Ancient Holy Indian Scriptures).  He destroys the body and gives another body depending on each one’s maturity / deeds.

The Supreme Being is only one.

When he creates he is Brahma.

When he maintains/protects he is Vishnu.

When he hides he is Maheswara.

When he showers his grace he is SadaShiva.

When he destroys he is Rudra.

So that Supreme Being is making everything happen.

Everything is his will & deed.

Without him not even a single atom can move.

Being Atom within atom he rules the entire universe and showers his grace. What a divine game he is playing. Wonderful! Wonderful!

He is Atom within Atom, He is Everything, He is present Everywhere, He is the light of the entire creation. He is also our soul.

Being Omnipresent will he not be present in our body? He is also present in our body as our soul. Yes even though he is omnipresent we can realize him only in our soul.

This is the divine secret which our seers were telling us from the beginning of time. Vedas refer this as “Aagam Brahmashi” (Everything him).

Lord is Paramathma , ParamPorul, God of Supreme Divine Light (Perum Jyothi Aandavar in Tamil). He has himself become small and present in us as our soul/jeevathma/Pranan.  He is beyond our mind or senses. He can be reached by going beyond our mind. Since he is deep within us in Tamil he is called as “Kada Vul”  ( Meaning GoInside, Go Inside your body & mind). One who searches for him outside his body it is difficult to find him. One who searches him within his body he will see him with is own eyes. Searching for god outside is Bhakthi. Searching him inside our body is Divine Wisdom.

Enlightened persons have told “God is within one’s hand’s reach”. Our body is his Temple. All the Living beings were his form only.

Below is one of the phrase from Thirumanthiram written by seer Thirumoolar


“For the Bounteous Lord

This heart is the sanctum holy,

The fleshly body is temple vast

The mouth is the tower gate;

To them that discern,

Jiva is Sivalinga;

The deceptive senses but the lights that illume.”

This is the truth exponent by Thirumanthiram.  Thirumanthiram is the Veda for Tamil Language. This is the highest truth we everyone should know. This is the divine Secret.

The Lord is seated in our body as our soul. This supreme lord is supreme divine light is present everywhere. He has compressed himself as tiny divine light and came in to our body. What a miracle is it. Why is he playing like this. What is the meaning of his divine play.

Till today all the seers who came in different parts of world  and all the religions accept this divine truth “ Supreme god is one only, His form is of supreme divine light, he is the one who is present as our soul, Without him not even a single atom can move”. No one can reject this truth. All the major religions and seers have accepted this.

The Divine truth that needs to be known by all is

“The Supreme Lord is supreme divine light and he has compressed himself as tiny divine light and is present in this human body as our soul”.

Anyone who is born as human should know this divine secret.

One who knows this and realize this through a qualified divine teacher (I will call the divine teacher as Guru hereafter ) only can realize god. We should get Deekshai from a guru and then should do penance. Only then we can realize lord and gain divine wisdom. God’s grace will be got only after this.

Without knowing or doing this, whatever other thing you do will not help you to get the divine wisdom.

Realizing himself leads to god realization. Realizing oneself is god realization. To know the supreme divine light it is sufficient to realize the tiny divine light which is within us.

Only if we know where our soul is inside our body and how it is we can do penance.

Let us see what the scriptures tell us about this.

In KathaUpanishad the hero character Nachikaten asks the lord of death (called Yama) about our soul and lord. To this Yama answers “Lord is within every living human body in a place which is of the size of SinMudra in a form of smokeless divine flame.”

Two things have to be noted here. One he is in human body and other he is in the form of smokeless divine flame.

Fine he is in our body. The flame that we see outside (in candle or any other form) has some sort of smoke (or residue) in it. But it is mentioned he is as smokeless flame(completely divine). This is also fine. This divine smokeless flame is our soul. (In Tamil this divine smokeless flame is called as Jyothi. I will be referring as jyothi here after in this book). Now it is told he is present in a place of the size of SinMudra. This is again a divine secret which is to be known through a guru. To be known through GuruUpadesha. With all the humbleness i am making it known to you in this book.

Now read carefully. In human body he is in the place of the size of SinMudra. It is not told to sit with this mudra ( as told by some yoga teachers). When you do this SinMudra Posture your index finger should be bend and touch the middle line of the thumb. This is the SinMudra in DivineWisdom way (Nyana Valli). When you do this SinMudra and turn your hand and see, it looks like our eyes. So it means god is showing himself or he is accessible through our eyes. Light of our eyes is the holy feet of god. This is the ultimate Divine Secret.

The above information is told in many beautiful ways by many seers, Siddhas in so many code words and made us think about this. Wisdom is complete knowledge. So everyone should think deep. Only then our knowledge and wisdom grows. For this only seers used so many code words and used many similies for the above secret.

In Bible the words “God is as light , Walk in the Light and you will see lord” ;  “Eyes were the light of the body, if your eyes is full of light your body will be full of light”. This is the wisdom told by Bible. So it means to reach god who is as divine light increase your divine light in the eye.

Not only Jesus Christ even Mohammad , Buddha , Gurunanak and all other seers from different part of the world has given the same upadesha.

“So Soul is Lord”. This is the divine truth. This is divine Wisdom. Knowing this is Guru Upadesham.  Showing the way to realize this is Deeksha. One who knows this and does penance will reach god.

If one has attained or realized this wisdom then he would have thought this. Realizing oneself and realizing that Supreme god is within as our soul and does penance on this will realize and attain the divine wisdom. One who has realized this will have love towards all the life forms like God. He is the true seer or Nyani.

“I Withered on seeing the withered crops” . Such is the compassion that our saint and seer vallalar had on living beings. Since he saw the lord of supreme divine Jyothi he was able to see the lord in all the living beings. (??- Anma neya orumaipaadu).

“Killer of Time is in my eyes, see it” told by great seer (also one of the 63 Nyanmaar) Thirunavukarasar. The supreme lord is accessible to everyone and displaying himself as the light in the eyes of human beings.


Our soul power is reflected as the light in our eyes. We can see the whole world through our eyes. But we can’t see our eyes. God is hidden within us. He is displaying himself in a subtle way through our eyes. All our eyes were handicapped now as it doesnot have the capability to see the lord residing within it. So we should convert our handicapped eyes to divine eyes by doing penance. Our Eyes should display divine light. Only then we can see the supreme divine light of god with our own eyes.

Now the question comes to all. Does a blind person doesnot have soul? Yes he too has soul.  It is rare to get Human birth and it is still rare to be born without any handicaps and deformities. To become like this we should have done lot of Punniya or good karma in our previous birth.

We have so for seen that soul is displaying itself through the light of our eyes. But where does it resides in our body.  Soul resides inside the head in it centre of the head and it is accessible through our eyes.


The above truth is clearly spelt out by saint Thirumoolar in his thriumanthiram. From the top of our head one nerve comes down. Our eyes, ears and nose meets at a point inside our head. This place is above our inner tongue. At this point the nerve that comes down from the top of the head divides itself into two and comes to our eyes. This is again a greater Divine truth.


When a foetus is formed inside the mother’s womb, by the union of sperm and ovum the first organ that gets formed is our eyes. A single eye gets formed first. Then it divides itself into two and by the heat available in the womb other parts of body starts to come to shape. Siddhars in their poem has told “Identify a person as Guru if he can tell you which part of the human body is formed first. Such as person is eligible to be called Guru and he deserves one’s humble respect”. To iterate again the first part or organ to form inside a mother’s body is our Eyes.

After this by the grace of god soul will come inside a body. One’s body will have characteristics depending on a person’s karma. This was decided by the lord only. One who takes birth without any handicap or deformities has done lot of good deeds (good karma) in his before life. One who comes to world with deformities has done lot of bad deeds (bad karma) in his before life. So taking birth with deformities is not due to the karma of parents or his ancestors. It is his own karma. Whatever deed one has done comes back to him as his karma.

The more sinful person takes birth as blind. Without the ability to see he is like a moving corpse as he will not be able to see the marvels of this world. More than this he doesnot have the ability to see the light of his eye and do penance.

So this means does a blind person not able to get the divine wisdom? “As we seen above soul is residing in the centre of our head which is exactly below the top of our head and above the inner tongue. So if he do penance on this place with the grace of god he too can get the divine wisdom and realize god. So even a blind person can also get divine wisdom and realize god.


One who has good eyes were really lucky ones. They can see the lord. One who seeks him will see him. One who seeks him inside the residence of lord i.e one’s own body will find him. Knock the door of lord’s residence with your consciousness and he will open the door and bless you. You ask and he will give you everything. When you do penance and become lord’s child do you require anything else?

Getting birth without any deformities and getting one Nyana Sarguru (One who gives Deekshai) and getting upadesha and Thiruvadi Deekshai from him and also knowing the residing place of god and does Penance on him will convert his decomposable body to divine light body. He will attain divine wisdom and realizes himself & god. Then he has no death and is always in divine bliss and also becomes immortal.

One is very lucky to get a guru and getting to know from him that God is accessible through our eyes.

Our soul is of similar size that is size of the tip of needle and it is a ever glowing divine flame. For all people this is similar and same.

Now our eyes which were the gateway for our soul is of same size for all the people. This is nothing but our pupil in the centre of our eyes which is similar and same for all the people in this world. First organ to form inside our mother’s womb is also eye. Even after 100 years also this pupil does not grow or age. Without any support and without directly touching our body pupil is there. This our saint Thiru. Vallalar has told “He is dancing without any support” indicating our pupil

Siddhars poem tells “ Know the one which is round and solid and which is floating in the life fluid. This you see and find it”. Do you know how our eyes were? After our white part of eye we have black part. In the centre of this black part of eye is our pupil. This pupil is there without touching anything. It will be rotating slowly. Inside the blackpart of the eye (Iris) we have the tears (which is called Prana Neer- Fluid of life). So within the Iris is the Prana Neer and in this floats our Pupil.

Pupil, called in Tamil as KanMani or KrishnaMani is there as separate entity. It can be as separate entity only, because it is rotating slowly. One which rotates will be without any support. In the centre of the pupil there is a small hole of the size of tip of a pin. In this hole there is divine flame which is of the size of this tip of pin. This hole is closed for all by a small subtle layer. This is the state of our pupil for ordinary man.

First we need to see this divine flame in the hole which is at the centre of our pupil. This divine flame is the holy feet of lord. Hindering this vision is the subtle layer which hides this divine flame. This our saint Vallalar called it as screen. Light of soul is burning bright and this screen is hindering our vision to see this light. This is depicted in all hindu temples as a ritual before showing the god’s statue.

Go to any hindu temple before they show the light(Aarathi) to god they will have screen covering the god’s statue. Then they will remove the screen and show the flame to god. This is encoded message to us to make us think and know the truth. In Vadalur, Showing Jyothi during ThaiPoosam is to represent this one only. We will see the nature of this screen in the later chapters. This screen is made of three types of impurities (called MumMalam in tamil). “I saw the SatyaNyanaSabai(TrueDivinePlace) within me” saint Vallalar words. Another siddhar refer this place in one of his poem “ Come on let us roam in the forest which is of the size of tip of a pin”. When we move in this place it is like a huge forest. What a surprise or miracle is this place. So to see the divine flame in our eyes (God’s Lotus feet) we have to remove this screen (MumMala Thirai) by doing penance. Once the screen is removed we can see his lotus, divine, golden and holy feet.

This is the way to reach god or soul and this way has been told by our seers. To get inside our body and see our soul and to realize our self, eyes were the entrance of the human temple. In the outside world temple is modelled after human body. In a temple TempleTower (Gopuram) is present in the entrance.  Our eyes were the temple tower for entering inside the place where lord resides. So getting darshan of temple tower is equivalent to doing 1 crore (10 Million) Punniya.

Now we donate our eyes after our death. Any Normal person can donate his eyes to any one. There is no difference in it. In this world for all persons eyes were same and this is the only organ like this. There is no difference between the eyes. Similarly lord who is residing inside the eyes also do not see any difference between people. He is equal for all.

Saint poet ThiruValluvar in Thriukural has told the below poem

“One who knows the One which is similar in all Higher Lifeforms will live in this world forever, while others are waiting for Death “. This means one who realizes the lord within his eyes (As we have seen eyes were the similar one for all) will not die while others who donot realize this will die. This divine flame within our eyes is the only Truth (Mei) in this world. Here Truth means no change with time or anything. So this is called MeiPorul in Tamil. This Mei is In our Eyes, so Eyes were called MeiPorul (One which contains the Truth). MeiPorul can be literally translated in English to mean TrueWealth. So Light of our Eyes or Lord’s holy feet is the only True Wealth a person has.

This eyes contains the lord of True Divine Light , hence Eyes were MeiPorul. Again Thiruvalluvar tells in his poem “Material world donot belongs to people who donot have Wealth, while Spritual world donot belong to people who donot have wealth of God’s Grace”. Here Thiruvalluvar by material wealth means “TrueWealth” which is MeiPorul. So those people who do not have this MeiPorul this world is not ideal place (for blind people world is not a ideal place). One who meditates on the Meiporul will get God’s Grace and become eligible to live with him.

Within us in our head that supreme lord is hiding himself as our Jeevan, as our pranan.

Me which is my soul has no death to it. I donot know how many births i took. But in this birth itself if i realize that i am part of the supreme lord then i can escape from this never ending birth-death cycle. I am which is soul is similar to God. It is part of that supreme lord. (Aagam Thatmaisi). Our soul is divine light which is tiny part of the supreme divine light.

2 Chapter Birth and Death

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