Spiritual Oneness in Soul’s Love


Who are we? We are human beings! There are 700 crore peoples living in this world! There are many more creatures living in this world! How to live a life? Our life is to help each other and live happily and healthy life. Are we living like that? Many people live like animals by cheating, threatening, telling lies and deceiving others. Is this the way to live our life?

Not only that, there is violence in the name of caste, religion, race and language.  There are conflicts between states in our countries for water, electricity and power to rule. One state doesn’t want to provide electricity and water to other state. There are conflicts for power to rule. Why so many people are discreditably fighting for these mere silly reasons?

There is no limit for the disaster created by the political parties, cinema, television, news papers to our country! There is much good news that is there to share with people.  But these people are interested in conveying the bad, inhuman and vulgar news. They broadcast only this kind of news.

Every one of us is responsible for the depravation in our country! All people are responsible for the social wellness! Each and every human is part of the society. Everyone is responsible for the well being of the society. It’s the duty of the human. “Why should I care? I don’t care about others well being?” People should not have this mind setup!  They should not ignore their social responsibility.

If I lead a good life or if I’m good then only my family, relatives, friends, street, town can lead a good life! The Society can be made a better place to live by one person, same way it can also be destroyed by a person! Only fool says “I was spoiled due to the situations or circumstances in the life’!  If one does not becomes slave to the mind or feelings and behave carefully then he is a good human!

“It’s rare to attain human birth. It’s still rare to attain a birth without defects in body, blindness, dumbness and deafness. It’s still rarer to make one’s life spiritual and do penance (meditation).   The rarest thing in the life is to donate the knowledge of spirituality to others. If we do penance and donate this (the knowledge of soul/athma and God to others), tenth gate in our body will open.” This is the knowledge graced by Lady Saint Avvaiyaar.

We have obtained human birth without any defects, so it’s important to learn the knowledge of Gnana (Divine Wisdom) ! We should know about ourselves (soul) and God!  Whatever we learnt in the school will not help in spirituality. Saints tell us today education is of no use as its main aim is to just earn money! We didn’t take birth to earn money, live a luxury life and eat all unwanted things! Certainly not to live lives by becoming slave to the mind!

Who am i? Why I took birth in this world? Why I’m living here?  What is a good life? Answer to all the questions is the SPIRITUAL EDUCATION (education on Gnana). Did we take birth to die? Is it not to live this life?  One who helps to know, understand and realize this (purpose of life) is GURU. After father and mother who are like God, guru is one who feeds/induce the intelligence!

“Any technique/art without Guru is of no use” “Crores of Karmic accumulation is cleared when guru sees the disciple” “Guru Brahma! Guru Vishnu! Guru Maheswara! Guru Sath Sath Para Brahma!”  It’s mandatory to obtain a guru for each and every human in this world! One who obtains a guru will become a true human! “For one who doesn’t surrender to the Lotus feet of Guru for them the Supreme Lord is always elusive” this is the teachings of Avvaiyaar!  “Might i have ever forgotten to donate offerings to the guru?  Might i have ever forgotten to honor a Guru?” Vallalar has preached significance of the Guru! If one reads the Manumurai kanda vaasagam written by Vallalar he will understand the importance of Guru!

Whole world is in fear because of the terrorism; the reason for this is that people have not obtained a good guru to know the real spirituality! A good guru is one tells about self/soul/spirit and God. Good guru tells about Gnana! He is called Gnana Guru! We have to know that God is one for this world; he is the Supreme divine grace light! We have to realize this! We should have acceptance in all the religions!   All human beings in this world are children of one Supreme Lord! Then why we have this war and violence?! Only ignorant of this will involve in wars and violence! To obtain intelligence seek a Guru!

First we need to have good discipline! One should be pure and should not have any bad habits! Don’t mingle with unethical people! Mother and father is the foreseen lord! It’s very good to visit temples!  We have to read and follow these advices and preaching!   ‘Decorum’ and virtuousness gives special excellence; with greater care ‘Decorum’ and ‘virtuousness’ are the ones men should guard more than life. Propriety of conduct leads to eminence; it should therefore be preserved more carefully than life. This is the teaching of saint Thiruvalluvar. One should understand the significance of Discipline and live this life!

Next step is having good food! God has created fruits vegetables for human beings to eat! The milk given by the Cow is equivalent to the mother’s milk! It is enough to have cereals and rice! We can live a better life by eating them! Pure vegetarian food is the real food of the human race! Only who eats vegetarian food will obtain the grace of God!

One who eats the animal flesh is an animal! Is it not?   Are you not a human being? Can we eat non vegetarian food? What rights you have to kill an animal and eat? Consider all living beings soul as your soul, this is the teachings of Jesus, Prophet Mohamad, Vallalar and all religions! Only a human who have not even thought of harming others will obtain the grace of God!  If you kill another living being, you will be killed by some other living beings! This is the truth! Sathyam!  One who planted the action will be rewarded with another resultant action. All karmic accumulation will be rewarded one day!  One has to experience all accumulations! No one can stop that! The salary of sin is death!

Who slays nought,- rejects flesh – his feet before
All living things with clasped hands adore.   – Thiruvalluvar

Educated people please read this and change your mind! Become human beings!

One who lives with discipline and consumes pure vegetarian food is eligible get the grace of God! “Only the person who have avoided killing and consumption of animal food can come inside” This is the caption written in the entry of   Sathya Gnana Sabai founded by Thiru Arut prakasha Valallar Ramalinga Adigalaar!  Hey human, one who eats animal food, drinks alcohol, smokes don’t even try to visit vadalur! It’s a sin!

There are Crowds who have gathered to protect Tamil people, crowds have gathered to form a new state Telungaana, One state says they will not give water for another state.  Does anyone have intelligence in these groups? If yes then why do we have conflicts in the name of caste, religion and race! If people consider all human as brothers and sisters, will there be conflicts? Humans today have no intelligence. Has no clue of spirituality! Most of human has zero percent knowledge in the spirituality!

People in this world celebrate the dead people! If this is the case then how one will get intelligence? Praise a saint – Gnanai – Siddhar – who has attained deathless life! Read their preaching! Obtain a guru and increase your intelligence! For our inner welling being saints, enlightened masters have written Bible, Quran, Vedhas, Bagavath geetha, Upanisad, Thiru-mandiram. Thiru-vaasagam and Thiru Artupa. There are so many other spiritual teachings available in this world! To have better future in this world, Vallal Perumaan called people of this world to live a deathless life.

Vallalar established Sathya Gnana Sabai and fed food for people! This is perfect! Sanmaargam was founded In many place in the world! All these samaarkees who call themselves as follower of Vallalar provide food for people in the name of Vallalar!

AnnaDhanam is done daily, all over the world by the people of sanmaargam! It gives pleasure for me!  These people say Jeeva Kaarunyam means only GIVING FOOD! Ignorant people! Vallalar is the great spiritual repository , repository of intelligence. Using his elite name peoples are doing ignorant work. These people feed ONLY food! Respected human, do you think Vallalar the great saint incarnated in this world just to preach people to feed food for others? Sanmaarkee please contemplate!

Jeeva kaarunya (Compassion on Souls) discipline is not only feeding food for others! Vallalar wrote and published a separate book on jeeva kaarunya! Please read that first! First Vallalar built dharma saalai, later why he established Sathya Gnana Sabai?  Why Vallalar told us “Don’t miss to have the dharsan of Thai poosa Jothi darsan?!” What is the reason behind this? Have you contemplated on this? People of this country have good habit of hospitality! Food is not great thing in this world! We should not think about the food. We should think how to get rid of death – birth –death cycle. This is the reason for all suffering in life. We have to contemplate and come out of this problem! People, don’t spend your life jut to eat food! You are approaching death! Find a way to get rid of this!

We took birth to live in this world; we have to follow the deathless way preached by Vallalar! Vallalar not only preached but also attained divine light body and deathless life! Vallalar is still appearing before us and gracing us and being a great companion! This is truth! Sathya!! Let’s follow the path of this excellent saint who lived and roamed with his physical body in Vadalur! Let us read his book Thiru-Arutpa! Let us read and follow the Jeeva kaarunya(Compassion of Souls) discipline to obtain deathless life! Let us also feed food for other! As an important activity we should donate the knowledge of spirituality to others! It’s called Gnana Dhaana!

Why Vallalar came to this world? 5-10-1823 in the Tamil month purataasi, star chitthirai,Vallalar took birth in Marudur located near Vadalur. His father name is Raamayaa, mother name is chinnammai. He was fifth child of their parents! Vallalar lost his parents in the childhood!  His brother took care of him. In the age of nine he was graced to sing by Lord Muruga in Kandha Kottam in Chennai. Later Vallalar was graced by Chennai Thiruvottriyur lord Thiyagarajar and Vadivudai Amman. He composed several books in devotion on the Supreme Lord.  Later Vallalar returned to Vadalur. In the large land area donated by the people of Vadalur, he established Dharma saalai in the year 1867 and Sathya Gnana Sabai in the year 1872 with his presence!

Later he formed a way to see the Jothi darsan in Sathya Gnana Sabai! Till now no one in this world has constructed (established) a spiritual temple like satya Gnana sabai! In all temples deities are kept in the physical form and people were praying that! This is the first step Bakthi! But Vallalar is only saint who wanted people of this world to know Gnana (Divine Wisdom). God is divine light! He wanted show that symbolically as such! So he made a way to obtain Jothi Dharsan in the Sathya Gnana Sabai!  The temple was constructed to symbolize our physical body! In the inner center of temple seven screens were placed. Jothi was placed behind the seven screens!   Every month in the star POOSAM, people can see the Jothi after clearing (removing) the seven screens. This Jothi darsan is the inner experience one gets when we do penance or Penance/Thavam!

Vallalar made a symbolic representation of our inner experiences in Sathya Gnana Sabai. We will have Jothi Darshan as our inner experience. When? Do penance or Penance/Thavam. Vallalar wanted us to know this temple and have the same inner experience for all people in this world! Also Vallalar reiterated that people of this world should not miss the Jothi dharsan on thai poosam! Do you know why?  What is the importance of Jothi Dharsan during Thai Poosam? On that day morning sun rises in east and moon sets on west and Sun and Moon will meet in the same line! During this time the seven screens will be removed and Jothi Darshan will be shown. So Symbolically in between Sun and Moon we can see the Jothi Darshan in Sathya Gnana Sabai! SUN – JOTHI DARSHAN – MOON! This is the inner experience. This is state of Gnana! Our right eye is sun, left eye is moon, meeting point of sun and moon inside us is Agni divine art/soul(athma). Saints/siddhas told that in the location of soul in our body we will have Jothi Darshan! Vallalar made this as temple externally in vadalur Sathya Gnana Sabai! You will be shown this symbolic Jothi darshan on thai poosam day morning first Jothi Darshan!  In the first darshan shown on that day Sun and Moon will meet in a straight line. On that day Jothi Darshan is shown many times, but this can be seen only on first Darshan! You can have this divine vision externally on the morning and become joyful! You are welcome to vadalur!

In the same way Lord being sun and moon in our eyes, he is in the inner center of the head, below the top of your head and above the inner tounge as Jothi(divine light) guiding us! Vallalar wanted everyone should know this secret of Gnana and clearly sung in the divine songs Thiru-Arutpa.

“Kai yara vilaa tha naduk kann puruva pootu kandu ; kali kondu thiranthu undu nadu naatu” which means

It’s better if you open your center of the eyes from the qualified guru.” Vallal perumaan tells this spiritual secret straight away to people of this world!

Vallalar sang ‘I found Sathya Gnana Sabai inside me’. For us to have the same inner experience Vallalar established Sathya Gnana Sabai and made arrangements for Jothi Darshan!! What a compassionate heart for Vallalar!  He wanted each and every one of this world to have Gnana! So he expressed all the secrets to people of this world! Divine songs are Thiru Arutpa, Spiritual temple is Sathya Gnana Sabai! Is there any spiritual philanthropist like this in the world? That’s why devotes praised Ramalingam as Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga Adigalaar!

Why devotees called him as Arut prakasha Vallalar? “Vaadiya payirai kanda pothu vaadinaar” means Vallalar’s becomes sad by seeing the withered crops. He felt sad by seeing the sufferings of people in this earth! Vallalar is so compassionate, requested and prayed God for the well being of people of this world! He prayed God to clear all sufferings and grace them! He became so compassionate and had tenderness in the mind! He prayed God in the excessive love and compassion! He shed tears for this change in human! Vallalar wanted all people to lead a happy life! As result of his prayers and request Lord of Arut-perun-Jothi(vast grace light) gave the dharsan to Vallalar.  God had shown Vallalar within himself! He had shown whole world to Vallalar! He had shown the divine light! Made Vallalar to realize the truth and grace him! As a result of this sathya Gnana saba was established! People of this world got benefitted! Gnana was shown to this world! Spirituality entered in this world!

With the grace of Vallalar, this humble being (Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj) resides in kanniyakumari! I’m giving Thiruvadi upadesam(preaching) and Thiruvadi deekshai(initiation) to make people to enter inside them through the pupil of eyes and  have the Jothi dharsan of their soul!  Pupil of eye is only entry to soul. I decrypted the code words and secrets of all saints and published 35 spiritual books in Tamil!  Three books are translated to English! Till now no one has done this rare work, with grace of Vallalar this humble being was able to do all these work! Do you know why? What is the goal of Vallalar?  All people in this world should attain deathless life!  To achieve that Vallalar made this humble being as GURU. He is making me do to do this! I don’t know what virtue I had done!

Dear seekers, you might have visited many temples, don’t plan to come to Vadalur simply to see Jothi. Don’t see this as yet another temple. Don’t consider it as tourist spot. You have to ponder why vadalur saint Vallalar has established Sathya Gnana Sabai and made us to see the Jothi Dharsan, which is not like other temples! Contemplate on this! Having taken birth as human, which is rare, we need to attain the deathless life. Its goal of the life!  We must first know that life we took in this world is not to attain death! If we seek the direction for this then there are many spiritual books in Tamil and other languages. These books guide us! The spiritual knowledge is not directly told in many books. They are encrypted and hidden! To decrypt this one need to surrender to Gnana Sarguru(spiritual teacher) obtain preaching (upa desam) and  Thiruvadi Deekshai(Spiritual initiation). Disciple needs to do penance!

Holy feet of God are our eyes! God is displaying himself as divine light of our eyes. Right eye is represented as Sun-Siva- Tamil Letter Ah – Chakra (in lord Vishnu) – Number eight(8), Left eye is represented as Moon-Sakthi-Tamil letter Uh-Sangu – Number two(2). These are encrypted representation in the spirituality (Gnanam). One needs to obtain the divine consciousness from guru’s initiation.  After obtaining initiation one needs to do Penance/Thavam(penance)! One has to do the penance with great determination! Soul is located inside the head in the meeting point of the two eyes, at the center of the head, the Athma Jothi glitters there! Thiru Arut prakasha Vallalar Ramalinga Adigalalar had shown his inner experience as Jothi Darshan in the Sathya Gnana Sabai!  What a compassionate heart for Vallalar!? He is role model for the compassion and empathy! No other saint had told this like our vallalal perumaan!

The Jothi Darshan that we see in the vadalur Sathya Gnana Sabai glitters like gold, which is like setting sun. To know this, have this as your inner experience, you have to meet Gnana Sarguru living in Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai Kanniya kumari and obtain Thiruvadi(holyfeet) preaching and Thiruvadi initiation(deekshai)! Vallalar’s last statement in mettu kuppam sitthi valaga thiru maaligai before he merge with lord ArtuperunJothi(vast-grace-light) he this told to people of this world “I’m here now, I will enter into all the souls of this world”!  Vallalar will enter inside you to your soul when you obtain initiation from Gnana Sarguru! He will grace you! Theekshai is the event to allow Vallalar to enter inside you! No one will express with this much clarity!

The elgibility to obtain thiruvadi preaching and thiruvadi deekshai – being a human is the only eligibility required to obtain the grace of God!  Caste, religion, race, language, and country these identifications are not required? It’s important to eat only vegetarian foods! When one eats non vegetarian food, all his nerves and naadis will be spoiled. Non-vegetarian foods are enemies to spirituality! Vegetarian food is the food of Sanmaargam!  One should not have any bad habits! You are welcome to kanniyakumari Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai! Take bath in the junction of three oceans! Pray-surrender to goddess Vaalai(mother of all souls) and come to Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai!  Surrender to guru and donate the offerings to guru with pure heart! It is an important step in the spirituality. Guru can help only when you surrender with pure heart! Then you can obtain preaching and initiation in holy feet of God! Anyone can come here! Obtain Gnana – enlightenment!

One who considers all living souls as his soul (himself) and lives with pure heart will obtain enlightenment! In the present world, humanitarians who talks about human wellbeing are real hypocrites. Only these people eat chicken, goat, cow, animals that crawl and birds! You don’t show love/compassion to other living being, but how can you expect others to show compassion on you? Who will follow your words? You slaughter innocent animals!  You and the people to whom you show love will be tortured! This is the rule of God!  How can you expect compassion from butcher? Hey human! First you transform from state of animal to human!  Then you become humanitarian! First transform!  Then you can you talk about humanity!

When will you have compassion on human beings? When you have compassion on soul, you can show love to all human beings. When love increases empathy is formed in you! Where there is empathy, the compassion will be emerged! One who has compassion is equal to God! Divine oneness in love of souls is to show love to all living beings, seeing all living beings from ant to elephant as one!

“Evvuyirum thammuyir pole enni otthu urimaiyudavar yaavar avar sitradikke eval seyya vilainthen” sung by pure compassionate heart Thiru arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga adigal!  This means I serve to their feet, for the one who considers all living beings as his himself/soul! Then who is great in this world? One who lives in this world by considering all souls as himself or his soul!!

Hey human with non-perishable soul, don’t simply go to vadalur to see Jothi Dharsan, eat food and donate food. Come to vadalur to know the truth of yourself.

There is only one truth which is in your body! The truth object is your soul! Where is that? What is its form? Don’t we need to attain that? Don’t we need to know that? Jothi Dharsan in Sathya Gnana Sabai expresses the same! It explains the body – entry to soul – seven screens – soul.

This is not at all a new path! Generation after generation, in many yugas all our saints and siddhas taught the same path! This only divine path followed by all siddhas and saints! This is our old parama shivam! Vallalar also preached as ArutperunJothi (Lord of Supreme Infinite Divine Light)!

Aadhi guru (1st Guru) for this world is Sri Dhakshinamoorthy! For many ages all siddhas and saints preached us to do mediation with open eyes. They have asked us to do penance by keeping the eyes open! Penance should not be done by closed eyes! Enlightenment is possible only when you open your eyes! As a first step open your external eyes and look at guru! Guru feeds divine consciousness in your eyes with his divine light! This is Deekshai. Then you have to do Gnana Penance/Thavam on this divine consiousness. When there is feeling/consiousness in the eye lids won’t close!  The third eye (internal eye) will open only when you do Penance/Thavam with open eyes!  When third eye opens, you will get Jothi Darshan. Vision of soul! Vision of THANGA JOTHI!

I have told all the divine-spiritual secrets which is never told before by anyone! Everyone should know the truth and attain Gnana(enlightenment)! Let all living beings live in bliss!  Union is compassion on souls spread all over the world!


Great saint who attained divine light (vast grace light) – VALLALAR

“ulangam ellam potra oli vadivanaag

ilga arul seithaan isaithe – thilagan en

naane sanmaargam nadathukiren nam perumaan

thane enakku thanitthu” – Thiru arutprakasha Vallalar


In the above song Vallalar says that the supreme Lord of ArutPerum Jothi has given his grace and blessed him with the divine light Body. The Supreme Lord has also have graced our Vallalar to head and run the Sanmarga Sangam and deliver the people.

God is in the form of divine light! Vast grace light! Our thiru arut prakaasha Vallalar took birth in this world, lived and did Gnana Penance/Thavam(penance). Due to the Penance/Thavam he attained the state of almighty God Arut-perun-Jothi(vast grace light)!!

In the year 1865 vallal perumaan established samarasa sutha sanmaarka sathiya sangam in vadalur, but he didn’t hand over this to anyone! Vallalar affirms that it is he who is taking care of sanmaargam! In the sukshuma state he is managing everything!

Vallalar guides the people who seek the God! Who-ever has the eyes open will see him! All happens because of the grace of our lord ArutperunJothi(vast grace light)!


Ever truthfully

Siva selvaraj



Contemplate on yourself.

 Who are you?

Why you took birth in this world?

From where you came to this world?

How you came here?

Why you live here?

How you live the life?

Are you a human being?

Are you going live forever?

When will you die?

Where you will go?

Are you a male or female?

You are that!!

Way to know your self is through the Light of your EYE!

Take Deekshai and realize the Light of Your EYE.

Open your eyes and do meditation(penance)!!

Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai



Gnana told by Vallalar

Sanmaakee is one attain deathless life

All human beings in this world are children of God!

Pasithiru (Be with Hunger in Soul to know Yourself and Lord) ! Thanithiru (Be alone with your Soul) ! Vilithiru! (Be With Consciousness and with open Eyes) You can attain Gnana!

God is one! He is lord of arut-perun-Jothi (Supreme Divine Infinite Grace Light)!

Worship of minor Gods and sacrificial offering by killing animals is forbidden.

One Should not have superstitious!


Do anna-thanam (Providing Food) as much as possible!

Donate the knowledge of spirit/soul!

At any cost don’t eat non vegetarian food.

Smoking, Alcohol and immoral habits are forbidden ever!


All living beings should live in bliss!

Compassion on souls is the real worship of God.

World to live in peace there should be union of people with compassion.

To know yourself, you should follow Jeeva kaarunya(Compassion on Soul) discipline

Surrender to Gnana Guru and obtain preaching and Thiruvadi deekshai!


One who follows this will obtain moksha!

Our eyes are holy feet of God!

Request to sanmaarkees


You see Jothi Dharsan on monthly poosam dates!

You celebrate Thai(Tamil month) Poosam!  Happy on this!

You celebrate Vaikaasi – 11 as Dharma saalai anniversary! Very happy on this!


Why do you forget to celeberate Vallalar’s birth day Purataasi month chithirai star as GURU POOJA?

I request you celebrate here after! 


People who are empathy on human being are doing anna thaana as service! Do dontation of spiritual knowledge to all people and have unite in the Love of Soul.


To show the gratitude for the GURU of this world Gnana Sarguru Thiru arutprakasha Vallalar, we all have to realize the divine oneness in the Love of souls!


                                                PENANCE DONE WITH OPEN EYES IS ONLY WAY FOR MOKSHA


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  1. BG Venkatesh July 11, 2013 at 8:56 am

    very nice article explaining real initiation process and the reality of present day sanmargam doing only poor feeding

  2. Karthik Paul February 19, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    It’s a blessing to read this message of soul.vallalar is leading you to write and leading me to read all praise and glory goes to our master. Continue to spread the truth, Arutperum jothi Arutperum jothi thaniperum karunai Arutperum jothi Arutperum jothi Arutperum jothi thaniperum karunai Arutperum jothi.

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