Pillaip Peru Vinnappam (Bigger Pettition from the Child)

Pillaip Peru Vinnappam
(Bigger Pettition from the Child)

Transliteration of the Song:

ThanipPerunch Jothith Thalaivanae Enathu

        Thanthaiyae TiruchChitram balaththae

KanipPerung Karunaik Kadavulae Adiyen

          KaruthiNin ruraikkum Vinnappam

Inippurum Ninathu TiruVulath Thadaiththae

          Enakkarul PurigaNee Virainthae

InichSiru Poluthum Thariththiden Unran

           InaiMalarp Ponnadi Aanai

Explanation of the Song:
My Supreme Lord displaying as the incomparable Supreme Divine Light! My Father! In TiruChitrambalam, In the bead of my eyes, In the Ponnambalam displaying as the God in the form of Supreme Compassion and Warmth! Oho my Lord as Jothi – Golden Jothi this humble being with surrender to you telling this Pettition. Oho Lord having Sweet heart and provider of Supreme Infinite bliss, please provide me with your holy grace very soon. This humble being can no longer tolerate the sufferings. I swear on your two flower like golden feets. Oho Golden Jothi please provide me with your grace.

Transliteration of the Song:
“MaaMaraiyin MeipPorul” —- Song 5

Explanation of the Song:
In this World the four vedas are the first teachings. The four Vedas are Rig, Yagur, Saama, Atarvanam. Its Core Propagation and Saying are “The Supreme Lord is One! He is as Supreme Infinite Divine Light! He is expressing and available inside you! He is the Only True Thing! In our Body- He is available as the Thing. In our body – in the bead of our eyes he is displaying himself as the divine light.

“EpPorul YaarYaar VaayKetpinum ApPorul
MeipPorul Kaanbathu Arivu” — TiruKural
(Whatever thing you hear from whomsoever persons , the knowledge is to see the True thing in all those said things)

MeipPorul Means the True Thing which is nothing but the divine light in the pupil of our eyes! See it!

“AamaiPol Odungi Adanginen” — Song 39

Explanation of the Song:
Aamai Means Tortoise. Tortoise during the time of danger will withdraw its head and four legs inside its shell and hold it there, likewise we should withdraw, hold and stop our five senses and our mind in the divine light in the pupil of our eyes. This is the Saadana of Gnanam.

“Kaiyura Veesi Nadappathai Naani Kaigalaik Kattiyae Nadanthen” — Song 51

Explanation of the Song:
In this Song Vallalar is not telling that he is feeling shy to walk in the streets by moving his hands. Hands for us are the leg – feet of the Lord. So for us in Gnanam hand implies the holy feet – our eyes. Vallalar did not walk by throwing and displaying the divine light of his eyes! He walked by holding his hands ie he held the divine light that is got by doing penance. This means he is always there in the inner consciousness of the divine light and he did not display or show it.

“Vaadiya Payiraik KandaPothellaam Vaadinen” — Song 62

Explanation of the Song:
This song describes the feeling of “Oneness of Soul” (Aanma Neya OrumaiPaadu). Living and Leading a life by considering all the life forms right from single consciousness living beings to Six Consciousness living beings as our soul is the great priciple of Sanmargam.
TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar felt great sorrow and withered on seeing the suffering of the withered crop. Such is the Compassion Vallalar had on all life forms, he is indeed the holy form of Compassion. In history we have seen the lifes of great philanthropist. In the recent period Vallalar is the philanthropist we have seen. Each one of us should acquire this compassion and cultivate the feeling of “Oneness of Soul” (Aanma Neya OrumaiPaadu). We have to see the Supreme Lord who is of love on all the Souls. This priniciple of living should be spread throughout the world. The World should live in unity. We and our country should live and lead a good life. The Hero of the Four Vedas (Supreme Lord) will shower his good grace and he is our father and mother. He is the dancing NataRajan. Let us all surrender on the holy feet of TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal.

“Vallalae Enathu Vaal Muthar Porulae” —- Song 73

Explanation of the Song:

In this holy Song TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal thinks and honours the Philanthropist the Supreme Lord as the “Oho Lord you are my foremost and first thing in my life and without you there is nothing else. You are also my dear life”.

This applies to this humble being as well. Oho TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal, You are my foremost and first thing in my life. It is because of you i am living. You are the one who is leading and guiding my life. Oho Gnana Sarguru , Oho my Soul i surrender in your golden feet.

“Karunaiyum Sivamae Porul Enak Kaanum Kaatchiyum Peruga
Matrellaam Marul Neri” —- Song 94

Explanation of the Song:
Compassion, Mercy and Love is Sivam! Sivam is divine light! All capable, grace filled infinite divine jothi is Sivam which is the holy form of Compassion. This is the thing – true thing, which is it – Vallalar has told about that true thing in this song?! “The Sight that we See”! Which gives us Sight and Form? From where do we get the vision and sight? It is through our eyes only isn’t! The True Thing is the divine light of our eyes which is called as MeiPorul. One who has compassion with the divine light of his eyes is the human – Mahatma – Gnani. Shining with compassion and Sivam in one’s eyes is the path of grace. It is the virutuous path. This is the way of Sanmargam which will uplift the world. This is the way of Sanathana Dharma. Everthing else is the ungraceful path that only gives ignorace and illusion.


“TiruValar TiruAm balaththilae AnNaal

          Seppiya MeimMozhip Porulum

UruValar TiruMan thirathThiru Muraiyaal

         Unarththiya MeimMozhip Porulum

KaruValar Adiyen Ullaththilae Ninru

         Kaatiya MeimMozhip Porulum

MaruviEn Ulaththae NambiNaan Irukkum

         Vannamum TiruVulam Ariyum” —- Song 118

Explanation of the Song:
“TiruValar TiruAm balaththilae AnNaal Seppiya MeimMozhip Porul” – Tiru means holy which represent the Supreme Lord. The divine light which grows in the Ambalam – the pupil of the eyes in that day in my consciousness gave the true teaching from this body(Mei) by standing as Guru which contains the message ie “The True Teaching will be given by the Supreme Lord by being as Guru who is as the true thing which is the divine light in the pupil of the eyes”.

“UruValar TiruMan thirathThiru Muraiyaal Unarththiya MeimMozhip Porul” – Our form is the divine light of the pupil of the eyes which tells the state of our soul. This divine light became my guru and from inside of me first gave me the Upadesam and then made me to feel and realize the truth. So first is Tiruvadi Upadesam and then Tiruvadi Deekshai.

“KaruValar Adiyen Ullaththilae Ninru Kaatiya MeimMozhip Porul” – Our Consciousness is present in the hall where the embroyo grows! This denotes the hall where the soul which is as divine light grows. This is nothing but the divine light of the pupil of our eyes. He shines in the Sanctum and shows the light in our Consciousness and graces us. We can see him! He is the one who graces us by giving us our vision! He is also in the place where we See! We can also see him with our eyes!

“MaruviEn Ulaththae NambiNaan Irukkum Vannamum TiruVulam Ariyum” – Me with my mind fixed in the bead of the eyes and while doing Penance in the way Oho my Supreme Lord you know me.

“Sivantha Pon Malai Pol Irunthathum” —- Song 119

Explanation of the Song:
When we do penance by thinking on the divine light in the pupil of our eyes, our eyes will glow and turn red. When we keep continuing our penence our reddened eyes will have the golden light flow and filling it. Here Pon Malai means “Golden Hill” which here represents the pupil of our eyes.

“Tiruvadith Thunaigal Selutthiya TiruchSilamboli” —- Song 121

Explanation of the Song:
Irandu Tiruvadigalil – When penance is done continuously in the two pupils of our eyes by thinking by feeling and being just in the divine consciousness then the divine light will go inside and from the Tiruvadi (holy feet) – from the holy one we will hear the divine sound of Silambu (Anklet). The first great spiritual experience of Penance is to hear this divine sound. This is one of the best experience.

“Karunaiyam Pathi Nang Kannul Maamani” —- Song 123

Explanation of the Song:
The Supreme Lord who is our hero and husband is available and accessible as the divine light in the pupil of our eyes.

“Pannirandaandu Thodangi Naan Itrai PagalVarai
Adainthavai Ellaam” —– Song 126

Explanation of the Song:
TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal in his 12th age itself started getting the divine spiritual experiences. He got more and more experience of divine light and attained higher spiritual experience. He attained the divine light body. He became the dear son of the the Supreme Lord of Supreme Divine Light (ArutPerum Jothi Aandavar).

Vallalar in his 9th age itself visited the temple in KanthaKottam in chennai and sung divine songs to the Lord Muruga with melting heart and mind. Afterwards he attained great bliss by singing devotional spiritual songs on the deity Tyagesan and Vadivudaiammai in TiruVotriyur. He grew as the child of Gnanam. He became complete Gnani and became philanthropist of grace.

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