Pirasaatha Maalai (Garland of boons of Lord)

Pirasaatha Maalai

(Garland of boons of Lord)

Transliteration of the Song:

“TiruUrukKon Deluntharulich SiriyenMun Adainthu

    TiruNeetrup PaiAvilthuch SenchudarPoo Alikkath

TharuVuruk Kon DethirVanagi VaangiyaNaan Meettum

    ThayaaNithiyae TiruNeerum TharugaEnak Ketpa

MaruVuruk Kon danriliththaam TiruNeerin runakku

    Magilnthaliththaam IvaiEnru VaayMalarnthu Ninraai

GuruUruk Kon dambalaththae ArulNadanam Puriyum

    GuruManiyae Ennai Munnaat KondaGunak Kunrae”


After getting Tiruvadi Deekshai from the Gnana Sarguru, when we are doing penance (Thavam-Tapas) by “Just being in the divine consciousness” (Summa Iru), the Supreme Lord will come with his holy form in front of our eyes and will show himself to us in the form of Jothi. In this way the Supreme Lord showed himself before Vallalar and opened the bag of Holy Ash (TiruNeetruPai). The pupil of our eyes is the TiruNeetruPai (Bag of Holy Ash). This bag while doing Penance will unfold and untie and from there the holy water (TiruNeer) will pour out like a water fall. Unfolding or UnTying means it is already kept in Tied State isn’t! Vallal Perumaan calls the opening of the blockage of the Pupil of the eyes as the unfolding of the bag of holy ash.

Vallalar tells after the unfolding of the pupil of the eyes there is a “SenChudarPoo” inside. “SenChudarPoo” means ReddishFlamingFlower. Vallalar is not just telling as Reddish Flower but ReddishFlamingFlower. The meaning of this is the Supreme Lord inside opened the entrance of the pupil of the eye and gave the divine light. This divine light is like radiating sun of the twilight evening – Siva Jothi. When the Supreme Lord showed himself to Vallalar and gave him the SenChudarPoo (ReddishFlamingFlower) Vallalar asks the Lord as “Oho benevolent treasurer, please give me the holy ash as well”. For this the Supreme Lord told Vallalar “Already in your small age i came in another form and have given you Holy Ash (TiruNeeru) and today again i will give you the Holy Ash.”. By these the Supreme Lord himself happily blessed and gave grace to Vallalar.

By doing penance on the center of the pupil of the eyes the water falls from the centre of the pupil of the eyes. These water falling continuously in drops resembling pearl shape is what is called as Holy Water. This water is the Prana Neer. This is the PooNeer (Water of Flower) – The water from the flower of the eyes. All these are secrets of divine wisdom (Gnanam). TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar praises the Supreme Lord as the one who is as Guru and dancing in the Ambalam (Open Hall) as the GuruMani (Bead of Guru) – Pupil of the eyes. Vallalar also praises the Lord as the One with highest excellence and qualities and who took him in his shelter earlier.


Transliteration of the Song:

“NaathakKathiKadantha PerungKarunaik KadaikKan Malarntharuli”

                                                                                                                                … Song 40


This song also contains one of the important divine secret. When does one will get the grace of the Supreme Lord? When does one will get the Vision or Darshan of his Soul (Athma Tharisanam)? For these questions this song has the answer. What is it? After getting Tiruvadi Deekshai from the Gnana Sarguru, when we are doing penance (Thavam-Tapas) by “Just being in the divine consciousness” (Summa Iru), we get many different experience and after that we will hear sound tone (Naathaththoni). We will hear 10 types of sounds. This sound where it ends inside is also its starting point. That place where this divine sounds originates and ends is the place of three flames (MuchChudar) called as Laaladasthaanam – Athmasthaanam (Seat of Soul). The outer two eyes meet inside in this place at last , the place of last eye – KadaiKan. Last Eye is in the place where the right and left eye goes inside and unites. All the Gnanis (Seer and Saints) sings like this “Oho my Mother wont you see me with you last eyes?”. They sing this in this state only. There is one more spiritual secret here. Why did the Saints call as Mother? “The End place of the divine sound is where she (spiritual mother) resides” – Siddhar Song. The place where the divine sound ends is the last eye (Kadai Kan). It is the Third Eye. It is our inner flame. This place is the place of our spiritual mother “Vaalai”. Our Mother Vaalai who gives us  the divine nectar / divine milk called as Amutham resides here. We have to humble before Vaalai, get her grace and intake Amutham and only then we can go to see our father. Mother Vaalai only can show us the way. This spiritual mother Vaalai is also residing in the temple in the town of KanyaKumari. Come to Kanyakumari to get the grace of Vaalai. We need Devotion (Bhakthi), good virtue, good manners, courtesy, love and humbleness. Only then mother Vaalai will become happier and give us the Amutham. So donot talk about mundane philosophies. Outer self you need Bhakthi – Devotion. Inner Self you need to do Maanasa Pooja (Penance). Only then you will get divine wisdom (Gnanam) and god’s grace.

By doing penance on the two pupil of eyes we get the SenchudarPoo (ReddishFlamingFlower) from the Sivam and with that when we go inside we reach the threeflames (MuchChudar) and we get the grace and Amutham (Divine Nectar) from mother Vaalai! The Last Eye will bloom and will spread. That is where mother Vaalai will see with her Last Eye (KadaiKan) and will shower here grace on her and give us Amutham. This is the spiritual experience one gets in the state of Gnanam. No one has told more clearly than this. This Humble being was made to write and publish all the experience of Gnanam by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar who is providing his Grace for this. Mother Vaalai has given her grace on us by blooming from the last eye and she is the one protecting and guiding this humble being. This humble being was made to stay in the holy feet of her in the place of Kanyakumari where she has temple for her. Mother Vaalai has made this Humble being to sit in the honourable seat of Guru Peedam. She has made this humble being to give Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai to more than 1000 beloved peoples. This humble being is always ever grateful to my Guru Ramalingar and Mother Vaalai Kanyakumari Ambaal for making this humble being as Gnana SarGuru and to give Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai. I have surrendered my self completly to the golden feet of Vaalai – Guru. Everything is her deed.

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal was visible in this world till the age of 51. He got SenChudarPoo from the Supreme Lord and was taken in shelter of the Supreme Lord who called him as his son. Vallalar – the chief of charity and benevolence has created the “Sathya Gnana Sabai” for the people of this world.  The Personality of the Supreme Lord of Supreme Divine Light which imparted the greatness and excellence of the Eye Flower, nature of compassion, depth of love was proclaimed by the incomparable Gnani Vallalar.

This humble being was made to tell and write all the secrets of divine wisdom (Gnanam) which were kept hidden in this world till this time by everyone. By this through this humble being all the hidden divine secrets were bought to light for everyone. All this glory goes only to TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar. Till now this humble being has written and published around 22 books of Gnanam. My Ambition is everyone should attain divine deathlessness life. Sri Ramanujar and Sri Ramalingar are like my two eyes. It is because of their blessings this humble being’s work is getting excellence.

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar for many years preached the greatness and grace of the Supreme Lord of Supreme Divine Light to the people of the world and called everyone to attain the great life of deathlessness. When there is no response for his preaching he was frustrated. During this time the beloved devotees attribute this famous saying to Vallalar “Kadai Virithom Kolvaarillai Katti Vitoom” which means I Opened the Shop but there is no take and hence i tied it. The meaning of this sentence is that Vallalar preached the Divine Wisdom and called the people to show them the correct way but no one came and hence he stopped his preaching. The Correct Meaning of this sentence is “Kadai Virithom – Kadai in Tamil Denotes Shop as well ‘Last’ Virithom – deonotes Opened , Kadai Virithom means I became ready to give the divine light from my Last Eyes. The place of Last Eye which is called as Laaladasthaanam – The Place where the Two Eyes meet inside – From Here through the divine light i became ready to give Deekshai to all. “Kolvaarillai” – There is no one who came with interest to receive it. That frustrated me. Such a big state of Divine Wisdom was being told by me in such a easy way but no one is coming forward to receive the divine wisdom and reach the Supreme Lord”. Hence he closed his Last Eyes which he kept open to give Deekshai. Vallalar is ready to open his Last Eye and give Light to the People but no one is ready to receive it and hence he closed it. How to describe the ignorace of the people of this world?!

There is no one to accept and follow the teaching of a Gnani! There is never an instance in this world when the people have praised a Gnani! 90% of the People of this world are sinners and fools. But the great Gnanis due to their compassion on this foolish people have took great effort and pain and have showed them the correct path. There is no one to follow the words of Gnani when he is with them. After his time people will praise and worship him. They will start a new religion also in his name. But none will be there to hear his preaching and follow it. No one is ready to put the words of Gnani in practice. What world is this! That’s why lot of Seers and Saints ran to forest with the taught of “why to struggle for a irresponsible human!”

But some Gnanis (Saints and Seers) took pity on the people despite them leading the life like animals and thinking that atleast from now on they will reform and realize the Supreme Lord tried to help these people in what ever way possible. These Gnanis performed various miracles and with that they tried to help people to realize the divinity.

But the lowly devotees were only attracted by their miracles and praised them for their miracles only. They are not ready to follow these great Gnanis Preachings. They are not able to follow it. Why? One who only hankers for worldly pleasure and money will never get any Grace. Only the one who considers the worldly pleasure and materialism as equivalent to dust is the Sitthan. Only He will have the Grace Grow. This is the divine wisdom. Our mind should shed the worldly desires and should attach only with the Supreme Lord. Only then one gets the divine light of the Supreme Lord who has no attachments. To get the Light of Gnanam seek the Holy Feet!


Transliteration of the Song:

“Karunai NedungKadalae En Kan Amarntha Oliyae” — Song 5


In this Song TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar is calling the Supreme Lord as “Karunai NedungKadal” which means “Lengthy Sea of Compassion”. Vallalar could have called as Great Sea or Deep Sea but he uses the word lengthy Sea?! This is Gnanam. This is Code Word (PariBaasai). He also describes him as “Kan Amarntha Oli” which means the one who is sitting as light in his eyes. The above song describes the experience one gets when he does penance by Just being there on the divine light in the pupil of the eye and doing nothing after getting Deekshai from a Sarguru. The Divine Light inside the pupil of the eye will penetrate and flow inside. This inner light through the inner vein will lengthen inside and reach the divine art of Agni and from there again will lengthen and heightens. Since the Supreme Lord’s Compassion is big like a Sea Vallalar calls as “Nedung Kadal”. The divine Light that sits in our eyes are the lengthy Sea of Supreme Lord’s Compassion.

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