PothuthThanith TiruVenbaa

“Vanthikkum Meiyadiyaar Maalatra Or Manathil

Santhikum Engal Sayambuvae – Panthikkum

VanMalakKat tellaam ValiKet taraNinathu

NinMalakKan Thannarul ThaanNer”

The Supreme Lord who has no beginning appears and expresses himself in the pure intellect of the devotees worshipping him. The three deadly and cruel impurities of karma hides our soul as screen. In order to make this impurities weaker and remove them, oho lord please grace me your pure light in my eyes.

“Vengaara Vaai Ninru PillaiVara” — Song 2

The Saint Sundarar who is praised as “VanThondar” (Superior Devotee) bought back life to a boy from the mouth of a deadly crocodile. This is one of the example which indicates that Singing praise of Siva will make any things possible. All the divine attainments and divine power will be attained. All the knowledge and wisdom of arts will come to us. Keep the Siva in your thoughts and become as Sivam.

“AavithThunaiyae En Aaraamuthae Nin Vadivaip Paavithul Naiyaen” — Song 5

Oho Supreme Lord of Supreme Light and Supreme Compassion you are the companion and saviour of my spirit. You are the one who gives the divine nectar inside me, hence you are called as “AaraaAmuthan”. The only way to get your complete grace is to do penance! How? Thinking and Thinking of the form of Lord which is the divine light of our eyes and steadyfastly contemplating and remaining on this divine light of the pupil of the eyes and getting worn off because of the penance , we will get the grace of the Lord. We have to be worn off and torn off by the penance. This is what the great Saint Nandanar in his famous song sings as

“Naiyaatha Manitharku Uyaathu” meaning the divinity is not obtained by humans who were not worn off and torn off.

“Paguthi Thaguthi Viguthi Enum Paatil

Igalil Idaiyae Irathith – Thagavin

Aruchiththaal Munnaam AthuKadaiyaam Kandeer

TiruchChir Sabaiyaanaith Thearthu…” — Song 9

In the words “Paguthi, Thaguthi, Viguthi” if you take the center word which is “gu” and double it it will become six “gu”. In Tamil six means Aaaru and when combined with”gu” becoms the word Aarugu – Arugu. Arugu is a kind of grass that is offered to the lord. If you worship the Supreme Lord who is as the first and complete thing by offering Arugu, you will get what is represented by combining first word in the three words which is “PaThaVi” meaning post or office. So by worshipping the Supreme Lord with Aarugu you will get a post. What post is that? The Post is what is got by combining last three words in the three words which is “ThiThiThi” – 3 Thi. Three in Tamil is called as Moonru. So 3 Thi is MoonuThi which is Mukthi. So we get the blessing and attainment of Mukthi.

This Holy Song has the great wealth of words and meanings. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar sung this song in praise of the Lord Of Chitrambalam. He has shown us the way for our upliftment.

In our body one of the region (called as Paguthi) which is the pupil of our eyes and in the divine light present in this pupil of the eye is where one has to meditate after getting Upadesam and TiruVadi Deekshai from a SarGuru. This is the only Qualification (Thaguthi) that we should have for reaching and attaining the Supreme Lord who is called as SirChabaiyaan. While doing Penance (Thavam) the Viguthi (Prize) that we get is divine nectar (Amirtham). Only one who get this divine prize (Viguthi) will attain the holy feet.

Destroy the Karma which is preventing us from reaching the Supreme God our Lord by the divine power. How to get this power? By praising the Supreme Lord. By this your wisdom and knowledge will increase. You will get the way. You can live in deathless great supreme life.

“ThaThaTha ThaThaTha ThakKuraiKen SeiguthumYaam

ThaThaTha Enrulagil ThaanAlainthoom – Pothatha

Nandaa Maniyae NamachSivaay Porulae

EnThaai Enap Pugalavae”  — Song 10

ThaThaTha ThaThaTha ThakKuraiKen Seiguthum. In this line there are 7 Tha’s. Seven in Tamil is Elu. So 7 Tha’s become EluThaa means that which is not written. Eluthaa Kuriken Seiguthum means what can be done for the one that is not written. Lord Brahma is the one who writes the fate for each of us. He has written our fate in our head properly. Because of that only we are suffering like dog. What can we do for the fate that is not written properly by Lord Brahma also called as Ayan. Because of poverty and suffering we are begging others? How? Tha-ThaTha. Here Tha means Give or Seek. ThaTha also represents big or wealthy person. Because of the bad writtings of Ayan in our head we are in the state were we are constantly seeking others. Asking others is consider to be lowly act.

Oho humans! If you get sufferings do not beg or ask others telling that the fate written is bad. The Supreme Lord has given a great gift to us and has made us to take birth in this world! When we have the great wealth of “NamaSivaayam” why should we have anxiety! What is this great gift and wealth? It is nothing but the divine light present in the precious lamp of pupil of the eyes. This is the only true thing. Is it not sufficient for us to uplift overself!?

Leaving this great wealth and begging other beggers is a great shame.

By continuously meditating and praising the divine light as our father and mother which is the wealth of the pupil of the eyes we can uplift ourself and grow in our spiritual state. This is sufficient for one to improve and grow.

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