“MathiVaar SadaiMaa Maniyae ArulVal lalaeNan

Nithiyae TiruAm Balaththaa dalSeiNith thanaeNin

Thuthiyaen Eninum UnaiAn rithThunaiyi laenEn

Pathiyae EnaThen namba likakumPadik Karulae”


The Supreme Lord who is the divine philanthropist of grace is situated with his hairs as divine light in the left pupil of the eyes represented as  moon in our body. You are only my good wealth! You are the everlasting one dancing in the Ambalam of my two eyes! Even if i donot praise and honor you, you are my only guide and saviour. Oh my Lord situated within me, please bless and grace me so that my thoughts are fullfilled.


“Nee Thaanae Ennai Aandarulvaai Nin Saran Saranae” — Song 11

Oho my Supreme Lord you are the only one who can overwhelm and bless me. You are the only one who can show compassion and grace on me. Who else show the compassion and grace like you?! This humble being has completely surrendered in your holy feet. Here the word “Saranae Saran” means Surrender on the holy feet which again means complete refuge on the Supreme Lords holy feet. I have taken complete refuge on your lotus like holy feet.

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