Siva Param Porul

Uruthi ranTiru maalAyan OppaMuk Gunamaai

Iruthtal InriAk Gunangalai EnrumAan darulung

Karuthtan  Aagaiyir GunesanAk Gunavigaa raththir

Poruththa Minmaiyan Aagaiyaal PugalGuna ragithan



Based on three divine forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra three qualities of Satvik, Thamasa and Rajo characters were there and  these three qualities function all time Lord Siva is the Ruler of them and hence Lord Siva is called “Gunesan” and for Lord Siva there is no split or difference in three qualities and hence he is also called as Gunarakithan.

Of these three qualities Sathuvam or Satvik will give form of pleasure, Thamas or Thamasam will give form of affection and Raso or Rasaatham will give form of grief.

Lord of 3 qualities is called as “Gunesan”! One who is without any qualities is called “Gunarakithan”! One who is beyond qualities is “Gunaatheethan”!

Vedantham , Siddhantham and all other things tell the Siva ParamPorul is what is as that and that is our God. That which is Sivam massive infinite divine light Paramathma is what is as Small divine light and is as Jeevathma. That is what is as divine light inside us in the needle tip size hole in the cneter of the pupil of the eyes. This is Siva Paramporul. True Thing (Mei Porul).

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