The Three Institutions

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The below is the English translation of the 3rd chapter of the book VallaYaar written in Tamil by our Sad Guru Thiru.Shiva Selvaraj.

The Three Institutions

(Chapter 3)

The great saint of Vadalur, Vallalar has given three great institutions for the people of the world to lead a disciplined, virtuous and blissful life. They are:

1. Dharma Saalai                         –   Established by Vallalar in the year 1867.

2. Siddhi Valaagam                     –   Established by Vallalar in the year 1870.

3. Sathya Gnana Sabai               –   Established by Vallalar in the year 1872.

First he established Dharma Saalai and by using the donations given by the noble souls he provided free food to lots of people daily.

Vallalar established Dharma Saalai with the noble intention that people who come to see him and people who seek the supreme lord should never suffer from the disease of hunger. That’s why he build the Dharma Saalai.

The fire that was started by Vallalar in the stove in Dharma Saalai is still burning and is providing food for all the people who come there.

All the people praised our saint vallalar hailing him as the divine doctor who have come to remove the disease of hunger.

Do you know what is the teaching of this divine doctor?

“Be with Hunger!” Vallalar who removed the hungriness of the body asked the people to retain in hungeriness in the soul. He also asked to remain one to be hungry for divine knowledge. This hungriness of the soul will lead one to acquire divine wisdom(Gnana) and leads one to the supreme lord. He asked one to be hungry to know “Who is Philanthropist”. This hunger is the hunger to know the truth. One has to remain with the hunger to unite with the Supreme Philanthropist who is the supreme lord by acquiring the divine light body.

As second Our Vallalar created Siddhi Valaagham. This is the place where our saint vallalar spent lot of time and did divine research to find out who is philanthropist. For the great Discipline of Sanadhaana Dharma to spread, vallalar who also founded Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam gave a flag to Sanmarga Sangam. In his Writing of UraiNadai he has told even the explanation of this flag is also divine wisdom and shows the way for Gnana to the divine seekers.

Even today we can get the darshan of this holy room in siddhi valaagham where vallalar went inside and locked himself and from where he became divine light and united with the supreme space. Our Vallalar says the significance of this place as “In Siddhi Valaagham I got all the siddhis (divine powers)”.

Our Vallalar who gathered people together and held the sanmarga Sangam, do you know the teaching he gave us? “Be Alone”. Vallalar who asked us to remain in the company of people who follow sanmarga and be in the sanmarga sanga gave the second teaching as “To be alone”. So what does it mean?

“Be Alone”.We should always be in the individual state that “I am Soul or Jeevatma”.  We should be enquiring the white moon of our body(divine light of our left eye) to show the way of realizing oneself and attain divine bliss, and with ever increasing interest we should enquire about the divine truth and this enquiry should be done alone within ourself.

He asks us to enquire on the white moon (left eye) to show a way to realize us. By this he means that one who is doing divine enquiry, for him the divine light of the moon (divine light our eyes) will separate and unite with the agni/divine fire of our soul. (Our soul light is also called as Agni and the seat of the soul is below the top of our head and above the inner tongue in the place where the nerves from right eye and left eye unite). This union is possible only when we do the penance alone. That is why our vallalar asks us to be alone.

In the year of 1874 and in the tamil month of Thai and in the day which is of the star of PunarPuza, he called all his beloved people and told that he is going to enter in the holy room of Siddhi Vallagam and the supreme lord has shown himself to him. Do you know what is the teaching / Upadesha he did before entering and applying the divine lock on the room?

Every human must know this upadesha which are the supreme words of knowledge, secret of divine wisdom and the guarantee that he has given to us. This words were told by vallalar when he had the physical body and divine light.

“I am here now and here after I will enter in the inner recess of everyone’s heart”. This words has to be sculpted by everyone in their mind.

So what did vallalar meant by these words.

Before applying divine lock and entering in the room in Siddhi vallagam he told that he is there now, which means he was present before every one. From now means that after applying the divine lock he will enter in everyone’s heart, means that he will enter in every people’s heart which is pure and who live according to the teachings of vallalar. Only for those person’s he will enter in their heart and will guide them. See how much compassion our vallalar has. He is infact ocean of mercy.

His words mean “Eventhough my physical body is converted to divine light body and will not be visible to ordinary eyes, I will present on all the beloved people as divine light and through the divine light of eyes I will show and guide them to get the divine life of immortality and divine bliss. Who will get such a great pleasure!.”

This humble being got such a pleasure. In the year 1980 he gave me Thiruvadi Deekshai (Lotus Feet Deekshai). From that on I did the work of sanmarga and he gave me the great honour of being a SadGuru and entered inside my heart. From the first book KanmaniMaalai he made me to write 25  books of Gnana/divine wisdom and publish them.

From inside me he has given Thiruvadi Deekshai to more than 1000 beloved peoples.

Even now whomsoever is seeking him, he is giving Nayana Deekshai (Other name of Thiruvadi Deekshai) through me.

It is his great grace that kindled me to write this book and publish it.

As per his words in siddhi vallaga he has resided in my heart as well.

The great thing that this humble being doing in this birth is that, I am giving Gnana (Divine wisdom) Upadesha to all the beloved people who come seeking the divinity. I am doing this by of the grace of Vallalar. Only if we are alone(meaning with our soul) and do penance you will achieve. Grace of our Vallalar! Grace of SadGuru!

As third the institution that vallalar established by being in front is Sathya Gnana Sabai. Our vallalar who gave the teaching of divine wisdom through his songs in Thiruvarutpa also established Satya Gnana Sabai for the sake of common people to understand the divine experiences.

Like other temples Sathya Gnana Sabha doesn’t have any divine images of Gods nor is there any puja that is performed there.

When we seek the supreme lord and do penance the first attainment that you will get is the vision of the divine flame of your soul. This was demonstrated in Sathya Gnana Sabai.

Sathya Gnana Sabai resembles our head. In the front there are two chambers called as Chirsabai(meaning Small chamber) and Porsabai(meaning golden chamber). In the middle of this two and inside you have Gnana sabai. During the auspicious day of ThaiPoosam in the gnana sabai, screens numbering seven with different colors will be removed and the bigger flame will be shown. This arrangement is made by our vallalar.

This type of structure is not made by any one else. That’s why instead of calling it a temple he called it as Satya Gnana sabai.

Also the arrangement for worship is very new one and is not present anywhere. Unlike other temple which has the divine images of lord, this sabai doesnot have any images and the worship is only the light indicating that the supreme lord is of divine light only. So inorder to see the light the seven screens that were hiding it has to be withdrawn. What this means?

This screen hiding the light represents our karma. This karma is made of three type of impurities which were Ego, Lust and illusion. This Karma hides the divine light of our soul like a screen.

If we remove the screen then we can see the light, similarly if we remove the karma from us we can see the divine light of our soul. This is the biggest achievement of Vallalar.

Till this time so many saints and seers have taken birth and has given their teachings. Some seers have established temples. Still some seers have given the divine wisdom in coded words. Similarly we have Vedas, Itihikaasas and Puranas. But more than all these as the demonstration of divine experience he has made the Sathya Gnana sabai and has given to us.

Supreme lord is of supreme light. In order to see him remove the impurities present inside. How? Understanding the outside thing?

Vallalar sings “Chirsabai and Porsabai has become mine”. Chirsabai means right eye and porsabai means left eye. If we increase the divine light in our two eyes then this karma which is covering the divine flame of our soul. Our soul has divine art of Agni in it, so when the divine lights of sun (right eye) and divine lights of Moon(left eye) unites with the divine light of Agni in the soul it melts all our karma. This karma is the one that is covering the soul and extends and covers the hole which is in the centre of pupil of the eye and of the size of tip of needle. This karma is in Astral and is present as seven layer. By doing penance on the divine light of our eyes with constant thinking and consciousness (got by deekshai with the grace of sadguru) and with calm and relaxed mind, the divine heat will increase and tears will flow out from our eyes. This divine heat will slowly melt all the seven layers of karma. One this layer is gone then we get the vision of our soul. Inorder to explain this experiences only our Vallalar has built Sathya Gnana sabai. Vision of divine flame of our soul is one of the state of divine experience.

So if we close our eyes how can we see the divine flame?

That’s why our vallalar teaches as “To be alert and be with open eyes.

He sings in one of his poem as “Any teaching/art which teaches one to do penance or meditation with closed eyes and teaches that the experience one gets by closed eyes is the final one, should be buried down the earth”.

Any improper act we call as the one that is done with blind or closed eyes. We call them as blind act. Blind act is done because of our ignorance. So we can get clarity only if we open the eyes to correct thing. If we do anything with our eyes closed we see only dark. Isin’t?

In Spirituality there are four main steps, They are 1.Sariyai, 2. Kiriyai, 3.Yogam and 4.Gnanam. The first 3 steps one will do with closed eyes. It will give one only smaller attainments or blessings and will not lead one to completeness. In the State of Gnana one has to do penance/meditation with eyes opened. If we close our eyes it is dark and if we open it , then there is light. We have to do meditation on divine light isin’t? So the penance should be done with open eyes.

Whatever divine experience we get with opened eyes were the true one. Experiences got with our eyes closed were all illusions.

For doing penance eyes has to be opened. It means two things. One physically our eyes has to be opened. Other thing is the layers of screen covering our eyes have to be removed. The door or the way has to be opened. So opening of our eyes also means the layers of karma which is like screen or door has to be opened. Only then we can get the vision of our soul and realize our self. We can get Gnana or divine wisdom.

Leaving the eyelids of the external eye and opening of the screen in the pupil of the internal eye is divine wisdom or Gnana.  Our Vallalar sings as “Will you open the divine door removing all the screens – Will you open the door of the Pupil”.

When a artist completes a painting or sculpts a sculpture, the last thing he does is opening of the eyes of the work. When the eyes were opened it means the painting or sculpture is completed.

In that way , for a human opening of the internal eye is the most important ambition in his life. In this birth the most important or significant event is opening of our internal eye, only after which one gets the purpose of the human birth.

Only if our eyes are (both external and internal) do we get the darshan of the divine flame. This humble being by the grace of supreme lord and by the grace of vallalar, was made to sit on the honorable seat of SadGuru and through Thiruvadi Deekshai or Nayana Deekshai , open the internal eyes of those who seek divinity.

All humans have father and mother, similarly one has to get a guru and from him get his internal eye to open and do penance and by this he has to improve his divine state. In order for the people to improve their divine state only our vallalar struggled a lot and still is still struggling.

Inorder for all the people of the world to realize the oneness of soul and get the supreme state of deathless divine life only , our vallalar has made like me to give Deekshai.

Our vallalar who founded Dharma Saalai has asked us “to be with hungry”.

Our vallalar who founded Siddhi Valaagham has asked us “to be alone”.

Our vallalar who founded Sathya Gnana Sabai has asked us “to be always alert and keep our eyes opened”.

Our Vallalar says “I Saw Sathya Gnana Sabai within me and I got all the divine powers of Sanmarga”.

In order for us to understand the divine experiences that he got and one can get, he made these institutions.

There are 3 states that one has to reach, realize and enjoy. They are divine art of Sun, divine art of moon and divine art of Agni/fire(called in Tamil as Surya kalai, Chandra kalai, Agni kalai).

There is a song by siddhars which says “The divine feet of jyothi obtained by the union of three divine lights and the feet that is not seen even by Achutha”. So which is this divine feet of Jyothi? The art of sun which is our right eye uniting with the art of Chandra which is our left eye and going inside and uniting with the divine art of agni at the place which is below the top of our head and above the inner tongue is the union of three divine lights sung on the siddhar song. When this three unites then we get the darshan of Jyothi (divine flame). This was sung in different code words as “ThreeLocks” and “ThreeFlames”.

Father, Mother and Guru were the three who were responsible for one to attain or reach the supreme lord.  Father and Mother gave us this body whereas guru will show the way for one to reach the lord in our body.

Importance of Guru is conveyed by different songs by seers as:

“Any art or effort done without guru will go as waste”

“One who attempts union without humbling and Surrendering at Guru’s lotus feet, for them the supreme lord will always remain elusive”.

So come seeking guru and get to know and realize the lotus feet and unite with the lotus feet of supreme lord.

Our vallalar says “Through a qualified divine teacher (Guru) open the centre of your eyes for your betterment”.

This is the upadesha of vallalar. In order to remove the layer covering the center of your eyes seek a guru. Come on to get the Deekshai.

Vallalar will show you the way.

Near the town of vadalur there was a rich land lord of Veata vallam. He had two wives. One wife was haunted by BrahmaRatchas(Ghost with great powers) and other wife had un curable disease called Magodaram.  As soon as our vallalar kept his feet on the door of this landlord’s house the BrahmaRatchas ran away and when our vallalar applied divine mark on the forehead of other wife her un curable disease got completely cured.

In later days this landlord donated lot of his land for Sathya Gnana Sabai. He ordered that under his rule no one should do animal sacrifice.

Our vallalar fed all the people who are hungry and in order to alleviate the hungriness of people he established Sathya Gnana Sabai. He fed anyone who came there with hungriness.

One time after providing food to people, there were food only for 10 people and during that time suddenly a crowd of people came there for eating. When the organizers were in dilemma of what to do, our vallalar himself served food to all the people and to the surprise of everyone the food did not reduce at all and all the people who came there were provided with food.




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