TirukKuripu Naatam


Aatrukk KePirak Keetruk kaeSadai

            Aakich Sevadi Thooki Aaruyirp

Petrukkae Nadippaai Manimanril Perunthagayae

            Sotruk kaeIthanch Sollip Pethaiyar

Sulal Vaaythuyar Sulnthu Metrisaik

            Kaatrakkae Karangkaaych Sulanraenaik Karuthiyo


In the common hall of the Pupil of the eyes the Supreme Lord who has half moon and Ganges in his hair is dancing by lifting his one leg for the purpose of the uplifting the soul. It is definitely to uplift the soul you are dancing by lifting your reddish holy feet.

This humble being lives in this world by acting and also by speaking so many things just for the sake of food. Kindly forgive this humble being and take in your shelter and protect me. This humble being is like a dust that is caught in the storm. Kindly save and guide me.

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