TiruVulan Theriyen Thiagaipuru kinren

                  Siriyarir Siriyanen Vanchagak

KaruVulak Kadaiyen Paaviyen Kodi

                  kanmank Guranganen Antho

Veruvuru Kinren Anchal en rinnae

                 Virumbi Aatkolluthal Vendum

MaruVuMaa Karunaip Perungkadal Amuthae

                Vallalae EnPeru Vaalvae


Oho Supreme Lord i donot know your holy intention. So this humble being is getting deluded and amazed. I am smaller than the smallest. With hatred in the heart and with hostility this sinner is indulging in actions. This humble being is like a monkey with  cruel stone like mind without any compassion. Because i posses all these bad qualities i am fearful. Oho Supreme Lord please provide refuge to me and remove my fears and give salvation to me. Oho Supreme Lord, you are the one with ocean of compassion and mercy and you are my higher blissful life.

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