Vaathanaik kalivu (Removal of Agoni)

Vaathanaik kalivu
(Removal of Agoni)

Poluthu Vidintha ThanichSirithum
        Poruththu Mudiyen Ena Ninrae
Aluthu Vizhigal Neer Thulambak
        Koovik Koovi Ayarkinraen
Paluthu Thavirkkum Thiru Sevikkul
        Patta Thilaiyo Palakaalum
Uluthu Kalaiththa Maadanaiyen
       Thunaivae rariyen Udaiyaanae

Explanation of the Song:

Poluthu Vidinthathu – Sun rises in the mornining. When we are doing Penance (Thavam) by remembering the divine light of the pupil of our eyes then the divine light from our right eye – sun light of our body will appear! This sun light came infront of me. By doing penance by crying and crying and immersing my body completely with the waters of the eyes i am calling you loudly again and again in my inner conscience and i am getting exhausted. Oho my supreme Lord you know this. Oho my Supreme Lord did you not hear this in your holy ears which removes our karmas and makes us pure? What is meant by Holy Ears – This is again the pupil of our eyes which is also called as KatSevi(EyesandEars like the eyes of Snake which hears and sees through its eyes) and Holy Ears! The pupil of our eyes is the place where all our five senses are in unison. This is KatSevi. It is the eyes and it is the Ears! This can be realized in the experience of our Penance.

Like a bull which became tired by continuous tilting of the agricultural field, this humble being due to continuous thinking of the divine light in the pupil of the eyes and crying have become tired. Oho my Supreme Lord there is no one other than you who can be my close companion. You are the one who is possessing me. You are the one who is also within me! You are the one who is ruling me. Oho my Lord who is as the divine light of the pupil of the eyes, protect me! Please provide me with your complete good grace.

“Nin Tiruvadikkae VagaipPaamaalai Soottukinren Matronrariyen” — Song 4

Explanation of the Song:

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar RamalingaSwamigal happily adorns the holy feet of the Supreme lord with varities of divine songs and poems. Vallalar happily adorns the Supreme Lord with holy songs praising the power of the holy feet of the Supreme Lord which is as the divine light of our eyes, with holy songs praising the greatness of holy feet, with holy songs explaining the meditation types on the holy feet, with holy songs explaining the divine experiences got by doing penance on the holy feet. He has also created these songs for the normal being like us with the name “TiruArutpa”.

“Soothi Maniyae Aarodu Moonraandaa vathilae Munnennai Aandaai” — Song 7

Explanation of the Song:

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar RamalingaSwamigal is completly overwhelmed by the Supreme Lord in the age of 9 years itself.

“Nallorgal Viyantha Maniyae Meiyarivaam Vilakkae KadaikKan Paartharulae” — Song 11

Explanation of the Song:

Good persons who live with good principles ,good moral, righteousness and are devotees to the Lord will be pleasantly surprised to know that the Supreme Lord who is filled everywhere is also available in our body expressing himself as the divine light in the bead of our eyes. The reason for their surprise is because the Supreme Lord who has expanded himself throughout the world has also considered us as a significant being and available with our body as our soul and also displaying as soul light in the pupil of our eyes. The Supreme Lord is not there in some faraway place. The fact that he is very near to us in the pupil of our eyes will take these good people to higher astonishment and wonder.

The Supreme Lord who is as the divine light in the pupil of the eyes can only give us true and complete knowledge which is called Gnanam. Others are all false knowledge and illusion (Maya) got due to our actions and Karma. The Knowledge and wisdom that we get from our body from the divine light from the pupil of our eyes is the only true knowledge. This knowledge alone is called Gnanam and it is the Knowledge of Supreme (ParaGnanam). The Supreme Lord blesses us with the nature and beauty of himself available in our body and the way he becomes and grows as the true divine light consciousness of the body and the greatness with which he blesses us with the true knowledge. He makes us to realise all this. He will grace us with the complete knowledge of Gnanam.

If One gets the divine glance from the last eye of the Supreme Lord, he will become a Muktan and Sitthan. By Meditating on the divine light in the two pupil of the eyes in our face , the place where the two eyes will meet inside our head is the place of last eyes where the spiritual arts of Agni expresses itself. Oho my Supreme Lord please see and bless me with this last eyes. Oho Supreme Lord who is as AthmaJothi in this place of last eyes bless and grace me! Protect me and give me your compassion.

“En Irandu Kannae Kannir Kalantholirum
Therunaadoliyae!” — Song 15

Explanation of the Song:

Oho my two eyes! The divine light that is mixed in my eyes – the supreme one who is shinning as divine light mixed in the pupil of eyes. The Supreme Lord is as divine light in the pupil of our eyes. This divine light in the bead of our eyes only will give us clarity, teaches, makes us realize and then bestow us with Gnanam (Complete Knowledge).


“Sanmaarga Neriyae Vilanga EnaikKalanthu
Nirainthaai Ninnai OruKanamum Piriyean” — Song 17

Explanation of the Song:
In order for the true principles of Sanmaarga Path to express in this world , oho my Supreme Lord, you united and filled in me! The Supreme Lord as divine light united with TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar , filled in his eyes and then filled his entire body. The mortal body became deathless divine light body. This is the higher boon that is got by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar. In this song Vallalar himself confirms this with doubthless clarity. In this state of having acquired divine light body and he himself becoming as divine light can he become seperate from the Supreme Lord? He has got a relation and bonding with the Supreme Lord which cannot be broken. This is the grace of the Supreme Lord!

“TiruArulaar Amutham Aliththae Anaiththaruli
Mugamae Malarthich SitthiNilai Muluthum Koduththu
Moovaamal SagaMel Irukkap Purinthaayae
Thaayae Ennaith Thanthaayae” — Song 19

Explanation of the Song:

The divine nectar (Amurtham) of Supreme Lord who can do all things and is as infinite divine light and infinite compassion is provided to me by divine mother and she gave her grace and shinned in me by uniting me with myself inside me!! Not only this, she blossomed my face – made the flower of my face blossom – flower of eyes blossom – expanded by eyes , meaning the divine light of the eyes increased , expressed and blossomed. This state was provided by the divine mother VaalaikKumari and she also graced me with all the states of Sitthi (divine power and attainment). TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar received all the complete divine boons and Powers from the divine mother Vaalai. Since he attained all these spiritual powers he got rid of ageing , diseases, symptoms of ageing like greying of hair and wrinkles. Yes, TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar got divine light body. He drank the divine nectar. There is a saying that he beauty of Agam – innerself reflects in the face! The inner self itself shining as divine light and this inner shining divine light is expresed in the face and as the divine light of the eyes which blossomed, all these were graced by divine mother Vaalai. If there is no Ageing then there is no death isn’t? Yes Vallalar got the great boon of divine deathless life and to be present everafter from divine mother Vaalai. He was blessed by the King of Celestials – Supreme Lord.

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