Vinaa Vidai (Question & Answer)

Vinaa Vidai

(Question & Answer)

Transliteration of the Song:

Aagamamu Maaranamu MarumPorulena RoorungKuraitha

EgaVuru VaagiNinraa rivaraarSol Tholzhi

MaagaNathi MudikKaninthu ManiManru lanavaratha

NaagaMani MiliraNada NavilVaarKaan Pennae


Vedas, Aagamaas praise him as rare and excellent wealth and True Thing and throughout the world he is there in same form! Who is he? Tell me my friend ! The friend replied “He is the one who has Ganges in his matted hair and all the times he dances in the hall of bead having shine of NaagaMani (Rare glittering stone said to be got from the poison of snake). He is none but Natarajan – Sivan”.

All the Vedas and Aagamaas tells us that the true thing in this world is the divine light in the pupil of the eyes which in Tamil is called MeiPorul. Divine Light shining in our eyes is Sivam. The movement of this divine light is called divine dance. NaagaMani is a precious ruby which shines and glitters by the poison. The Poison in us the Karmic layer which covers the needle tip size hole in the center of the pupil of the eye. All the divine secrets were bought out here.

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